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How Google’s Core Web Vitals Does Affect Your SEO in 2021?


The increasing digital presence of audience has made businesses to upgrade and evolve their strategies to outreach them. Thenceforth, websites has become a prioritize element for majority of businesses and encourage them to focus on latest strategies & trends. As a result, the websites has become highly user-intent based and adhere to Google core web vitals. 
Are you familiar with Google Core web vitals?
If yes, this reading might prove fruitful for you. 
Let’s start with a brief Introduction To Google web Vitals! 

What is Google Core Web Vitals?

As you know, Google consist of number of algorithm updates with the time and different parameters to rank better. Simultaneously, Google added three parameters that would create Google core web vitals update and become crucial for webpage experience.
Well, Google provide these standardized parameters to help developers knowing the user experience on varied web page. As a result, one can analyze their webpage experience and focus on mentioned parameters of user experience including:
  • Webpage Loading speed 
  • Smooth Interaction
  • Stable visual of web page

This is what, Google Core web vitals are. Now, our question lies here;


How it can affect your webpage SEO?

As per studies, Google Core web vitals require you to consider its latest parameters while framing a result-driven SEO Strategies for your website. Everyone knows that a webpage experience holds a great importance; even Google is also ranking only the finest content & user-centric websites. Moreover, Google Core Web Vitals allows creating a common ground for every website. 
The Parameters of Google Core web vitals are abide to be less complicated and ensure the better performance of your webpage. Even, it has become one of the core considerable aspect during search ranking. Thenceforth, it is suggested to hire a reputable Web development & Digital Marketing Agency in India to ensure impressive performance.  

Now, if you want to check the Google Core web vitals of your website, continue reading! 


How can you Evaluate Google Core Web Vitals?


Here are following tools & techniques that will help you test the Google Core Web Vitals: 

  • Google Search Console
Google Search Console is one of the highly used and best mode to test whether your webpage follow core web vital parameters or not. In the Navigation section of core web vitals, you will find the pages that will require your attention & can prove fruitful for your website. 
  • Page Speed Insights 
This tool allows you to evaluate your webpage more comprehensively and provides suggestions to get most out of the parameters. Most importantly, it can easily provide you insights on desktop or mobile platforms.      
  • Lighthouse
Lighthouse is one of the tools that provides specific data regarding Core web vitals and test the metrics that needs improvement. 


By wrapping-up, Google Core Web Vitals is about to become one of the prime user experience metrics. Thus, if you haven’t taken a look into them yet, it might be a reason of low audience and ranking of your website. 
If you want to get detailed insights about such latest SEO strategies, you can connect with Cogniter Technologies. 
Cogniter Technologies is a profound name in top-tier Digital Marketing agency in India. They have a team of experienced marketers & SEO Experts who will help you with get the best advantage of Google core web vitals with latest technique. 
For more insights, you can freely visit us at https://www.cogniter.com/.  
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