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Joomla Development Services: Facts & Achievements


Did you know that Joomla is the second biggest platform in the CMS market with a nearly 5.7% share? 

Joomla is a free open source Content Management System that empowers website design and development, plus delivers impressive results. Developed using the PHP framework, Joomla is based on Model View Controller architecture. Since 2005 till now, Joomla has gained immense popularity and became the second most used CMS around the globe. The increasing demand resulted in a surge in downloads i.e. more than 97 million times. Adding more to it, 2.5 million active sites are running on Joomla CMS solutions. 
The versatility and functionality of Joomla Website Development services have no match and this community-driven CMS has around 200,000 users. 

Joomla- Award-Winning Software 

  • In 2020: On TrustRadius Joomla ranked as the ‘Top rated Content Management System’.
  • In 2019: Joomla won ‘Best Free CMS Critic People’s Choice Award’ for four years in a row.
  • In 2014: Joomla received ‘Best Open Source PHP CMS’ based on People’s Choice.
  • In 2012: Joomla was the ‘Best Open Source Application’ recognized by InfoWorld's Bossie Awards.
  • In 2011: Joomla won the ‘Best Open Source CMS Award’ by Packt Publishing. 
  • In 2010: In Packt Open Source Awards, Joomla stood as ‘2nd Runner-up Hall of Fame CMS’. 
  • In 2009: Louis Landry of Joomla won the ‘Open Source CMS Most Valued Person Award’. 
  • In 2008: Joomla’s Johan Janssens won the ‘Open Source CMS Most Valued Person Award’.
  • In 2007: By Packt Publishing, Joomla was announced Joomla ‘Best PHP Open Source CMS’.
  • In 2006: Joomla received the ‘Open Source Content Management Award’.
  • In 2005: Joomla made to win the ‘Best Linux / Open Source Project’ award in London. 
Be it creating a new website, customizing an existing one, upgrading version, or needed post-maintenance, Joomla is the perfect solution for everything.  It offers great scope for customization, flexibility, unparalleled security, and more. By leveraging robust Joomla website development services, small, medium, and large-sized enterprises can take advantage of some of the following features:
  1. Easy-to-Use
  2. Stable & Secure
  3. Multi-Lingual Support
  4. Search Engine Optimized
  5. User-Friendly Framework
  6. Accessible on All Browsers
  7. Flexible & Fully Extensible
  8. Advanced Features & Extensions
  9. Mobile-First/Responsive layouts


Final Thoughts

Building next-generation websites with Joomla is a piece of cake. Many popular websites namely Unric.org, Linux.com, Thehill.com, Gsas.harvard.edu, Ace.nd.edu, Itwire.com, and more that are truly functional and appealing are the result of Joomla custom website development. Though many dominant players in the market are giving Joomla a tough competition, still Joomla is enjoying a steady rise in its global user-base. 
Cogniter Technologies takes pride to deliver unmatched Joomla development services to almost every business vertical. Bespoke websites, portals, online applications, and more have been designed by our team of proficient Joomla website designers and developers aiming to enhance and enrich your Joomla experience. 
Want to create your own fully-featured and professionally looking website? Feel free to reach us at info@cogniter.com and hire our experienced Joomla website developers!

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