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ORM: Effective Way to Protect, Build, & Grow Your Business Reputation Online


Did you know the online reputation management market is expected to reach 354 Million USD in 2025? 

The surge in the Online Reputation Management industry is the result of great acceptance of ORM services worldwide. Building a brand is not enough to stand out, it must have a positive reputation among the customers to keep the business thrive. Just an online review can make your brand sink or swim.  
Business ratings and reviews are easy to find anywhere nowadays. Google my business listing, review websites and local directories are the most popular channels that influence the customers. Even a single bad review outweighs hundred positive reviews and this changes the whole game.
ORM is important for all industries such as Healthcare, Hotels, Automobiles, Manufacturing, many more. When it comes to ORM strategies, then one strategy doesn’t fit all. The industry size, type, operations, and target audience vary, thus this impacts the process of undertaking ORM for businesses. 

Key Reasons to Invest in ORM 

  1. To gain insightful analyses of business 
  2. To assess the public brand perception 
  3. To understand the factors that break the brand reputation 
  4. To reckon with competitor’s strategy
  5. To recognize the future outlook of ORM in business

5 Core Online Reputation Management Functions 


ORM Audit 

To keep your business on track, auditing is a must. Business profile management should be on high priority to improve a business’s digital reach. The ORM audit provides a clear picture of your brand in the market. It puts light on the digitally weaken areas, access your social media presence, where your website ranks in search engines, and how well the content marketing is going. It uncovers the facts such as: 
Your brand’s reputation in the eyes of customers 
It makes you know what is being said
How many people are disliking you?
Which platforms are publishing good or bad about you. 

ORM Strategy Development

To be proactive to prevent people from attacking you, ORM strategy building is necessary. Based on industries, the full-proof strategies are chalked out. The strategies are put in place to effectively carry out the following operations: 
  1. Easy Tracking & Monitoring of Real Customers 
  2. Crisis Management Strategy for Handling Unprecedented activities
  3. Strategies for Website & Social Media Analysis
  4. To become the most influential leader in your niche

Content Planning & Development

Content is the key and in getting you noticed online a genuine and positive content plays a vital role. In Online reputation management, strategic content planning & marketing enhance your image. The content is managed at all stages, optimized for SEO, published on most surfed platforms, and the performance is tracked.  

Social Media Promotion 

Heavy dependency of businesses on the internet arises the need for managing reputation online. In ORM, effective social media management drives engagement and enhances sales. Brand affecting issues are resolved at the right time with the right approach to respond to the competitors or haters without being rude. The quick transferring of social media data into insights helps businesses combat risks to reputation and earn the trust of their customers.  

Far-Reaching Benefits of Online Reputation Management 

  1. Defamation in the corporate world is unavoidable. However, ORM takes the responsibility of defamation and reputation management. 
  2. Creating positive links, reviews is quick and pain-free. The negative publicity removal helps build credibility among customers. 
  3. Brand positioning & branding optimization on social media platforms seamlessly expand your customer base. 
  4. Comprehensive & regular reporting displays crystal clear data and helps maintain the entire ORM cycle. 
Your search ends here. Cogniter Technologies is India-based premier Company with extensive experience in assisting businesses to maintain their digital reputation. The ORM development services are designed to prevent reputational damages with powerful ORM strategies. A full line of ORM services include boosting your online visibility, improving online reviews, controlling criticism, and more. If you want to push down your business reviews in search results, let Cogniter Technologies be your expert. 
Contact ORM experts online at https://www.cogniter.com/contactus.aspx or you can also write at info@cogniter.com
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