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Online Reviews—How to Put Your Best Foot Forward?


Recently, Victor (an imaginary buyer) wanted a high-end smartphone. He had his eyes on iPhone but had heard good things about Samsung’s devices. Can you guess what he did to solve the conundrum? He turned to the Internet for help. And Victor is not alone.
Everyday millions of customers look for reviews before paying their seller and every two in three people are influenced by what they read online. Consumers pay attention to what online reviews, it is time you should also start taking them seriously.
Positive Reviews Increase Sales

In a recent MOZ survey, researchers found out that 67.7% buyers read online reviews before a purchase. What is more, 54.7% of them read online reviews on a regular basis. And all of this reading affects their decision making process and your sales.
Negative Reviews Hurt Your Brand and Sales

One negative review can reduce your sales by more than one-fifth. For instance, if your business has a potential to make $10,000 a month, you can end up losing $2,000 because of just one positive review. And it does not end here. The MOZ survey found that four or more critical comments or articles in Google’s search results can bring down your business by 70 percent.
What Can You Do?

  • Identify the Problem

Find out where the negative reviews are. From the perspective of an SEO, anything beyond the page two of Google does not matter much. From your business’ health, however, you can monitor your customers’ sentiments and start improving yourself. For non-positive reviews on the first two pages, read the read on.
  • Hire an ORM Team

Google shifts its results. A team of ORM professionals can generate positive press and bring you a greater control of what potential customers will see. Do not post fake reviews, as they can do more harm than good. There are genuine ways you can use to improve your business’ reputation online.

  •  Takeaway

Online reviews matter and it is time you should stop overlooking them as a sideshow. Your business can benefit a lot through a positive online reputation, which Cogniter will be happy to help you achieve.
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