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Pros & Cons of Using Xamarin App Development


Whenever we are considering mobile app development, Android and iOS is most probably the first choice of every company. Being the first choice, rare companies opt for it because of its high cost. In such a situation, most companies ignore varied other best ways to build a well-performed & responsive mobile app like Xamarin.
Nowadays, it becomes impossible to ignore the Xamarin app development service. Xamarin is a well-renowned tool used to build a cross-platform mobile app development. It is a Microsoft-based technology that builds a community of over 1.4 billion developers. Firstly, Xamarin was developed as a commercial project till the Microsoft Company acquire it. Now, it has become a successful cross-platform tool for building a successful mobile app within Microsoft surroundings. 
Xamarin used a single C# language based on .net framework to build a versatile & robust mobile applications. If we talk about pros & cons of using Xamarin app development service, likewise every technology Xamarin also have its own pros & cons. 
Let’s take a glance! 

Pros of Xamarin App Development


Here are a few of the satisfying pros of using Xamarin app development technology


Complete Hardware Support

 With Xamarin technology, businesses can build native stage mobile applications with minimal compatibility errors, use particular API & plugins to streamline smooth functionality across all platforms Xamarin also supports linkage with native libraries along with particular API access to platforms. It provides smooth customization with minimal overhead.

 Usage of Individual Tech Stack 

Xamarin was developed with Visual Studio; thus it needs only a single language i.e. C# to build an application. Even, Xamarin Apps share codebases that can cover around 90% of every platform’s certain language, API & data structure. Lastly, it covers it in the .Net layer. It is a layer that brings out the cross-platform over the native platform more quickly

 Simplified Maintenance

All the applications built within Xamarin app development technology needs minimal maintenance & updates. Once developers made changes to the social files, it is directly shown on the applications. As a result, it eliminates the requirement to update the application source code without making any other needed update. 

Cons of Xamarin App Development


 Limited Access to Open-source Libraries

Xamarin app development supports the majority of n.net libraries, but it can’t able to support 3rd party libraries that are mainly meant for Android & iOS. It has the following android and iOS limitations such as limited Java generation, Java generic, API, runtime feature & dynamic language support.


 High-priced for Companies 

Xamarin might be the best-suited & worthwhile solution for the small-scale corporation, yet it is quite expensive for established corporations because they need to purchase a license for Microsoft Visual Studio. Alongside, it is not made for corporations that are planning to introduce heavy graphics.



Consequently, by knowing all the advantages and disadvantages with all major points, Xamrin app development has been proved the most productive, viable & robust platform. By getting support from Microsoft, Xamarin built a bright future in the Industry. 

If you have decided to use Xamarin mobile app development, Cogniter Technologies is the leading Xamarin app development company. They have a skilled team of Xamarin developers to build a successful mobile application for businesses. 

For getting detailed insights, check it out at https://www.cogniter.com/
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