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Remote Employee Monitoring – Keep Your Employees in Check

MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2020

The continued spread of COVID-19 is forcing businesses to work from home. As many workers shift to a new reality, managers may be concerned about their remote team staying as productive as possible. 
Although it may be tempting to employees slack off work when stuck inside the comfort of home, be careful, you could be under the surveillance. 
There are numerous ways employers can track remote workers productivity. Out all of them remote employee monitoring and time tracking tools are leading the way. A strong remote infrastructure management allows managers to track, record, log, and analyze activities of workers in real- time. 

Top 3 Ways it helps in Managing Remote Employees: 


Communicate Anytime 

Communication is the key in any business and it becomes all the more important when your staff is working from a remote location. It is critical that every remote employee stay connected and do not miss out on any important information. If there is any issue that needs to be resolved quickly, you must be able to reach your remote employees quickly and for that you need communication tools that your employees can access at anytime. 
A good employee monitoring software provides a great set of unified communication platform, where employees can collaborate. It can include email, phones, and video conferencing and instant messaging software or a message board.
Track Employee Utilized Time 
It can be challenging to know if your offsite workforce is working or not. There is a chance that some of remote employees might take advantage of their work situation, knowing that there is no one looking over their shoulder. 
You can easily monitor how much time employees are working by using time tracking software. It provides you accurate details about the employees clocking in and clocking out each day, or how much time they spent on working. 
Not only can time tracking software help you spot time theft, but it can also help you to compare the employee’s schedule to the time allotted to them making sure they work accordingly. It also helps instill the feeling of accountability in employees towards their work.

Monitor Projects Real-Time 

A time tracking tool makes it easy for you to track projects and know how it is progressing when an employee is working from a remote location. 
With Remote infrastructure management, every team member can see what tasks need to be done. You can access the data and applications related to the project in progress and also get the information about which employee is working on what project.
Moreover, you can also monitor how much time employees utilize to complete their projects. If they are taking too long, you can make them understand your requirements and ensure they work sincerely without wasting the time in any unproductive work.

Bottom Line

Most companies are now using IT remote Infrastructure management from experienced IT Service providers to keep their business productive amid the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.  It provides employers a secure remote network, so that they can focus on core business processes while keeping an eye out on their remote employees.
Cogniter Technologies offers flexible Remote Infrastructure Management Services on budget friendly packages. Equipped with multiple remote monitoring features, proactive staff and world-class employee monitoring and tracking tools, databases, servers, you will have best virtual working environment.
Get in touch with us at consultation@cogniter.com and know more about our services. 
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