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Social Media is Hot! What is Stopping You From Making a Kill?


Social media is hotter than the sun’s core nowadays. Businesses are eagerly pumping in money into their social media accounts to build their brands and increase revenues. Forbes predicts that within the next five years expenditure on social media will account for 20.9 percent of most companies’ marketing budgets. This is huge! But is it enough?
Spending a lot of money on social media is no guarantee for results. It can burn your marketing budget without producing any tangible results. But that’s no reason to say QUIT, jump off the bandwagon and miss on many business opportunities. You can make a lot of money from social media if you do it the right way; or at least, avoid common mistakes.
In this blog, three experts from Cogniter’s Digital Marketing team are going to share with three mistakes your business should never make.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Viral to be Successful—Russell (PPC and SM Expert)

Ever visited Lexus’ Twitter page, or Maserati’s? Most tweets have around a couple of hundred likes. Does that make Maserati a failure? I will say NO.
Your posts, images and videos do not have to be liked, shared or commented on by millions. It does not have to be. For many small businesses, creating and maintaining a community is more than enough. It makes more business sense to lead a community of a few hundred people who can and will buy from you, than an anonymous horde of a hundred thousand bought from Bangladesh or Nigeria.

Social Media is not Free—Tammy (SEO and Amazon Sales Expert)

Social media is as free as SEO. It is time you enclose this illusion into a solid safe and deposit the safe somewhere in the Mariana Trench because some real SM experts will cost you more than running a PPC campaign for real estate keywords.
Social media is a face of your company. Even a tiny mistake in handling your reputation can be costly. It can damage your brand quicker than wildfires. Do not do it. Entrust your brand’s reputation and sales’ responsibility to experts. Anything else is like shooting yourself in the foot.

Social Media is Measurable!—Garry (Digital Marketing Manager)

Anyone who says otherwise is either an ignoramus or outright lying. Both are not good for your business. Shun them and take your business to experts who can provide measurable results.
Facebook, Twitter and other big social media websites offer a ton of tools to measure your advertising campaign. A smart marketeer can use them to figure out which part of the marketing budget is being wasted and produce optimal results. Our team is full of them! Take your business to smart marketeers who produce measurable results.
We can go on for a very long time, but it is time to wrap up.
Feel free to contact us through Skype-ID:Cogniter or info@cogniter.com if you are interested in what other mistakes you should not commit in your social media strategy and what things you should do to pull off a killing sales season this year!
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