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Top 5 iPhone App Development Trends in 2018 to Watch-out for in India and Across the World

SUNDAY, MARCH 18, 2018

If numbers are to be believed, there are about 2.2 million iOS apps in the app store as of January 2017.
2017 has been an incredible year for iOS. Apple launched two new iPhone devices – iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X in the market. Additionally, this global giant provided major updates on iOS 11. With the rapid growth of iPhone app development, it is important to keep tab on new trends. The trends in IPhone application development keep on changing every year which creates a major impact on businesses.
Following are the top 5 trends to look out for in 2018. Each and every iPhone application developer in India needs to keep themselves updated on for their current and upcoming iPhone app development projects:
1) Apple HomeKit 
Designers have already started to show an enthusiasm for Apple HomeKit, the system created by Apple for home automation. The company launched Apple HomeKit to help smart gadgets at home to communicate with each other. 
Apple's HomePod will be one of multiple new entries in the market to help smart speaker consumer adoption increase this year. According to Canalys report 2018 will be "the defining year" for smart speaker adoption.

2) Apply Pay
Apple Pay, a digital online mobile wallet will continue to grow in 2018 and will have an increase in usage for e-commerce transactions made on iOS applications. Additionally, it will support all the iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iOS watches and Mac laptops. 
The iPhone application developers in India can easily implement Apple Pay in their application. The robustness of security can be considered from the fact that in Apple Pay you don’t need to store your debit or credit card information.
3) Cloud-based Applications
iPhone app developers are designing cloud driven mobile applications. With the growing demand for cloud technology, it is becoming effortless to get data without impacting internal phone memory. With cloud-based apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, various mobile apps are certainly going to be cloud driven in the near future.
There is a constant problem related to protecting sensitive data regarding employee devices, which are not completely safe and secure. With Cloud based applications, companies can be assured that data is safe and secure.
4) Core Machine Learning
Core Machine Learning is one of the most widely discussed trends in iPhone application development. It is a machine learning framework launched by Apple and has proved to be effective for tasks related to Camera, QuickType or Siri.
With its robust library, the Core ML will be able to provide communication via all iOS devices. Moreover, it will also be useful in face detection understanding language and developing AI-based games. The developers will be able to build highly interactive gaming apps.
5) Augmented Reality 
When iOS 11 was launched with substantial features, the most talked-about feature was their support to Augmented Reality applications. Amazon declared the Sumerian app platform which is compatible with Apple's ARKit system that permits iOS application developer to create augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D applications for iPad and iPhone devices. 
Big enterprises have effectively made huge investments in the development of augmented reality framework and virtual reality applications. We can expect to see an increase in number of iOS applications based on the idea of augmented reality this year. 
Technology is an ever-changing entity and you ought to keep up with its pace rather than expecting other way around. With emerging new trends, iPhone app development too has taken a wide leap. Every iPhone application development company in India or abroad like USA, UK, Canada, Australia is now focusing on blending technology to new trends and creating something which is futuristic as well as robust.
Cogniter Technologies is one such iPhone application development company in India that has built award winning iPhone and iPad applications which are progressive and in line with latest trends. We have an amazing team of programmers who will develop your app with cutting edge technologies.
Contact us with your iPhone app developments projects
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Why Choose NopCommerce Development Services for Your E-Commerce Business

FRIDAY, MARCH 09, 2018

Launching a new e-commerce business can be a challenging task for any entrepreneur. Business owners need to make crucial decisions such as where to host the store, how to market their products and most importantly, which e-commerce platform they should choose to conduct their business.
There is an abundance of e-commerce development platforms in the market with various customer-friendly features such as Magento, Zencart, Ubercart, Prestashop, NopCommerce and more to choose from. Out of these, NopCommerce is one such crowning platform in the digital world that has a majority of followers across the globe.

Why Hire NopCommerce Development Services

NopCommerce is an innovative ASP.NET open-source e-commerce platform that helps to emerge online businesses as well as established players in selling their products and services to a worldwide customer base. NopCommerce offers the most secure, stable and extendable e-commerce solution to its clients.
In spite of being quite new in the market, it already has more than 27,000 live shops built on its platform by various NopCommerce Development Services providers.

Advantages of NopCommerce Development Services 

NopCommerce has all the right ingredients mentioned below that makes it a great e-commerce platform: 

Mobile Commerce

NopCommerce supports a mobile-friendly version of the store with an attractive graphical user interface and responsive designs. Consumers can open the website on any connected device, browse through the various products and make a hassle-free purchase. 

Multi-Vendor Support

NopCommerce showcases multiple independent vendors in the product catalogue, making the site very consumer-friendly. This is a ready platform for anyone interested in running a business model like Amazon, eBay and more by providing a place for different vendors to sell their products without having to manage an inventory and earn commission on each sale. 

Multi-Store Feature

The multi-store feature allows store owners to run multiple stores from a single installation of the NopCommerce platform. Whether you want to operate different stores for your B2B and B2C business, affiliates, co-branded stores, NopCommerce helps you achieve this from one single administration panel. 

A range of Payment Methods

NopCommerce can be integrated with almost all major payment gateways like PayPal, EBS, Pay U, Authorize.Net and all major credit and debit cards. It enjoys a partnership with payment processors across the globe, and this gives NopCommerce users access to exclusive marketing offers and pricing packages from these companies. 


It boosts up the product sales by providing discounts, promotional coupons, volume discounts, loyalty points etc. It also provides tailor-made offers considering the customer's purchase history. With NopCommerce you get friendly URL's, sitemaps and Meta tags per product, hence receiving optimized SEO support.

NopCommerce Development Company 

Cogniter is a leading NopCommerce Development Company in India and USA. We have a pool of talented & professional NopCommerce developers who can build a functional user-friendly and appealing NopCommerce store for you. We offer all kinds of NopCommerce development services.
Contact us with your NopCommerce development services requirements. Our professional NopCommerce Web Developers will give proper shape to your idea and can turn them into reality without exceeding your budget.
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Why Choose Shopify for Your Online Store?


Starting a good e-shop without having a large sum of money is a daunting task. There are countless shopping cart platforms to choose from to build your online store. One of these online shopping cart platforms is Shopify development services.
Shopify development service is a popular platform and a hosted eCommerce solution that allows you to set up a customer-friendly online store easily and quickly. Shopify has some powerful advantages for eCommerce startups. Most important of them are:

Easy to use and affordable

Shopify offers an easy way to quickly launch an online store without a fuss over servers, and development costs that can be a big problem with self-hosted platforms such as Magento. When compared to other shopping cart platforms, Shopify gives you the best return on investment and a reliable, robust and fast running e-commerce store. 

Visually Appealing Design

Your online store’s success depends largely on its looks. When you build a store on Shopify platform, it gives you the option to choose from several ready-made themes and templates. Despite its bare minimum theme design options, it provides your online store a great look and feel. 

Secure and Reliable

Startups are most vulnerable to hackers and data breaches. That is because initially, you tend to focus more on raising money, signing up users and less on data security. When Shopify powers your eCommerce site, they handle security compliance, security upgrades, and hacker protection. 

Constant Customer Support                                

Shopify provides an amazing customer support. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the response time is fairly instant. You can get in touch via phone, email or web chat anytime with your queries. In addition, there are a number of community forums, extensive documentation in the Shopify Help Centre and a range of advanced Shopify University guides.


Mobile Friendly

It is a known fact that mobile visits to websites are now higher than desktop. So, it’s essential, not optional, to have a mobile-optimized website. Luckily Shopify knows this very well. All of Shopify’s themes are mobile responsive and the platform includes a free built-in mobile commerce shopping cart,  which means your store looks great on all devices and your customers can shop freely wherever they are.

Shopify Your Online Store

If you are looking to enter the market rapidly, Shopify development services are the best choice. Moreover, if you have a tight initial budget, and you do not need extensive customization, Shopify development services are a great way out for you.
You may think that it would be easy to build an online store with Shopify but let us inform you that not anyone can set up an online store like a pro. But don’t worry, we are here to assist. Our Shopify experts will guide you and support you to develop a modern and user-friendly Shopify store.
At Cogniter Technologies, we are committed to offering quality Shopify solutions while dealing with multiple business needs in a timely manner. We offer seamless and futuristic eCommerce solutions that are compatible with various SEO standards to drive higher web traffic and sales.
Contact us with your Shopify needs, we will provide you with best of our Shopify development services.
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Why is Laravel going To Be the Best PHP Framework in 2018?


Laravel is a strong PHP framework having simple, expressive and elegant syntax that helps in creating a wonderful application. Thanks to Taylor Otwell who developed this magical web framework. 
Laravel application development eases out common tasks like that of authentication, routing, sessions, and caching for a majority of web projects. In fact, it makes the entire development process very easy and enjoyable. This clearly explains the popularity of this software.

In 2018, the Laravel framework will be the best open source PHP framework available! Why?

A large number of websites have utilized Laravel development services during the development process. Laravel provides some amazing features like:
  • Easy extensibility
  • Fast Development speed
  • Scalability
  • Manageable code
  • Security
Along with this, it provides better programming results as compared to other programming tools; hence it is highly preferred by the developers.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Laravel Framework

Let’s see what exactly Laravel has to offer and how it is useful in web development process:

Authorization and Authentication

Laravel makes authentication implementation very simple. The framework also provides a simple way of organizing authorization logic as well as control resource access.

Eloquent ORM

The PHP Framework also contains some models for each table of the database that helps developer insert query for data. It is called Eloquent ORM and it makes programming one of the easiest job in the world, especially with the help of Active Record implementation.

Database Query Builder

The Laravel framework allows you to work with a database query builder, which performs nearly all of the required operations when it comes to web developing. The best thing is that it is universal, which means you can run it on any database system.

HTTP Middleware

As the name suggests, Middleware acts as a middleman between request and response. HTTP middleware provides a convenient mechanism for filtering HTTP requests entering your application.


Laravel is created with testing in mind. You will need to test what you create, and Laravel has already a file called phpunit.xml which will help you test out the product with different methods provided by the Framework itself. 

Move beyond your average limits with a Laravel Development Company

The main role of a reliable Laravel Development Company is to:

  • Develop scalable, feature-rich and secure websites and applications. 
  • Deliver completed projects within a short period of time, ensuring long-term relationship between you and your clients. 
  • Improves the user experience as much as possible.
  • Achieve the design and development goals with very little effort.
Therefore, get in touch with us to avail our Laravel development services. We will make sure that you climb the ladders of success with ease.
Hire our Laravel developers to experience the quality and simplicity of PHP framework. We have been providing Laravel development services through our company’s expert Laravel developers to clients located in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and the world over for many years. We are the right company for your website development with Laravel.
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