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Business Websites
We build a variety of business websites. Whether your business is a small business with 1 person or a large business with hundreds of people, we will work with you to create a website that reflects your needs and follows your business practices. We have expertise in various areas of business and we recognize that a website built for a restaurant will not be the same website that is built for a car repair business.

We believe that websites are among the most underutilized resources in a business. Your website can be a huge revenue positive resource in your company. It can help you sell your products to your customers and it can help you automate tasks that take the valuable time of your employees. A good website can help you build your store traffic and a well designed website can answer most of your customer’s questions.  

For Zero Gravity we built a website that allows them to showcase their products and services. Zero Gravity website viewers may look at a photo gallery for each ride Zero Gravity offers as well as their rates.


E-Commerce Websites:
We can provide innovative web-based e-commerce websites to companies that sell products online. These websites can be used by businesses to sell directly to consumers and accept payments online.

Using the Internet to do business with your customers isn't just a trend, it is now a requirement and we can help you take your business online.

Here are a few examples of e-commerce.
  • Accepting credit cards for commercial online sales
  • Generating online advertising revenue
  • Trading stock in an online brokerage account
  • Driving information through a company via its intranet.
  • Driving manufacturing and distribution through a value chain with partners on an extranet
  • Selling to consumers on a pay-per-download basis, through a Web site

American Design Company allows their website viewers to browse their products and make purchases online. American Design Company also allows the viewer to purchase gift certificates online and use coupons that have been sent to them by the website administrator.   

Richey Company  allows the website administrator to create mailing lists of their subscribing customers. The customers can be selected to receive specials of the week and newsletters.   

B2B Websites:
We can help your company interact and trade with other companies via the Internet through industry standard technologies like XML.

B2B stands for "business-to-business," as in businesses doing business with other businesses. The term is most commonly used in connection with e-commerce and advertising when you are targeting businesses as opposed to consumers.

Corporate Chef allows companies to order catering for their company events and parties. Corporate Chef specializes in catering food to other businesses.   

Avionics International is a wholesale distributor of avionic parts.  Avionics specializes in business to business sales.   



  • Eclipse Rackmount
    Design & PHP (18-June-2015)
    We will continue to utilize Steve and his team for our projects because their work is amazing. Wonderful communication and great efficiency. Highly recommended for anything web related!
    Matt Spinetta
  • Google Adwords & Bing Ads Expert
    You have continually impressed us with your high level of service and genuine consideration for the work involved. Thank you for providing such an absolutely superior service.
    Mit Gudka
  • - Updates + Suggestions
    SEO (20-May-2015)
    Thank you so much for this. That's really amazing advice and I'm pleased you take the time to review the requirements of the project so thoroughly.
    Grant O'Neill
  • Eclipse Rackmount
    Design & PHP (18-May-2015)
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting this done!! It looks very, very nice. The whole website is getting a professional look after all of this work and I'm very thankful for your help.
    Matt Spinetta
  • Marketing HR - FOLLOW-UP: Scientific survey regarding the virtual workforce
    Survey (30-April-2015)
    Thank you very much! Good communication and fast delivery. Richard is recommended!
    Christian Holthau
  • SEO and ASO for an Android App on Google Play Store
    ASO (30-April-2015)
    Great job done on time.
    Christian Heuser
  • SEO work - On-Site, Off-site and Copywriting for SEO
    SEO (23-January-2015)
    Great company to work with.
    Lee Kavanagh
  • SEO Specialist
    SEO (19-January-2015)
    Jacob did a great job, was very professional and highly available for his work. His work reports kept us in the know about that we were paying for, and the results to expect. His Professionalism is top-tier. We saw results for our keywords in the first month!
    Steven Paganelli
  • Ablecommerce website .net programing for website
    .net (07-January-2015)
    Great company to work with did every thing as promised.
    Paul Lowenthal
  • Developer Needed To Create Subscription Site
    PHP (22-December-2014)
    Steve was great to work with. Quick Communication and understood exactly what I need done. One of the best developers I’ve worked with on oDesk.
    Matt Hootman
  • VF Marketing - One Visum Web Developer
    PHP (30-July-2014)
    I absolutely love working with Cogniter! I use them on all of my web projects.
    Christy Thom
  • SEO Specialist Backlink Removal
    SEO (17-May-2014)
    Thank you for your efforts, you’ve had excellent communication and quick work ethic.
    Adam Blaser
  • Web app designer and CSS creation
    Design (19-feb-2014)
    Thanks to the Jenifer and the Cogniter team for their perseverance, responsiveness, and good designing.
    Dean Rachel
  • D2 Design
    iPhone project (17-Sep-2013)
    We are still in early stages of the development, but at this point the Cogniter group has been great to work with. Their communication with us has been spectacular,quicky in the turnaround, and technically above what we could have asked for Looking forward Dean and Dave are very professinal and Co-perative. I will look forward to work with them in future. Inspite of a huge time zone difference they always schedule the discussions as per our availability.
    Kali Kucera
  • Design an iPad app
    iPad project (11-Sep-2013)
    A great job completed on time and top quality work. Highly recommended.
    Danny Irvine
  • Social Media expert
    SEO (25-June-2013)
    Good work. I was kept informed of the progress and saw the results in my website ranking within 3 months as promised.
    Caroline Thay
  • SEO Specialist
    SEO (14-June-2013)
    We had a great experience with Brian and his team. Definitely would hire him again!
    Hector Garcia
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