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Recruit Me is a brand new application that is set to revolutionize the face of temporary recruitment. The basic functions of this app allow users to seek jobs and recruiters to search for those without employment. In order to attain the best results, make sure users register to their needs. i.e. the unemployed register as employee's and employers as recruiters.


When reconstructing a brand, you have to thoughtful of every aspect of information which is presented to the consumers to ensure a successful reiteration of the brand. We developed a brand color palate from which we assigned a color for each of Recruit Me's activity tracks. This was was inspired from a multitude of tests that scientifically-define the “Recruit Me” colors. When we paired this with a refined logotype and thoughtful photography, the brand really started to come together.

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Recruit Me faced a very intricate problem at one of the first stages of rebuilding the app. The messages function was for some reason faulty, not being able to locate contacts to message. After troubleshooting and debugging the source of the issue, we were able to give the look and feel of a real time chat, whilst adding functionality to ensure a more seamless integration within the app.


In order to achieve cross-platform integration, we decided to implement back pressed functionality. This logic allows us to make the Recruit Me application compatible with android phones as well. We also integrated auto refresh api to ensure the timeliest results.

Final Brand

After making many tweaks and changes, we were finally able to unify the newly re-branded Recruit Me app. With some of the latest features available in apps today, we were able to successfully add a search functionality, a push notifications functionality, a integrated messaging system, a image caching function for job-seekers, as well as a integrated social media login (Facebook). With a very sleek and modern UI design, Recruit Me is one of the most cutting edge apps available today.

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Recruit Me's wireframes are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose. The purpose is usually being informed by a business objective and a creative idea. The wireframe depicts the app layout or arrangement of the application content, including interface elements and how they work together.


App Design

Clean panels make for a highly approachable interface. A lightweight look and feel allows users to quickly and easily navigate the Recruit Me app on their mobile devices.

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    In order to receive the full functionality of Recruit Me, it is highly important that employers and employee's do not accidentally register themselves in the wrong manner. Employers will have to register as themselves and vice-versa. With Facebook integration, users now have the ability to login via Facebook instead of filling out personal information while registering with the app.

    After completing the registration process, employee's will be given the opportunity to fill out their resumé (i.e. Qualifications, Skills, Personal information, etc...), and employers will be allowed to post jobs which they need completed (i.e. Skills required, dates needed, description, payment rate, etc...).

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    Main Menu

    The main menu contains all the information about Recruit Me. With the swipe of a finger, you are greeted with many options:

    Your profile

    Posted jobs


    Search functionality

    + Much more.

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    If there is a match between the requirements of an employer, and the resumé of a job-seeker, they will both be notified and will be given the option to take further action by "liking" employer/employee or even messaging each other if necessary. If said users "like" each other's postings, they will be automatically added to each other's contacts lists to raise further inquires about the posting/job.