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Futuristic Custom Transportation & Logistics Software Development

Cogniter's transportation software development solutions meet the industry's need for customized fleet, traffic, parking, dispatch, and vehicle rental management systems as a leading player in the transportation sector.

From lead capture through order formulation, scheduling and dispatching, order fulfillmentccd, shipping and invoicing, fleet management, and business intelligence, we deliver software and integrated solutions that automate the whole supply chain transaction life cycle.

Whether you are looking to streamline shipping, improve operations, or automate reporting, our custom software development services are tailored to meet the needs of clients and organizations of all sizes.

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Dispatch Software Solutions

With built-in fleet vehicle telematics software, mobile capabilities, and scheduling modules, Cogniter's professionals create unique dispatch software solutions that promote simpler and faster dispatch interactions.

We create dispatching features including (IAED) protocols, time compliance trackers, and ALI/ANI integrations into computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems.

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Dispatch Software Solutions

Fleet Management Software Solutions

Fleet telematics, GPS fleet monitoring, fuel management, vehicle maintenance management, and much more are all made easier with Cogniter's fleet management software solutions and transportation management systems (TMS).

Developers at Cogniter have extensive expertise designing real-time fleet management software for monitoring cars and assets with various integration options from the ground up for small and big fleets, as well as integrating them with external services.

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Infrastructure and Vendors Management

Many businesses put themselves at risk by using outdated technologies that are vulnerable to hacking and cyberattacks. Most people don't have the financial means to deal with the difficulty and price of infrastructure upgrades on a regular basis. We put in place a manageable strategy to keep you secure and up to date, as well as managing vendor connections and communication.

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Infrastructure and Vendors Management
Public Transportation Software

Public Transportation Software Solutions

Cogniter's public transportation software solutions provide public transportation organizations with expanded fleet and passenger-oriented features for safe, efficient, and expedited public transportation experiences.

To track real-time position, speed, mileage, inventory, and more, our business intelligence (BI) solutions work in tandem with public transit vehicle telematics software. Implement advanced route optimization algorithms and machine learning approaches to assist public transportation agencies in providing better service and reducing costs.

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Ridesharing and Carpooling Apps Development

Cogniter's expertise create custom rideshare and carpooling apps for iOS and Android that allow users to request secure, dependable, and cost-effective trips through enterprise-level ridesharing networks.

Real-time communication, booking & cancellation, real-time notifications, ETAs, fare predictions, driver ratings & feedback, and many more features are included in rideshare passenger applications.

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Ridesharing and Carpooling Apps
Traffic Management Software

Traffic Management Software Solutions

Cogniter's unique traffic management software (TMS) solutions include features such as report retrieval, field communication, traffic camera monitoring, and more, giving you complete control over your traffic infrastructure.

With capabilities like automated plate number recognition, RFID sensors, RWIS, and communication portals, developers construct software and firmware capable of monitoring traffic in real time.

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Data Management

The quality of data is critical in the transportation and logistics industries. The business thrives when managers have easy access to reliable information regarding performance, agility, inventory, and workers. Digital data solutions that are scalable and secure ensure that you always have the information you need, when and when you need it. With simplified data and greater transparency across data collecting points, you can make better business decisions.

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Technology is critical to supply chain operations. Many individuals and processes are involved in handling, producing, packing, transporting, storing, and securing commodities. When information and tools are fragmented, this inherent complexity can result in wasted time and revenues. Companies like yours can synchronize each channel using contemporary integration and automation solutions provided by Cogniter.

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