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Professional Windows Phone App Development

Reach out to Windows OS fans with our apps

There are two behemoths in the mobile world – Android and iOS. Windows phones offer the only viable third alternative. With millions of devices still in use, apps for Windows Phone offer your business a unique chance to reach out to clients otherwise ignored. Make the most of it.

We've spent years in the design, development, and marketing of Windows Store apps. We create apps that are not only sleek and innovative, but also completely transform clients’ ideas of what an app well-designed app can do.

As Windows continues to evolve, so do our techniques. We use cutting edge tools and best practices to deliver robust, reliable, and scalable apps.

Here at Cogniter, we strive to create apps that are more than just functional and keep users coming back for more. Our apps are remembered and talked about.


Five Reasons You Are Going to Fall in Love With Us

Windows Mobile Application Development Company

We are focused on building your brand

Cogniter works with you to understand your business. This information is utilized to optimize user experience, app functionality, and emphasize the unique aspect of your business.

Windows Mobile Application Developers

We design, develop, and market apps

We go beyond developing apps. Our team of designers ensures your app is more than functional and marketers spread your app to the farthest corners of the globe – wherever the users are.

Windows Mobile Application Development

Designs for businesses

Cogniter Technologies approaches app design from a different perspective. Our goal is not just eye-candy. We create apps for businesses that look professional and turn visitors into customers so our clients can grow.

Windows Mobile Application

Low-cost development

No one wants to pay an arm and a leg to get an app up and running. We understand that. Our American designers work with an Indian team, giving us a huge cost advantage which we can pass on to you. We give you the best value for money.

Windows Mobile Application Development Company

Diverse team

Research shows diverse teams are more creative. Cogniter has a physical presence in four countries and three continents. We’re diverse and creative.


Great! You people understood the brief, got on with it efficiently and produced impressive code! I'm really please to have worked with you on my Windows Phone app.

Ron Harvey

Jan. 2011 - Jan. 2011

Windows Mobile Application Developers

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