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Test Case

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Test Case is a document which describes what exact steps are to be performed to verify a specific function of a website.

Test Cases are written by software testers on the basis of an application’s business requirements, technical requirements, use cases and design documents.

  • Test cases are dependent on the organizations that what projects they pick , various models they use and steps they follow to design a test case template
  • It generally depends on size of the project, the complexities and the scenarios
  • And it depends upon kind of testing techniques required by the end users that how test cases will be determined.

Why Test Cases are Important

  • Test cases help us to understand and capture the full overview of the application. Writing test cases helps tester to get involved in the project from the initial point. Each and every test case can be dotted so that at the time of actual testing of a project, so testers don’t miss to test any requirement in the application
  • Test case helps in providing information that how to test a particular application, validations to be applied and outputs to be expected
  • They are re-usable, so test cases written for an application can be used for another application
  • It helps in preparing test coverage strategies as testers know by verifying test case that how much testing is complete
  • It helps formalize the testing process and ensure good test coverage
  • Test cases smoothens the knowledge transfer within the team
  • Mapping of issues based on severity and priority of the test cases becomes an easy process
test case

How we work with test cases

  • Writing test cases is a major practice making a tester confident about his Application. We cover all scenarios whether negative or positive so that it is refined to go to end user.
  • Test cases is always written in details with descriptions along with steps to be followed so as in any case a test case fails , its easy for tester to make a developer understand the exact scenario.
  • Also practice of writing detailed test cases makes a tester involvement in projects at initial phase, also when test cases are provided to Client, he himself can understand his own work in a much better way. Also helps in creating transparencies that whether we are in right direction.
  • Test cases are always written in simple way that is understandable to everyone.

Test Case Format we use

Test Case ID Test Case Test Steps Test Data Expected Result Actual Result Status Date
TC_1 Check Login form with invalid Data Open login page
Enter user Id
Enter password
Click submit
User: Jane
Password: test@12
User should not Login into application As Expected Pass 11.04.18
TC_2 Check Login form with valid Data Open login page
Enter user Id
Enter password
Click submit
User: Jane
Password: @password
User should Login into application As Expected Pass 11.04.18


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