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Self-Service Business Portals

Turn your portal into a true profit center

Turn Your Portal into a True Profit Center

Self-service portals started off as a way to drive down costs, but nowadays they have become a vital element of customer experience in many industries. With an extensive experience in developing portals, Cogniter can help you develop one for your business. The portals we build for you will save you money because increasingly clients prefer to complete their transactions online; like paying utility bills, managing real estate, and more. Business portals are designed to make such jobs more convenient.

Other Advantages of Getting a Cogniter Designed Self-Service Portal for Your Business Include:

  • Reduces repetitive inquiries and support volume. Saves you money.
  • Empowers your clients. Fewer escalations.
  • Provides consistent answers. Brings uniform brand experience.
  • Frees you to devote more time on high-value customer interactions. More profits.
  • Provides 24/7 access to information to clients. Fewer dissatisfied clients.
  • Real-time updates. Increases customer satisfaction.

Business Portals in Action

business services portal

This business portal helps you plan your next vacation. It covers the entire United States. On the portal, you can explore any destination below to discover where you can eat, shop, and play.

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Our Experience

We have extensive experience in web portal development in India. We created a business portal for Travel Host’s salespeople to track sales and extrapolate potential revenue. Armed with this data, the associates can figure out ideal strategies to fulfill their monthly or yearly income goals.


Built a great foundation that our in house staff took over, as we are now in direct communication with their development team. Would hire again!

Vladimir Vladimirovich Ischuk

Jan. 2011 - Jan. 2011

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