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Adorable, Intuitive Websites

For businesses that care about sales and their brand

For businesses that care about sales & their brand

Cogniter Technologies' design process is geared towards creating minimalist websites that assist your visitors perform their tasks-be it placing an order or booking a consultation-intuitively. The web designs to come out from our design process are visually attractive and functional; your users will want to share them.
Our services are for people ready to set up their first personal website, multinational conglomerates planning a design overhaul, and everyone who falls within this huge spectrum.

What it’s like to be in the Design Process

Through years of experience, we have perfected a process to create tailor-made websites with compelling designs that can do the most difficult tasks. The process emphasizes brand consistency and trust. Here’s its overview.

Design consultation

A designer gathers background information on your business, target market, and goals and suggests several creative possibilities.

Decision about site navigation

The designer discusses multiple options with you before the two of you agree on the best way to reach the target audience and accomplish the marketing and sales goals. These decisions are reflected in design and navigation.

Color scheme

We don’t achieve functionality at the cost of appearance. Our designers share with you multiple color schemes. You can choose from them. We are open to experimentation. So if you don’t like the mock-ups we produce from your color scheme, you can change that.


We put together the design, color scheme, fonts, styles, and artwork to create a beta version. This is the time when you can propose changes.

Artwork and images

We scan up to five images, photographs, or artwork pieces for each web page. We also format, crop, and resize them so that you can communicate visually with your visitors without increasing load times.

Fonts and styles

The best typography is invisible. If you already know what you want your website to be like, share it with us. Or, we can give you multiple options in fonts and styles.

How Does Our Design Process Help You?

  • Three out of every 10 visitors fail to complete even the simplest tasks, such as buying from you. We solve that through intuitive websites.
  • Cluttered interfaces are big issue; not only on corporate websites but even on sites belonging to small and medium-size businesses. Our draw on the collective experience of our designers, marketers, and programmers to create designs that are easy on the eye.
  • 18 percent of users say they will share the websites if they are convenient to use. Our emphasis on navigation, reading patterns, and usability can generate much publicity through word-of-mouth marketing.


We will continue to utilize Steve and his team for our projects because their work is amazing. Wonderful communication and great efficiency. Highly recommended for anything web related!

Matt Spinetta

Jan. 2011 - Jan. 2011

Website Designing India