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Umbraco is an open source .NET based content management systems (CMS), a platform for managing all your digital contents and publishing over the web or intranet with ease and it’s remarkable features are user-friendly with responsive UI.

It is written in C# and is organized in Microsoft based infrastructure. It is one of the most leading '.NET' based open source CMS systems.

This powerful CMS also features Microsoft Word integration, permission based access levels, content scheduling and multiple languages to manage site content with ease. The platform is ideal for small, mid and large-scale enterprises that require a fully-functional CMS at a reasonable cost. Its high level of flexibility makes it the perfect CMS for both low and high complexity projects.

These are the features which make Umbraco a superior CMS:

  • Create your own Administrative Sections – In Umbraco you are able to easily extend the back office with custom application built into the Umbraco back office. This makes your life easier as they now only have to login into one application.
  • Multiple site support- Umbraco support multiple sites in a single instance. Where you are creating a multilingual site with unique content for each country or multi-author blog, Umbraco has support for multiple sites.
  • Support for cloud- Umbraco run on cloud whether you use Amazon or window Azure. Umbraco has been proven successful in cloud deployment.
  • Simple & Easy Editing Options
  • Version Control – Rolling back to previous versions is easy with Umbraco!
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Built-In Media Library
  • Integration with Third Party Tools
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • E-Commerce and Real-Time Personalization Enhancements
  • Availability of a Wide Variety of Modules
  • Simple & Easy Editing Options
  • Version Control – Rolling back to previous versions is easy with Umbraco!
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Microsoft Word Integration
  • Workflow & Event Tracking
  • Flexible Member & User Management
  • Simple User Interface
  • Audit Trail

The Umbraco CMS Applications Our Developers Have Developed

Cogniter worked diligently to set up our server and achieve uptime of 100 percent! That’s better than everything else I've tried.


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