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The Cogniter Advantage

Leading the Way in Media and Entertainment Innovation

Our reputation and ethics are the foundations of our Digital Media Solutions. Our core principles are innovation, leadership, teamwork, curiosity, and customer focus. We never compromise when it comes to ethics, honesty, and transparency.

We also have the right professionals and consultants on hand when our clients need them. We provide cutting-edge documentation, tools, platforms, and analytics to help our clients succeed in their various digital media initiatives.

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eCommerce and Monetization

The media and entertainment industry is changing at breakneck speed, spurred on by new chances to provide the individualized experience that today's customers demand. Depending on your specific requirements, our experts can customize top eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, or Drupal, or create a one-of-a-kind, bespoke digital product that aligns your business goals with the demands of your target audience.

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Digital Publishing

Cogniter Technologies creates all-encompassing solutions to assist media companies in producing, distributing, managing and selling interactive digital content. Our solutions for publishers and businesses of all sizes make a move from print to digital as painless as possible. We handle all technical aspects of digital publication, such as Monetization and cross-device content optimization.

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Digital Asset Management

Our experts incorporate intelligent automation for multimedia asset management. Our cutting-edge digital asset management systems increase cross-functional content collaboration by allowing teams to store, search, and distribute digital assets. By integrating artificial intelligence and automation powered by a cloud-first approach, we enable enterprises to deploy an enterprise-wide fabric for system integration with workflow-driven operations.

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Information Management

To build a seamless customer experience for fickle audiences, you must now balance the dynamic interplay between data and delivery. Our entertainment, media, and publishing team use modern information mapping techniques and analytics to create consolidated inflow and outflow systems. It enables you to respond to client requests quickly and efficiently, including subscription and content management, for better online and offline service.

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Mobility Solutions

The most challenging task for digital publishers is attracting and holding the attention of on-the-go customers. We provide a wide range of end-to-end, customer-focused digital product development services, from expert mobile UX/UI design to AR/VR features, integrated cloud storage, secure billing for premium content, and other business-building solutions as a leading media app development company.

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Community Building Platform

Community development for entertainment properties is an essential component of your digital experience, especially with the rise of fan culture. Our professional entertainment software developers are experts in creating and implementing community-based products and platforms that grab attention and turn your fans into connected, committed consumers.

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OTT Software Solutions

Our OTT software solutions are built to offer every type of streaming content in the OTT ecosystem, including long-form (movies and TV shows), LIVE sports and travel events, short-form (advertisements and features), and digital originals. Video on demand (VOD), advertising-based VOD, transactional VOD, and subscription-based VOD are all supported by our solutions.

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  • This is an excellent group of developers to work with. They are smart, cooperative, adaptive to unanticipated changes and conditions and very good at providing solutions. I found the team to be smart, very easy to work with, and incredibly dependable. They have earned my trust and would highly recommend them to any of my colleagues.


  • Working with a dedicated team at Cogniter has been a very rewarding experience. Over the past several months, Cogniter has been a valuable partner for us. The work they deliver is high quality, communication and understanding of the tasks needed have been exceptional. We are looking forward to a lasting, long-term relationship with them.


  • Cogniter did a great job in working to meet our demands and short time-line. Their communication and follow ups on the tasks were always the best part of working with them. We have completed multiple projects with this team and are looking forwards to a continuing this relationship.


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We deliver globally, providing result-driven project management and seamless communication. Our solutions yield benefit in Internet-facing, corporate and hybrid environments.