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Cross Platform Compatibility Testing

Cross Browser and Cross Platform Testing Services

Cross platform compatibility testing refers to testing the application in various browsers and operating systems. This applies to both web based and mobile apps. The objective of cross platform compatibility testing is to ensure that the application or website looks and functions in a similar manner across various browsers and platforms. The web or mobile app should be consistent with the existing version of the browser along with OS compatibility.

Cross Platform compatibility Testing

Importance of Cross-Platform Testing

The website may look and function differently in different browsers/platforms and you can never know in advance, which browser/platform the end user will have to open the application in. The end users who visit the website may not be aware of platform compatibility issues and they may leave the website thinking that it is not functioning.

A very small GUI error or a text box that does not allow the user to enter information (due to cross platform issue) may become a critical problem for your application and hence for your business. That’s why cross platform testing is indispensable for the success of your application or website.

Our Compatibility testing process

  • Identification of set of environments based on different platform and as per client’s requirements
  • The environment is set-up for testing with different platforms, browsers, devices and networks
  • The application is tested in different environments
  • Bugs found are reported and fixed
  • Re-test to confirm the bugs are fixed

Projects We Have Done Cross Platform Compatibility Testing

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