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We are the Joomla website design company of choice for start-ups and big businesses from five continents. Our experienced Joomla website developers and designers create breathtakingly high-quality themes and robust code that adheres to W3C validations. We have worked on hundreds of projects and are open to work on yours.

Why You Will Love Us

Four reasons you are going to fall in love with us!

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Focused on your goals

Certifications and awards are nice. Among our Joomla developers they have got plenty of them. But that’s not the most exciting thing. For us the real excitement is in seeing you succeed. We are here to help you solve the toughest problems.

joomla website development services

Data-driven design

Big data is more than a buzzword. At the hands of experts, it can bring big changes to how your clients interact with your website and administer it. We use data to make interactions smooth and management easier.

joomla website design


No technology is an island. Our in-house developers are experts in an array of technologies—PHP, ASP.NET, and CodeIgniter among others—and they use their expertise to seamlessly integrate your Joomla CMS with other technologies you need or will need.

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Informed decisions

Our decisions are made with a view of what your website will be like six months, a year, or five years from now. The code and design decisions we take will make it easier for you to build on and manage your websites.

Delivered as expected. Unfortunately this project was put on hold by management for business-related reasons. But Cogniter will be the first contacted when the project resumes.

Gustavo Artaza & Sam Caldwell

Jan. 2011 - Jan. 2011

joomla development services

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