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Online Reputation Management: 3 Effective Strategies to Build Good Rapport


Online platforms help businesses gain visibility and expand customer-base, while increasing the risk to a business’s reputation by letting people open up about their goods and services on social media channels. 
It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a minute to ruin it. No one online bothers to explore the truth behind any issue. Today’s customers believe in others' opinions. Therefore, to convert negative reviews into happy customers, online reputation management services (ORM) are required. 
ORM is the lifeblood of small, medium, and large-sized businesses and empowers them to keep track of customer reviews, ratings, queries and stay responsive to earn customers’ trust. It is the most powerful tool in the present digital age that improves your brand reputation in the eyes of your prospective customers and helps gain a foothold in the market. 

Let’s dive deeper into how Reputation Management Strategies help businesses build a stellar first- impression: 


Constant Review Monitoring 

Keeping an eagle eye on every customer is near to impossible. But what customers think about your business matters a lot and helps to keep your business running and protects it from angry customers. Online reputation management services include building a strong brand reputation by tracking and monitoring all the review sites and other platforms to react positively to negative customers with counter proof. It will change customer’s perception towards your brand surely, but gradually. ORM strategies by experts’ work wonders to take your business out of a vicious loss cycle.  

Eliminating Negative Reviews

Reviews play a vital role in making your business succeed or fail. Negative comments from even a single customer can put you in the worst-case scenario. With effective reputation management strategy, eliminating negative branding is easy, systematic, and professional. ORM strategies are developed to improve rankings on search engines by removing negative complaints. ORM strategically regulates your brand’s image by posting positive and impressive comments/reviews about the brand to push down negative reviews.

Content Marketing Strategy 

Business reputation management demands unique and quality content creation strategies to wash away all pessimistic thoughts. Selling your business through well-written content is the most effective and powerful way to let people know who you are and what you offer. Developing an appropriate content strategy in ORM involves meaningful pieces of content in the form of articles, blogs, PR news, and integrating SEO to optimize content. The SEO-rich content strategies undoubtedly enhance your reach by leaving a positive impact on the minds of future prospects.  

 Final Thought 

There is nothing more crucial in today’s times than analyzing and managing the risks to your business reputation. Online reputation management is the key to grow limitlessly and maintain a respectable position among customers. To rectify damaged reputation and stay ahead, rely on our experts for online reputation management strategy development. It would help businesses of all sizes and niches to construct credibility, experience increased sales, ROI, and generate more traffic. 
Cogniter Technologies provides robust online reputation management services to safeguard your business reputation. We are the experts you have been searching for, with years of experience in fixing online business reputation by removing fake reviews and complaints on various social media channels. 
 If you want to boost positive views or reviews online, get in touch with us at info@cogniter.com.
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Joomla Development Services: Facts & Achievements


Did you know that Joomla is the second biggest platform in the CMS market with a nearly 5.7% share? 

Joomla is a free open source Content Management System that empowers website design and development, plus delivers impressive results. Developed using the PHP framework, Joomla is based on Model View Controller architecture. Since 2005 till now, Joomla has gained immense popularity and became the second most used CMS around the globe. The increasing demand resulted in a surge in downloads i.e. more than 97 million times. Adding more to it, 2.5 million active sites are running on Joomla CMS solutions. 
The versatility and functionality of Joomla Website Development services have no match and this community-driven CMS has around 200,000 users. 

Joomla- Award-Winning Software 

  • In 2020: On TrustRadius Joomla ranked as the ‘Top rated Content Management System’.
  • In 2019: Joomla won ‘Best Free CMS Critic People’s Choice Award’ for four years in a row.
  • In 2014: Joomla received ‘Best Open Source PHP CMS’ based on People’s Choice.
  • In 2012: Joomla was the ‘Best Open Source Application’ recognized by InfoWorld's Bossie Awards.
  • In 2011: Joomla won the ‘Best Open Source CMS Award’ by Packt Publishing. 
  • In 2010: In Packt Open Source Awards, Joomla stood as ‘2nd Runner-up Hall of Fame CMS’. 
  • In 2009: Louis Landry of Joomla won the ‘Open Source CMS Most Valued Person Award’. 
  • In 2008: Joomla’s Johan Janssens won the ‘Open Source CMS Most Valued Person Award’.
  • In 2007: By Packt Publishing, Joomla was announced Joomla ‘Best PHP Open Source CMS’.
  • In 2006: Joomla received the ‘Open Source Content Management Award’.
  • In 2005: Joomla made to win the ‘Best Linux / Open Source Project’ award in London. 
Be it creating a new website, customizing an existing one, upgrading version, or needed post-maintenance, Joomla is the perfect solution for everything.  It offers great scope for customization, flexibility, unparalleled security, and more. By leveraging robust Joomla website development services, small, medium, and large-sized enterprises can take advantage of some of the following features:
  1. Easy-to-Use
  2. Stable & Secure
  3. Multi-Lingual Support
  4. Search Engine Optimized
  5. User-Friendly Framework
  6. Accessible on All Browsers
  7. Flexible & Fully Extensible
  8. Advanced Features & Extensions
  9. Mobile-First/Responsive layouts


Final Thoughts

Building next-generation websites with Joomla is a piece of cake. Many popular websites namely Unric.org, Linux.com, Thehill.com, Gsas.harvard.edu, Ace.nd.edu, Itwire.com, and more that are truly functional and appealing are the result of Joomla custom website development. Though many dominant players in the market are giving Joomla a tough competition, still Joomla is enjoying a steady rise in its global user-base. 
Cogniter Technologies takes pride to deliver unmatched Joomla development services to almost every business vertical. Bespoke websites, portals, online applications, and more have been designed by our team of proficient Joomla website designers and developers aiming to enhance and enrich your Joomla experience. 
Want to create your own fully-featured and professionally looking website? Feel free to reach us at info@cogniter.com and hire our experienced Joomla website developers!

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Mobile Gaming in India: 5 Amazing Facts You Should Know!

MONDAY, JUNE 08, 2020

From the old green and black pixel games to VR gaming, the mobile gaming industry in India has come a long way. With popular mobile games like Real Cricket 14 and Teen Patti, mobile game development companies in India have made a decent place for themselves in the gaming industry.
Did you know that there are about 137.5 million mobile gamers in India? This number is expected to surpass the 170 million mark by the year 2022. Here are the top 5 amazing facts about mobile gaming in India that’ll surely make you say “Wow!!”:

1. A $970 Million Industry

According to Statista.com, in 2019 the total revenue generated by mobile gaming in India was around $970 million. This makes the average revenue generated from each user to be $8.88. And the best part? This number is all set to reach $1,221 million in 2020! That’s a +25.8% yoy.

2. An Indian Mobile Gamer Spends Over an Hour Each Day Playing Mobile Games!

According to a report, mobile gaming in India has reached a mark where three out of four Indian mobile gamers spend over 60 minutes each day playing mobile games. This simply means that the reach of mobile games in India is increasing day by day. 

3. 5th Largest Mobile Gaming Industry Globally

Surpassing countries like the UK and Russia, mobile gaming in India was ranked 5th in the world. With a whopping 64% growth since 2016, Indian gamers are now on the global map. Thanks to the games in categories like card games and casino, mobile gaming in India is all set to rank higher in the coming years.


4. PUBG, India’s Favorite Mobile Game Earns $7-8 Million a Month in India!

The most played mobile game in India, PUBG made around $7-8 million each month in 2019. And the best part? This number is only from the revenue generated by selling in-game character skins. These in-game add-ons don’t make a single difference in the way the game runs, but still, this number is a proof of the popularity of mobile gaming in India.

5. 84% of Smartphone Owners in India Have Games in their Smartphones

This number seems a lot when we keep the population of India in consideration. Game development companies in India very well know that mobile gaming is the need of the hour. And to top, it all, around 37% of mobile gamers have at least 3 mobile games in their smartphones. 


The popularity of mobile gaming in India is increasing tremendously. Mobile gaming is leading the overall gaming market of India, mobile game development companies in India have a very bright future.
Here at Cogniter Technologies, our team of expert game developers use cutting edge technologies like Xcode, Cocoa Touch, SpriteBuilder, and so on to create the best mobile games for our clients.
Got any queries? Reach us at info@cogniter.com and let us help you create your dream mobile game.
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Top 6 Reasons to Develop Mobile Apps with Xamarin

THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2020

Xamarin is a popular cross-platform application development tool that allows creating applications for Android, iOS, and Windows with reusable codebase. The technology stack is compatible with various operating systems and this makes the applications platform-independent and gives Mobile Apps with Xamarin a much-needed push by reducing time and effort.
While developing mobile applications for a business, a choice between native and cross-platform app is a vital decision to be made early on in the planning and development phase of an app to save time, money, and effort. Undoubtedly, both platforms, Native and Xamarin provide businesses a broader range of audience. However, Xamarin mobile application development is making its way in the competitive business market due to its shared operating environment, single codebase and shorter go live time period.
With no logical complications, Xamarin reduces development time and delivers a seamless user experience. When it comes to Xamarin mobile development for Android & iOS, it provides user-friendly, reliable, secure, and easily accessible applications.

Here are the top 6 reasons for choosing Xamarin for your mobile app development project:

  • Fast Time to Market 

The biggest advantage of using Xamarin for application development is the reduced time to market for applications. It provides a broader market coverage and helps in quicker and easier launch of Android and iOS apps.
  • Convenient and Profitable 

Application coding with Xamarin is simple yet profitable. With this open-source platform, the development process takes less time and offers standardized Xamarin UI controls, auto-update, and synchronization. Moreover, Xamarin Test Cloud ensures easy testing of multi-platform applications.
  • Shared App Logic 

Unlike native app development, Xamarin works on a sharable code technique. The reusability of the C# codebase in Xamarin simplifies the process of writing applications to run on different devices. Also, the separate user interface for each platform makes it easier to share business logic.
  • Powerful Libraries 

Portable and robust class libraries in Xamarin make it easy for developers to integrate native open source and third-party libraries for iOS and Android. 
  • Xamarin Component Store

It enables the developers to add third-party components and add-ins to the projects. Easy installation of Xamarin component package provides access to UI components, cloud services, Pinterest, Facebook, plus themes, and game development components.
  • Low Maintenance Costs 

The lower development costs and minimal maintenance make Xamarin the best choice for building applications for any business. It makes app development quick, stress-free, and cost-effective. Besides, choosing Xamarin over other platforms can help save cost and time as well.

Wrapping Up

By leveraging Xamarin for iOS, Android, and Windows app development,  developers can undertake the projects using a single shared and common C#/.NET codebase. The newest edition of Visual Studio 2019 v16.5 has provided Xamarin devs many benefits in the form of features such as faster integration with Xamarin hot restart, Android Apply Changes, Faster Android Startup, XAML Document Outline, etc. Visual Studio components enhance the complete app building experience.
The advantages discussed above give several great reasons to choose Xamarin over others for mobile app development. 
We, at Cogniter Technologies provide a team of expert Xamarin developers with extensive knowledge and experience in developing cross-platform applications. 
If you have any queries or want to hire our skilled developers, reach us at info@cogniter.com.  
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