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Software Testing- Highly Imperative to Launch Bug-Free Software

MONDAY, JUNE 21, 2021

The demand for Software Testing is rapidly increasing and it’s been estimated that the Software Testing Services market is expected to reach USD 34.49 billion by 2025. 
In different IT domains, Software Testing has been gaining popularity for letting businesses stay ahead of customer’s experiences. No matter what you do, quality is all that matters. And in the world of software development, professionals are placing importance on quality to deliver error-free final products to the end-users. 
Software testing has revolutionized the IT sector by empowering businesses to take their quality assurance processes to the next level. It is a series of testing that is undertaken to make sure the software is fully functional with no errors and is ready to deliver high-performance. To make it more understandable, here have been discussed a wide range of testing approaches categorized as Functional & Non-Functional. 
  • Functional Testing is performed to evaluate each function of the software such as User Interface, APIs, Database, Security, Client/Server Communication, and more. From usability to accessibility to errors, everything is tested using both manual and automated techniques. Functional testing further involves different types as Unit, Smoke, Sanity, Integration, White Box, Black Box, Regression, and User Acceptance.

  • Non-Functional Testing is designed to check the performance, flexibility, security, reliability, load test, and usability of any application. This is done once the functional testing is completed to increase software product portability & usage. It is a combination of different testing types such as Performance, Load, Compatibility, Usability, Stress, Scalability, Volume, and more. 
An undetected bug not only disappoints a customer also ruins your business reputation. Therefore, a product release must be planned effectively to get minor to major errors diagnosed beforehand to avoid after effects. Software testing services ensure high standards, maximum return on investment, happy & expanded customer base. An undetected bug not only disappoints a customer also ruins your business reputation. Therefore, a product release must be planned effectively to get minor to major errors diagnosed beforehand to avoid after effects. Software testing services ensure high standards, maximum return on investment, happy & expanded customer base.  
Benefits of Software Testing Services 
  • Save Time/Money on Product Development & Deliveries 
  • Instant Investigation of Software Quality 
  • Easy bug detection before the application goes live
  • High-Quality Leads to higher Customer Satisfaction 
  • Lowers Software Product Maintenance Cost 
Final Thoughts 
An undetected bug not only disappoints a customer but also ruins your business reputation. Therefore, a product release must be planned effectively to get minor to major errors diagnosed beforehand to avoid after effects. Software testing services ensure high standards, maximum return on investment, happy & expanded customer base.  
For your software applications bug verification and fixing, you can hire Cogniter Technologies, a Software Testing Services Company in India. With expertise in manual and automation testing, professional software testers add value and refine the software development cycle. Commendable software testing services are provided with assured technical-know of automation tools and frameworks. Manual/Automation testing and Bug reporting visit us and get every detail right away. 
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ORM: Effective Way to Protect, Build, & Grow Your Business Reputation Online


Did you know the online reputation management market is expected to reach 354 Million USD in 2025? 

The surge in the Online Reputation Management industry is the result of great acceptance of ORM services worldwide. Building a brand is not enough to stand out, it must have a positive reputation among the customers to keep the business thrive. Just an online review can make your brand sink or swim.  
Business ratings and reviews are easy to find anywhere nowadays. Google my business listing, review websites and local directories are the most popular channels that influence the customers. Even a single bad review outweighs hundred positive reviews and this changes the whole game.
ORM is important for all industries such as Healthcare, Hotels, Automobiles, Manufacturing, many more. When it comes to ORM strategies, then one strategy doesn’t fit all. The industry size, type, operations, and target audience vary, thus this impacts the process of undertaking ORM for businesses. 

Key Reasons to Invest in ORM 

  1. To gain insightful analyses of business 
  2. To assess the public brand perception 
  3. To understand the factors that break the brand reputation 
  4. To reckon with competitor’s strategy
  5. To recognize the future outlook of ORM in business

5 Core Online Reputation Management Functions 


ORM Audit 

To keep your business on track, auditing is a must. Business profile management should be on high priority to improve a business’s digital reach. The ORM audit provides a clear picture of your brand in the market. It puts light on the digitally weaken areas, access your social media presence, where your website ranks in search engines, and how well the content marketing is going. It uncovers the facts such as: 
Your brand’s reputation in the eyes of customers 
It makes you know what is being said
How many people are disliking you?
Which platforms are publishing good or bad about you. 

ORM Strategy Development

To be proactive to prevent people from attacking you, ORM strategy building is necessary. Based on industries, the full-proof strategies are chalked out. The strategies are put in place to effectively carry out the following operations: 
  1. Easy Tracking & Monitoring of Real Customers 
  2. Crisis Management Strategy for Handling Unprecedented activities
  3. Strategies for Website & Social Media Analysis
  4. To become the most influential leader in your niche

Content Planning & Development

Content is the key and in getting you noticed online a genuine and positive content plays a vital role. In Online reputation management, strategic content planning & marketing enhance your image. The content is managed at all stages, optimized for SEO, published on most surfed platforms, and the performance is tracked.  

Social Media Promotion 

Heavy dependency of businesses on the internet arises the need for managing reputation online. In ORM, effective social media management drives engagement and enhances sales. Brand affecting issues are resolved at the right time with the right approach to respond to the competitors or haters without being rude. The quick transferring of social media data into insights helps businesses combat risks to reputation and earn the trust of their customers.  

Far-Reaching Benefits of Online Reputation Management 

  1. Defamation in the corporate world is unavoidable. However, ORM takes the responsibility of defamation and reputation management. 
  2. Creating positive links, reviews is quick and pain-free. The negative publicity removal helps build credibility among customers. 
  3. Brand positioning & branding optimization on social media platforms seamlessly expand your customer base. 
  4. Comprehensive & regular reporting displays crystal clear data and helps maintain the entire ORM cycle. 
Your search ends here. Cogniter Technologies is India-based premier Company with extensive experience in assisting businesses to maintain their digital reputation. The ORM development services are designed to prevent reputational damages with powerful ORM strategies. A full line of ORM services include boosting your online visibility, improving online reviews, controlling criticism, and more. If you want to push down your business reviews in search results, let Cogniter Technologies be your expert. 
Contact ORM experts online at https://www.cogniter.com/contactus.aspx or you can also write at info@cogniter.com
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Business Services Portal- Provides Easy Accessibility to Information

THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2021

Any service is not successful until and unless the customers or clients are not fully satisfied. 
The Self-Service Portal is the term that many of us might have heard for the first time. In the fast-paced business world, technology has shortened the gap between clients, customers, and businesses across the globe. Self-service or can say business services portal development is on the rise to enrich customer experience. 
In this blog, we are going to put light on what it is, how it benefits businesses, and much more. Let’s start: 
When in a business, clients and customers must be given special treatment to make them feel valued. And being in their service 24/7 is the most wanted service that every customer looks for. Online Business Portals are secure web platforms that are designed aiming to provide every user a quick and single point of access to related information. Focusing on providing ease to access data anytime from anywhere, the portals are designed to run efficiently on desktop and mobile.

 Key Benefits of Self-Service Portals 

1. Improved Customer Satisfaction
2. Faster & Streamlined Communication
3. Cutting Down of Extra Expenses
4. Non-value Adding Data Entries 
5. Easy Order Placement & Management 
6. Authentication & Security 
7. Improved Visibility to Real-Time information 
8. Accounts & Payment Management in Real-Time 
The user-friendly portals are easy to integrate with existing business systems to make information transfers peace of mind. The ultimate motive of online business portals is to offer convenience to customers to get their problems and queries resolved by themselves when best suits them. Under one roof the customers can have one-click access to policies, invoices, deliveries, can make orders, payments, raise concerns, etc. 

What type of business online portal do you need? 

Well, the type of portal requirement all depends upon the type and size of your industry. A reliable portal offers a complete line of services in one. The ease of customization allows businesses to modify the platform according to their needs. The privilege configuration in the portal enables the users to access the portal based on the limitations set. 

Reasons Behind Investing in Portals

With the business services portals, the need to employ additional resources to handle customer queries is reduced.
Simplifying customer experience is a must for long-term success. To put everything in front of customers, the web-portals are developed. 
Self-service or business portals make it easy to collect customer’s data via their searches on your portal. 
Within the portals, the transactions can be made. This brings ease to customers to make online payments on the go regardless of time zone differences. 
Further, the self-portals can be easily integrated with customer relationship management, and more to streamline business operations & build connections. 
You can get your business web portal developed from Cogniter Technologies. A team of experts creates unique and feature-rich online business portals for each industry. With robust portal development services, you can provide more control to your customers. 
Get in touch with the experts Cogniter Technologies to strengthen customers and enhance your outreach. 
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Digital Marketing- A Robust Brand Marketer in Digital Age


Did you know the global digital marketing and advertising industry is expected to reach US$640.2 billion by 2027? 
Digital marketing services are empowering businesses to strengthen relations with customers on various social media channels. The growing trend of advertisement online has revolutionized promoting businesses, goods, and services. This modernized marketing technique in the digital era impacts the overall business performance and made it grow. 
Digital marketers help drive profits by increasing the SEO traffic for your website. With a professional digital marketing company, a simple promotion can be done effectively by analyzing the user data in real-time. 

The expert-level digital marketing is comprised of the following services:

1. Social Media Marketing
The name in itself defines making use of social media platforms to build awareness about business and goods. It is one of the best digital marketing strategies to generate leads. This involves posting content like videos, images, text, and more on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more for getting noticed. 
2. Content Marketing
An effective, valuable, and meaningful piece of content greatly impacts the mind of the visitors and impress them to make your business the first choice. This marketing approach involves content planning, creating, distributing on social media networks. 
3. Search Engine Optimization
It is a must-have digital marketing approach that drives more leads to your website with SEO-friendly content, keyword strategy, link building, and fosters web page loading speed. It simplifies generating organic traffic, increases visibility, builds lasting relations, and more. 
4. Search Engine Marketing 
This is the paid digital marketing strategy, also popular as PPC i.e. Pay Per Click. In this approach, Google is paid by the advertisers to place their ads in search results. It ensures to optimize the website visibility and collates valuable customer data from online platforms. 
5. Email Marketing
It is a robust digital marketing technique that is widely in use for acquisition, branding, generating traffic, direct sales, increasing engagement, retention, and more. The emails are shared with the customers to educate them about products and businesses. 

Why Choose Digital Marketing Company? 

Without expert digital marketing services, it’s more of a challenge to grab a position in the search engines. The need of the times necessitates the services of a renowned digital marketing company with years of knowledge, technical skills, and technology-rich solutions.

The experts leverage digital marketing services to: 

Fairly Smoothen the Process
Create Industry-Specific Marketing Programs
Deliver End-to-End Services 
Automate & Optimize Investments
Accelerate Online Sales

Final Words

Digital marketing is making a huge improvement in the business's bottom line. Branding, advertising, engaging customers, tracking spends, and more on social media platforms are easy to manage and organize with digital marketing nowadays. 
Cogniter Technologies is India and a US-based Digital Marketing Company that commits to take your businesses to next level with modern digital technologies. The team employed is expert in creating customized digital marketing strategies to expand your reach online. Being a full-service agency, the platform ensures to provide transformative and advanced digital marketing solutions to help businesses gain prominent positions online. 
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