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Mobile Gaming in India: 5 Amazing Facts You Should Know!

MONDAY, JUNE 08, 2020

From the old green and black pixel games to VR gaming, the mobile gaming industry in India has come a long way. With popular mobile games like Real Cricket 14 and Teen Patti, mobile game development companies in India have made a decent place for themselves in the gaming industry.
Did you know that there are about 137.5 million mobile gamers in India? This number is expected to surpass the 170 million mark by the year 2022. Here are the top 5 amazing facts about mobile gaming in India that’ll surely make you say “Wow!!”:

1. A $970 Million Industry

According to Statista.com, in 2019 the total revenue generated by mobile gaming in India was around $970 million. This makes the average revenue generated from each user to be $8.88. And the best part? This number is all set to reach $1,221 million in 2020! That’s a +25.8% yoy.

2. An Indian Mobile Gamer Spends Over an Hour Each Day Playing Mobile Games!

According to a report, mobile gaming in India has reached a mark where three out of four Indian mobile gamers spend over 60 minutes each day playing mobile games. This simply means that the reach of mobile games in India is increasing day by day. 

3. 5th Largest Mobile Gaming Industry Globally

Surpassing countries like the UK and Russia, mobile gaming in India was ranked 5th in the world. With a whopping 64% growth since 2016, Indian gamers are now on the global map. Thanks to the games in categories like card games and casino, mobile gaming in India is all set to rank higher in the coming years.


4. PUBG, India’s Favorite Mobile Game Earns $7-8 Million a Month in India!

The most played mobile game in India, PUBG made around $7-8 million each month in 2019. And the best part? This number is only from the revenue generated by selling in-game character skins. These in-game add-ons don’t make a single difference in the way the game runs, but still, this number is a proof of the popularity of mobile gaming in India.

5. 84% of Smartphone Owners in India Have Games in their Smartphones

This number seems a lot when we keep the population of India in consideration. Game development companies in India very well know that mobile gaming is the need of the hour. And to top, it all, around 37% of mobile gamers have at least 3 mobile games in their smartphones. 


The popularity of mobile gaming in India is increasing tremendously. Mobile gaming is leading the overall gaming market of India, mobile game development companies in India have a very bright future.
Here at Cogniter Technologies, our team of expert game developers use cutting edge technologies like Xcode, Cocoa Touch, SpriteBuilder, and so on to create the best mobile games for our clients.
Got any queries? Reach us at info@cogniter.com and let us help you create your dream mobile game.
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Top 6 Reasons to Develop Mobile Apps with Xamarin

THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2020

Xamarin is a popular cross-platform application development tool that allows creating applications for Android, iOS, and Windows with reusable codebase. The technology stack is compatible with various operating systems and this makes the applications platform-independent and gives Mobile Apps with Xamarin a much-needed push by reducing time and effort.
While developing mobile applications for a business, a choice between native and cross-platform app is a vital decision to be made early on in the planning and development phase of an app to save time, money, and effort. Undoubtedly, both platforms, Native and Xamarin provide businesses a broader range of audience. However, Xamarin mobile application development is making its way in the competitive business market due to its shared operating environment, single codebase and shorter go live time period.
With no logical complications, Xamarin reduces development time and delivers a seamless user experience. When it comes to Xamarin mobile development for Android & iOS, it provides user-friendly, reliable, secure, and easily accessible applications.

Here are the top 6 reasons for choosing Xamarin for your mobile app development project:

  • Fast Time to Market 

The biggest advantage of using Xamarin for application development is the reduced time to market for applications. It provides a broader market coverage and helps in quicker and easier launch of Android and iOS apps.
  • Convenient and Profitable 

Application coding with Xamarin is simple yet profitable. With this open-source platform, the development process takes less time and offers standardized Xamarin UI controls, auto-update, and synchronization. Moreover, Xamarin Test Cloud ensures easy testing of multi-platform applications.
  • Shared App Logic 

Unlike native app development, Xamarin works on a sharable code technique. The reusability of the C# codebase in Xamarin simplifies the process of writing applications to run on different devices. Also, the separate user interface for each platform makes it easier to share business logic.
  • Powerful Libraries 

Portable and robust class libraries in Xamarin make it easy for developers to integrate native open source and third-party libraries for iOS and Android. 
  • Xamarin Component Store

It enables the developers to add third-party components and add-ins to the projects. Easy installation of Xamarin component package provides access to UI components, cloud services, Pinterest, Facebook, plus themes, and game development components.
  • Low Maintenance Costs 

The lower development costs and minimal maintenance make Xamarin the best choice for building applications for any business. It makes app development quick, stress-free, and cost-effective. Besides, choosing Xamarin over other platforms can help save cost and time as well.

Wrapping Up

By leveraging Xamarin for iOS, Android, and Windows app development,  developers can undertake the projects using a single shared and common C#/.NET codebase. The newest edition of Visual Studio 2019 v16.5 has provided Xamarin devs many benefits in the form of features such as faster integration with Xamarin hot restart, Android Apply Changes, Faster Android Startup, XAML Document Outline, etc. Visual Studio components enhance the complete app building experience.
The advantages discussed above give several great reasons to choose Xamarin over others for mobile app development. 
We, at Cogniter Technologies provide a team of expert Xamarin developers with extensive knowledge and experience in developing cross-platform applications. 
If you have any queries or want to hire our skilled developers, reach us at info@cogniter.com.  
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Top 3 Things That Successful Web Designers & Developers Do Differently

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020

Choosing the right web designer is one of the most significant investment for your business. You will find a lot of web designers that do a decent job. However, certain traits make a great web designer, and these traits set them apart from the rest.
Becoming a great designer or developer is not only about learning new tools or having the technical knowledge that is required for web design. You can easily learn the technical skills you need to land a job, but that is not sufficient to rise to the top of the field, its more about how you go above and beyond. 
Successful website designers do not follow the same path blindly but create their own. They have a few things in common, from mindsets and approaches to best practices that separate them from the crowd. Let’s look at Top 3 of them: 

They Are Not Afraid To Take Risks

Everyone tends to follow the trends that work to be safe, but it takes a lot of courage to think out of the box and follow your instinct. Great web designers experiment and even make mistakes because sometimes making mistakes can be the best way to find the solution, which otherwise you had never have thought of by doing things the standard way. It leads to innovation, which ultimately becomes the trend. Hence, next time you have an idea that seems strange, follow it. Just make sure that it is under control, so if everything doesn’t go the way you imagined, you can revert to what works smoothly.

They Network, Network, & Network 

Professional networking is a critical component if you want to build a successful career as a designer. Whether it is to find new clients or look for opportunities to improve your business, a strong network of contacts is precious. Following other website developers on social media, meeting up with them face-to-face, and generally getting to know them is the first step towards networking like an all-star developer. It can come handy at times of disruption, such as what we are facing today with COVID-19. Everyone is working from home, and your network can help sustain your business. 

They Are Passionate About Their Craft

To be great in what you do, first, you have to be in love with it, and the same is the case with web designing. The best web design pros are not just limited to their 9-5 jobs. They are continuous, creating something even when they are off the clock. Top industry leaders are often creating and contributing to side projects that let them further enhance their skills and practice their craft, which is not necessarily related to their day jobs. It also broadens up your horizon as a web designer and allows room for creativity. If you are creative enough to be a web developer or designer, you likely have other artistic strengths, and it’s worth pursuing them.
So, if you are ready to get started to build a fantastic career in web design and development and need a little insight into the best path to take, let the web design experts at Cogniter help you.  
We are a leading Web Design & Web Development Company in India that design and develop functional websites as per clients’ requirements. From concept to design and deployment, we work with you to create a website that attracts visitors, gives them the information that they want, and guide them along in the sales process.
Contact us online or email your requirements at info@cogniter.com.   
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Mobile App Marketing and Work from Home

FRIDAY, MAY 01, 2020

People are spending a lot more time using apps amid the COVID-19 lockdown around the world. The increasing spread of COVID-19 pandemic might have affected a string of businesses across the world, but it has boosted the demand of mobile app marketing.  
The present situation has forced people to stay at home and for businesses to  run remotely. Hence, as a result, app marketing has gained momentum with a global increase in both app installs and revenue. 
Media streaming apps have topped list, having the maximum downloads worldwide. Apps related to health and fitness, education, and gaming have also gained in terms of in-app revenue, respectively. At the same time, the contagion pushed the use of remote working tools, primarily providing a common global communication platform.

How Can A Mobile Workplace App Help Boost Remote Working? 

With significant increase in work from home practices all around the world, businesses have shifted to the remote work setting as the outbreak grew in intensity and reach. One of the main problems we often face with clients in remote working configurations is the communication gap between remote employees and their managers. 

The most common problems we experience are:


Unable to reach each other fast enough

Unable to share work on time

Unable to capture critical information in conversations causing redundant follow-up emails 

Companies are turning to mobile apps to solve these critical communication issues between managers and their remote team members. Remote working apps allow smooth collaboration amongst different departments of an organization that further improve workflow and provide relevant and timely customer information, giving them the ability to resolve customer issues more efficiently.

Significance of A Mobile App Marketing Agency

An ideal mobile app should enable remote employees to do their job more efficiently and with greater security, and if you have created such an app, you need a reliable app marketing strategy to attract the right audience. 
Mostly, users prefer the app store to find the app they need or want to try out. There is a high probability that most of them may not even know the name of your app, and they will randomly search for the functions and features your app has. A reputable Mobile App Marketing Agency can help you set up and maintain your top rank in search listing by applying their well-calculated app store optimization services. It will make it easy for your users to find your app when they need it on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.
Those that make the mistake of not hiring a professional service when it comes to representing their apps are going to miss this opportunity for their business to bloom. They may find themselves left behind, in the wave of digital transformation.

In Conclusion

It is clear from above that mobile apps successfully streamline business operation, increase employees’ productivity, and help alleviate the frustration of employees working in isolation. 
Despite the current situation, businesses are trying their best to focus on the bright side and continue to work as best as possible. However, this could also be an opportunity to grow and improve as a team by investing something that will yield better results in the future as well. Mobile app marketing is one of them. 
Cogniter Technologies, a renowned digital market company, offers your mobile app based business, cost-effective, innovative mobile app marketing services and helps you increase the visibility of your app. Contact us & get a quote today!

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