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4 Social Media Trends 2019- Check What Experts Has to Say


We saw a lot of revolutionary trends in social media in 2018 that continued to get bigger and bigger, with Facebook and Twitter leading the pack, and Snapchat and Instagram constantly growing in popularity side by side. 
As we step into 2019, there is a curiosity amongst social media marketers to know what major trends can be expected this year or what to include in your digital marketing strategies to increase the engagement and conversions through various platforms. 
We have a fantastic collection of social media experts, social media consultants and online marketing experts to give you insider details into what will be impacting your strategy this year.

Trend 1- Live Video will Rule 

Video in general will surely continue to be the most coveted and interesting form of content, and a crucial medium for social media marketing in 2019, says Ian Anderson Gray. 
Videos are a marketing medium that grips those with shorter attention spans and allows social media users to absorb juice from the information quickly and easily. With the arrival of IGTV and YouTube getting ever bigger, live video is going to grow multifold. Live video allows us to hear exactly what someone said, and see exactly what happened without anything being edited or altered for public viewing.

Trend 2- Stories at the Center 

Greg Miles from Bumbl says that stories will begin to take more of a central role in brand marketing on social media, as the format is likely to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends. A recent study by Facebook found that 69% of consumers surveyed said using Stories is a great way for Brands to introduce new products or services.
The introduction of ‘Promote’ for Stories on Instagram, as well as  LinkedIn’s own take called ‘Student Voices’, further suggest that Stories are the sharing medium of the future.

Trend 3- Rise of Social Communities 

Amy Porterfield, an Online Marketing Expert and Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra share the same views over increasing engagement of online communities on social media. In 2019, Amy expects to see new levels of success for the online businesses that take time to authentically engage with their communities, and who also encourage relationships between their community members. 
According to Matt, social media groups have already been doing quite well in the last 12 months, and recently there has been a lot of effort by the social media networks to provide users with better features, he thinks that will continue.

Trend 4- Impact of Influential Marketing

2019 will be an exciting year, especially for Influencer marketing set to become a hugely lucrative business with some estimating the industry will be worth $5billion dollars by 2020. 
Collier, an author and online marketing expert further shed light on this emerging trend by explaining how influencer marketing will be driven more by sentiment and brand alignment rather than just numbers.  Building relationships with many relevant nano influencers over one super influencer can certainly yield a better ROI. Along with that content marketing and performance marketing have to be done constantly!

In Conclusion 

Businesses have leveraged social media for marketing and community purposes, but 2019 will be the year that brands start using social as authentically as possible and treat it as a medium to serve customers.
To follow and convert these trends into more significant effect that bring desired results, it would be an ideal step to hire a SEM expert at Cogniter Technologies. Whether you want to grow your Facebook followers, or make your brand trend on Twitter, our certified and experienced, social media experts will be the right experts on your team.
Send your all requirements at info@cogniter.com and we will provide everything you need!  
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4 Common Email Marketing Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Are you having trouble turning your subscribers into customers? 
That is probably because you may have gotten someone’s email address but didn’t market it properly. 
Email marketing is still one of the best ways of driving traffic and boosting sales. If you do your homework well, you can avoid these common pitfalls and make your email marketing strategy a success.  You can also hire a company that offers Email Marketing Services, but first let us discuss and build you an email that offers tangible and desired results. 
Here are 4 very common email marketing mistakes you need to avoid: 

1) No Call-to-Action

If you are creating emails that do not include any call-of-action then you should just stop wasting time in email marketing. 
You are not giving any information to your subscribers about what action they should take. Here, you are missing the point of creating a campaign on the first place to reach your targeted goal. Fortunately, you can correct this mistake by optimizing your email by creating persuasive email copy along with an effective call-to-action. 

2) Not Creating Email for Readers

Do you create emails that are only focused on you, your business and your goals?   
If you are doing so then you are making one of the biggest mistakes because you are forgetting your main target- your audience. It is important to understand that your audience doesn’t care about the things that don’t involve them. They want to know what you are offering to them; how it would benefit them, other wise they will loose interest. 

3) Not Automating Emails 

According to BigCommerce, email automation is one of the most effective methods for email marketing. It helps you engage with customers at exactly the right moment when they are most receptive to your message.
A lot of time and efforts goes in creating an individual message, but you can’t send a general blast to your entire database either. Luckily, there are a number of automation tools that can help you send the right message to the right audience at the right time. It will save you time, help you develop relationships with your base, increase brand awareness, and personalize your marketing at the same time.

4) Neglecting Email Subject Lines 

It is an honest mistake to neglect email subject lines and only focusing in crafting a beautiful email, because you are sure your subscribers will love the content of your email.   However, not paying any proper attention to your email subject, you take the chance to loose out on critical subscribers that will never even see, read, or interact to your emails, regardless of how well they are designed. 
You are wasting your time and budget by not creating engaging subject lines. So, take the time to craft compelling email subject lines that compels your readers to open it the moment they hit there inboxes.

In Conclusion 

Are you guilty of any of the 4 common email marketing mistakes?
Not to worry. You can mend the situation easily by flipping the script and pull your email strategy back together. Learn from these common mistakes, implement smart practices in your marketing, and your emails will have the power to yield more traffic, lead and sales for your business.
At Cogniter, you will get the best email marketing services in India and across the world. We have an experienced team of writers and designers who will create clean, accurate, and attractive email templates. 
For more information, get in touch with us at info@cogniter.com.
Keep reading the blog for more updates!!
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STOP Using These 5 Outdated Digital Marketing Techniques


You all will agree with the fact that things move at lightning speed in the digital world. New trends, techniques and practices appear every other day, which means what worked for your business last year might not work this year effectively. 
That said if your business is not yielding desired results then you are one of them who are still relying on old marketing techniques and it is time to check and update your online digital marketing game.   

Here are 5 common, yet outdated, digital marketing techniques that businesses still follow, but should stop using immediately:


Keywords Stuffing 

Gone are the days when marketers could create a lot of invaluable content and stuff repetitive keywords in them to get top position in search results. However, now things have changed drastically and Google discards the content that is plainly written for the sake of stuffing keywords in them. Instead, you should focus on proper keyword selection with a content that brings actual value to users. 

Irrelevant Content

Content is NOT king. In fact, relevant content is the real king. Any digital marketing company today thinks that producing more and more content will bring leads. But, in reality, by feeding too much information will make viewers feel overwhelmed. Your ultimate goal should be educating the audience first and sell secondly. Therefore, choose quality over quantity and create less but useful content.


Automated Marketing 

You must get annoyed every time you receive an email that doesn’t offer any personalization and is automated. With this knowledge, it will be trashed immediately and most likely blocked by the potential customers. Same is the case with automated twitter messages. You need to build a positive relationship with your consumers which will come by engaging and paying attention to them, rather than damaging your brand and annoying your potential customers.

Social Media Overdose 

If you don’t want to lose your customers then it is time to stop creating self-promoting posts on your social media channels. Direct promotion activities on social media will only result in your social media channel being blocked or unfollowed since many consider it as spam. Try generating engaging content relevant to your product or services, instead to earn brownie points and keep your audience engaged. You can hire SEM expert to get better-customized results. 


Link Sharing 

Link exchange was a nice practice for the common benefit of a team of webmasters but has become unfavorable for your marketing strategy in recent years. Although sharing links between two related websites is still not completely out of fashion, overdoing it or reciprocating links may be looked upon as fake by Google algorithm. Sharing relevant content on social media wisely to develop meaningful and relatable partnerships will get you a more genuine consumer base.

In Conclusion 

Everything comes with an expiry date and the online digital marketing strategies are no exception. Therefore, marketers need to stay updated on the latest trends and incorporate a digital marketing plan that will impact your buyers and gain their attention.
Cogniter Technologies, the best digital marketing agency in India, can help you create a solid marketing strategy that is current, productive and result-oriented. Our digital marketing services cover almost everything including- SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing and more. 
Contact us online or you can send your queries on info@cogniter.com.
For more useful dates, keep reading the space!
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4 Ways You Can Get the Most Out of Pay Per Click Advertising


Google AdWords provides you with the perfect opportunity to get immediate search engine visibility. While you must be aware of this fact, however, there are a few people who get the most out of their pay per click (PPC) advertising efforts, which is why we thought to bring it up today and share some important information.
Not all PPC advertising campaigns bring targeted and qualified traffic to your website, it’s the method you use and it has to be consistent and saleable. 
How to achieve that? We tell you how! 
We are going to highlight a few of the important information below to help you get the most out of your PPC advertising.

Start with Building a Strong Account

Setting up your AdWords account is the foundation of starting your journey of achieving desired PPC advertising results. AdWords account can be extremely intimidating if you are setting it up for the first time. Consider hiring a professional from a PPC firm that can help show you to set a strong account. 
It starts with defining your advertising goal. The right campaign type will depend upon your business requirements. The next step is planning your blueprint, depending on what kind of business you are running. Set your campaign by choosing the best keywords, select an appropriate location, create relevant ad copies and more as per your budget.

Focus on Top-performing Keyword

Choosing keywords carefully is the secret weapon to a successful PPC campaign management. It is crucial to check what keywords are performing and focus on them. It also means to filter out the keywords that are not performing or are low-performing. It is advisable to pause those keywords that are not performing well as it could affect the performance of your entire campaign. 
Now, you have kept the good keywords, but keep making the necessary changes and check the quality score of the keywords on a regular basis to know which keywords are top performers.

Optimize Ads Consistently 

The ad copy is what your potential customers will see and contact on for the first time. If your ads are not compelling and relevant to your keywords, there is less to zero chance that searchers will click on them, resulting in less traffic to your website.
Hence, it is very important to continuously optimize your ad text to gain searchers to your site. With optimization, create new ad copies also that are updated and fresh. If you are offering any sale, discount, mention that in the ad copies. All in all your ad copy has to be simple, on-point and includes a clear call of action. 

Use SEO and AdWords Together

While AdWords is typically a better investment than other forms of traditional advertising, you will get much better results if you combine PPC with an SEO strategy. It will help you in achieving top organic Google rankings in terms of ROI. 
AdWords is extremely useful for getting clicks on difficult keywords that you are unable to attain through SEO efforts. While PPC can help you get clicks quickly until your SEO rankings improve, but SEO is essential for a strong online presence greatly increase traffic, and give the impression that you're an established presence in a particular market. 

Final Thoughts 

The best ways to get the most out of your PPC efforts is to constantly monitor and continue to optimize to get the best results. This way you will be able to see what’s working for you and put more of your efforts in that direction.
To stand out from your competitors, you need a professional working for you as they know every minute detail about PPC management campaign. You can hire Cogniter Technologies, the top PPC Management Company in India that serves its clients globally. 
We are awarded for our Pay per click management services and guarantee a 50 % increase in sales. Get in touch online and send all your requirements at info@cogniter.com.
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