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Top 5 WordPress development Plugins that you must employ in 2022!


A question that many of us get asked is: Why should we opt WordPress? How it can prove beneficial for our business? Are you having the same questions? 
Well, it happened because people have misconceptions about WordPress that it is only a blogging platform. Rather, WordPress has evolved into a robust website builder and an effective CMS (Content Management System).  
Nowadays, WordPress has been maintaining a strong foothold across the maximum part of global corporate world. It has comes with numerous advanced features that makes it worthy to invest by top business brands to empower their websites. Amongst numerous features, WordPress has several plugins. 
Today, Cogniter Technoogies, one of the best WordPress development company will present the top 5 must-have WordPress development plugins that every business should employ in 2022. 

Let’s Start! 



MonsterInsights, one of the leading WordPress development Plugin. It assists in driving maximum traffic and estimating the well-performing content with user behavior estimation. This Plugin has integration with Google Analytics that provides you accurate analytical data of your visitors. 
The best thing is MonsterInsights has number of advanced features that might convince you to try it once.  


Sucuri is one of the secured WordPress plugin that prevents ou from malware attacks for your WordPress website. It has firewall security that can scans your complete content before getting live  to remove spammy links. 
Sucuri also provides regular server-stage backups that keeps your WordPress website safe from cyber attacks and restores everything. 

WP Smush 

WP Smush is a plugin that compresses large images before uploading to reduce Image size without compromising in quality. Such plugin is highly helpful if your website is using large Images because it can slow-down your website that annoys your users. 
In the mean-time, WP Smush helps you improve your website oad time that reduces bandwidth consumption. Undoubtedly, you will find numerous plugins, but WP Smush is suggested by far the best Image compression plugin for WordPress. 


If you are runnin a niche website and try t monetize it, then MemberPass is one of the must-have and best choice. MemberPass is an amazing memebership management plugin that helps you create a fastest website content. It can offer you complete control over your content visibility and webpages. 
Apart from complete control over content, it has a knowledge base functionality that enables you to develop detailed information for your potential clients.  

Social Media Auto Publish

Content publishing is somehow crucial to expand your digital presence. But, sometimes it is complicated for us to maintain consistency in content publishing on regular basis. This is where, the Social Media Autp Publish plugin helps you publish a new post. It allows you set a particular time intervals for your publishing content without interfering any manual practice. 


These were the top 5 must have #WordPress #plugins that can helps you empower your WordPress website. So, don’t get late and get started with these WordPress plugins that can allow you gte most out of your website and drives higher productivity. 
To ensure the implementation of all plugins and its benefits on your business, feel free to consult with Cogniter Technologies. 
Cogniter Technologies, a renowned WordPress development company backed by professional developers. For 18+ years in the industry, we, at Cogniter Technologies strive to render the growth-oriented solutions. Check-out today at https://www.cogniter.com
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How to Improve Website Performance in 2022?


In the highly-evolving digital marketing era, good website performance holds great importance. Generally, Website Performance consists of webpage loading speed and display content. All of such elements of website performance are linked to the best user experience and are a key to digital success.
On a general note, when we talk about website performance, everyone thinks about how fast a website loads? Thenceforth, webpage speed plays an integral role for every business website. Did you know a slow website can direct you towards several hassles? It includes; 
  • Low SERP ranking 
  • Conversions loss
  • Damage to Brand Reputation 
  • Poor customer satisfaction 
  • Shopping Card Evacuation
Before you get scared or ruin your website with the following errors, it's probably smart to find an accurate way to strengthen your website performance.

What infects your website Performance & how to fix it?

You will find tons of factors affecting website performance. Amongst, some errors might seem huge trouble, but they always come with their solutions too. 
Let’s take a look & strengthen your website performance to make it perform better! 

Role of Image Size in website Performance

Images are one of the important for better website performance. It is pretty simple as the larger your Image is, the heavier your web page, resulting in a long time to load. In the case of Images, Optimization can work for your website. 

Here are some Image Optimization guidelines to boost your website performance: 

  • Accurately crop Images that don’t exceed boundaries. 
  • Perform precise dimensions with Page Ruler. 
  • Suggests to sparingly use Images as the fewer Images consume less time to load. 
  • Usage of Image compression plugins and tools.
Alongside, one must also focus on the resolution, quality, formatting, and dimensions of the Image that aid your website to perform better.

Role of Webpage Size/Weight 

Did you understand the term page weight? If not, it refers to Webpage size that covers elements like documents, style sheets, and images. 
Webpage size holds a big share of website performance as it is responsible for webpage load speed on an audience screen. Therefore, it is crucial to develop an ideal web page size for your website. If you are thinking about the ideal webpage size, then it suggests 1MB as per Experts. 


Now, if your webpage size is larger than 1 MB, you should work on reducing it. There are the following tips that can prove helpful for you, including; 

  • Check-out unnecessary Plugins 
  • Integrate JavaScript & CSS 
  • Asset analyses that are weighing down your webpage 
  • Try to integrate Offsite video Hosting
  • Cut-down Geographical Limitation
Most of us consider geographical limitations is not a major issue. While it plays an integral role and majorly affects your website performance.
In case you are struggling to bridge the gap between the audience and your website, a CDN can prove helpful to speed your website up.
A CDN refers to geographically distributed servers group that are deployed in several data centers. It can provide content on multiple websites or applications. You can find some popular CDN such as Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon CloudFront. 


Whether eCommerce website or Blog, there is much more to a website than SEO or great content that is website performance. A website's performance leads to digital success that makes it simpler to rank and aids in keeping traffic on your website. 
Moreover, it also boosts SEO and helps keep your website at the top of rankings, and increases your overall conversions. 
If you want to improve your website performance, the professional Experts at Cogniter Technologies can perform an in-depth analysis of your website and provide you with the best solutions. For 18+ years, Cogniter Technologies is amazingly served worldwide businesses and helped them to succeed digitally. 
Get detailed insights about the best Digital solutions; check out today at https://www.cogniter.com/. 
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A definitive Marketing Guide to Metaverse for 2022!


In the present-day era, technology is, so marketing is quickly changing. The entire world has been talking about the latest evolution of the metaverse in the technological world. Metaverse is an extensive development that will have reflect a massive impact on the user experience. 
Over the previous years, we have seen several advances in digital marketing, but the metaverse is the one that has forced marketers to think about it. Every marketer wants to know how beneficial metaverse can be and how to use it ideally? 
In today’s blog post, we will discuss meta-verse and its breakdown that can prove helpful in your future success. 

Let’s Start!


Introduction to Metaverse!

Firstly, the metaverse was visualized by Matthew Ball, a writer and a venture capitalist, and then by Mark Zuckerburg. Metaverse is a vast network of continual, real-time 3D worlds and simulations.
In simple words, it is a hypothetical version of the web that perfectly supports digital 3D virtual surroundings. It is practiced by personal computing, augmented reality headsets, and virtual reality headsets. Well, we are not saying metaverse doesn't exist today. As you can see, famous games like Fortnite formed the basis for what we can consider the future of the metaverse. 

What is the future of Metaverse in Marketing? 

Have you considered the future of metaverse in marketing before? If not yet, then you have already behind the race. It is not an "If" but "when" as its implantation will heavily impact your business marketing. Let's take a glance at how metaverse will impact: 

Branding in the Metaverse 

With the increasing demand for metaverse, the opportunities for advertising and branding are also growing. However, NFT plays an integral role in personalizing avatars and storefronts that help you create branded digital content for your customers. It includes varied elements like billboards, merchants, digital message boards, and even digital clothing wear of avatars. 
It is an excellent opportunity for your business to dig into merchandising platforms that you don't currently use, including virtual art and digital apparel. 

Digital Popups 

The presence of digital popups is a new-normal trend occurring in all business sizes. No matters, product-based or service-based, a digital popup is continually rendering a great opportunity to expose your brand on a large scale.
Simultaneously, if you consider an in-person popup, a digital popup will give you a chance to enlarge your networks, advertising, and sell your products and services. On the other hand, Physical-location based popups sometimes limit attendance. Thenceforth, digital popups assist you in reaching a wider audience. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is not a newly launched trend. It’s already have been around in varied variations for years. No doubt, it is highly improved now that makes it everyone's preference. The development phase to the sales phase enables you to entice your customers towards your business brand. It helps the majority of businesses to put their resources into the improvement that entices customers and meets their interests. 

Wrapping-Up: Metaverse for Marketers! 

The metaverse would play an integral role in digital marketing in the coming 2022. In such a situation, marketers shouldn't sit behind by putting their hands in their pockets and waiting until the time comes. Instead, marketers should keep it in practice today so that they would get prepared for future opportunities.
Well, Marketers will find several ways to get ahead of this curve. Still, you don't want to take any risks; Cogniter Technologies can help you.

About Cogniter Technologies

Cogniter Technologies, a renowned digital marketing agency been offering high-end marketing solutions since 2003. With our development capability to marketing expertise, we serve competent solutions to stay ahead of the competition and match the latest advancement spirit. 
If you want to implement the metaverse technology in your business or have any idea in your mind, feel free to consult our experts at https://www.cogniter.com/contactus.aspx
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Top 5 Magnificent Ecommerce Trends that will Rule in 2022


During the Covid-19 hit the entire world, eCommerce businesses experienced a massive change in a positive manner. Did you know the worldwide eCommerce jumps to $26.7 trillion in 2021?
The best thing about this big boost is that it inspires renowned brick-and-mortar retailers to shift to online platforms. Ad majority of customers go online, so the retailers are. If you are thinking to step up into the online retail world, it's the best time to get involved and grab the attention of the worldwide audience. But, there is a thing that you can't skip is an increased competition that increased with e-commerce demand & growth rate. 
To perform better & compete in 2022, you should adopt the latest eCommerce trends and achieve high bars for your eCommerce store. 
Today, we will share some exciting eCommerce trends that will surely rule in 2022 & help businesses to achieve big. Let's take a glance below! 

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)

In the United States, the presence of BNPL users is expected to grow from 45.1 million in 2021 to 76.6 million by 2025. Under the Buy Now Pay Later functionality, buyers are allowed to make payment of the purchased product in short installments or pay over a given period of time. It is one of the highly-preferable and growing approaches because of its interest-free functionality.
Basically, buyers can enable this approach over Credit/Debit Cards, whereas some other popular platform facilitates BNPL transactions via Afterpay, Affirm, Sezzle, and others. It has been proving a highly beneficial platform that helps eCommerce businesses in varied manners such as; 
Escalate Sales
Increases Order Value Rate
Decreases Card abandonment Rate. 

A surge in B2B eCommerce

Researches said, 96% of B2B buyers who procure products & services during the pandemic are likely to prefer to continue it in the coming future. Basically, the Covid-19 pandemic shifted much attention on B2C eCommerce platforms, but it's crucial not to ignore the B2B eCommerce that also receives a big boost in the marketplace. 
As per reports, the majority of industry distribution of B2B potential buyers is highlighted across numerous industries like healthcare, business, education, and a lot more. Thenceforth, if you are into the B2B market, don't neglect its growing trends to maximize your sales.    

Loyalty Programs 

Researches say, 68% of businesses practice loyalty programs by sending them personalized discounts/offers as per their purchase history. Users love these eCommerce loyalty programs as they feel their regular customers are a considerable asset for the business.
Under such loyalty programs, regular customers receive reward points or cashback on repeated purchases. These rewards are presented in varied manners, including cash backs, flat discounts, bulk discounts, or a lot more. 
However, a big brand like Starbucks utilizes the data collected in loyalty programs to understand customer behavior better. As a result, they come up with the required discounts for rendering a better customer experience.   

Visual Search 

Did you know 72% of young adults find visual search much easier to browse alongside 55% with 55-65 years adults? Well, Reverse Image searches are a new normal trend for tech-savvy, but now it has taken a step forward. The prime objective is to offer an exceptional shopping experience. 
If you are running an eCommerce store, visual search will prove a fruitful trend for your business. Moreover, it will help you rank better and increase direct purchases by customers. Wholly, it is one of the effective and easier methods to find your products and reach Gen-Z buyers.  

Rise of Mobile Commerce

As per researches, mCommerce is expected to reach about 10.4% of the retail businesses by 2025. mCommerce (Mobile Commerce) is one of the trendy methods to interact with mobile users & convince them to make purchases via mobile phones easily.  
Nowadays, eCommerce businesses are highly targeting mobile users and build mobile-first strategies to achieve triumph over it. This is where mCommerce easily makes it possible for you by SMS marketing and varied other marketing techniques. 


Retail businesses are one of the traditional approaches for businesses, but eCommerce is a forever approach. Thenceforth, understanding its latest trends and achieving proficiency will help you grow higher. We hope the mentioned trends will prove helpful for your eCommerce businesses. 
Do you need expert advice for your eCommerce store? Cogniter Technologies, a profound eCommerce development company, is working with #1 eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and woo-commerce development
Cogniter Technologies has built tons of eCommerce websites for small businesses to big giants. So, don't wait & contact us today at https://www.cogniter.com/contactus.aspx
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