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Testimonials - Save your time and money. Check out what our customers say!!!

Internet Marketing Service and Reputation Management - SEO
Cogniter Technologies guides me with a worthwhile & result-driven solution by performing in-depth analysis on my website. We were looking for ways to build our business from the ground to up and required a complete Internet Marketing solution that would allow us to focus on our core strengths. Amongst all requirements, they helped us at their best
Ron Harvey, 08-February-2022
Good Development Work! - ASP.NET
Had some development work done, great company to work with... A+++++
Drip RX, 23-December-2021
PPC Specialist - PPC
I have been working with Cogniter for the past 7 months and they are nothing short of amazing! Hargunjeet and Anita have been very accommodative to our requests, always flexible and great attitude! 10/10 would recommend.
Omar Benkraouda, 14-October-2021
E-commerce Development and Design for Fitness Retailer - Wordpress
I had a great experience working with Cogniter Technologies. They were super efficient and met every deadline we set for the project milestones. I really appreciate their hard work, professionalism, and timely assistance, Highly recommended.

William Fitzhenry, 07-October-2021
Portal Redesign for HR Platform - ASP.NET
Amazing company to partner with when it comes to customized software. They are super responsive on any questions or concerns and are very flexible when it comes to meetings. I am beyond grateful to have found Cogniter. They have reasonable rates and if anything should charge MORE for their awesome customer service. I have seen an increase in revenue and I believe this is 80% due to partnering with Cogniter:)
Michaela Reedy, 05-October-2021
Google Adword PPC Expert - PPC
Had some marketing work done by these guys! Extremely professional & courteous! Will certainly be sending ALL my business their way! Highly recommend!
J Mac619, 05-October-2021
SEO Coordinator - SEO
The minimal amount we worked together, all items were completed  to client's satisfaction. The project ended due to reasons outside of the contractor's control.
Christy Thom, 20-July-2021
Disinfection company Google ads - SEO
These guys are great.
Danny Young , 02-March-2021
YouTube and Facebook ads manager - SEO
Great job on Facebook ads.
Sean Morgan, 28-August-2020
SEO and content Expert needed for new African Sportsbetting websites" & "Developer needed for creati - SEO
Fantastic work! I am just impressed by their exceptional service quality and work ethic. I initially hired them for the SEO, design & development of my two sports betting websites. They worked hard to match and in fact, exceeded my expectation by delivering brilliant and timely solutions. Impressed by the results, I happily used their service for three more websites. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking cost-effective, creative and customizable web design & SEO services.
Josh Gruber , 17-September-2019
Need SEO Specialist for Medical Company - SEO
We are more than satisfied with Cogniter Technologies’ Search Engine Optimization services. They have developed and upgraded our website and promoted the business on various platforms efficiently. We have emerged as a reputed large scale organization and this would not have been possible without the dedication of the Cogniter team. 
Matt Moran, 17-September-2019
Link building for website - SEO
Working with Cogniter Technologies has been a pleasure. They have shown first class commitment to developing robust solutions for our website’s link building needs. The working relationship has felt much more like an extension of our own staff rather than dealing with an anonymous third-party supplier.
Andrej Masaryk, 17-September-2019
Website SEO - SEO
Good SEO team.
Fahed Tarmoom, 16-September-2019
Website correction - QA
Great experience.
Dahiru Uziazu, 16-September-2019
Developer needed for creating a simple yet responsive WordPress Theme - Wordpress
Fantastic work.
Josh Gruber, 03-September-2019
SEO and content Expert needed for new African Sportsbetting websites - SEO
Fantastic work.
Josh Gruber, 03-September-2019
Foxxr - Copy Writer - SEO
Great client to work with!
Brian Childers, 09-April-2019
Ongoing SEO - SEO
Great work, always on time.
Darren Berry, 08-April-2019
Android & iOS Developers Needed to build app simultaneously for a website - Android & IOS
Great job completing our app.
Carlos Keeling, 08-April-2019
Google Adword PPC Expert REQUIRED - PPC
Very pleased to work with such a talented team.
Mo S K Cheema, 18-September-2018
Android & iOS Developers Needed to build app simultaneously for a website - Mobile
Great job completing our app.
Carlos Keeling, 18-September-2018
Performance Prototypes - order management website - ASP.NET
A website is often times not something a straight forward to create as what is in your head,  there are many changes required along the way which are necessary to develop the best result. Robert and the team of web-devs have been excellent at making suggestions and changes along the way regarding the overseeing of our project. We have now a well function website that a comprehensive, smooth and efficient. It has been a pleasure to deal with Cogniter throughout the full process from conception to completion and recommend their services to piece together a well laid out and detailed website.
Gavin Conway, 12-December-2017
Ongoing SEO to business website - SEO
Very good communication and work.
Darren Berry, 05-September-2017
Beard Head Inc. - Need SEO Review and Maintenance for Shopify Website - SEO
Very comprehensive, Stayed on task, was proactive. Happy with the results! Got our website from page 20+ on Google to the top of page 2 bottom of page 1 for relevant keywords. With a little more time, I have no doubt we’ll be near the top on page1.
David Stankunas, 09-August-2017
Be Bre - SEO services - SEO
Great, definitely recommended.
Alex Hawes, 30-June-2017
Enable College - PPC Services - SEO
Cogniter is a great company to work with.
Paul Denver, 30-June-2017
Google Adwords & Bing Ads Expert - SEO
You have continually impressed us with your high level of service and genuine consideration for the work involved. Thank you for providing such an absolutely superior service.
Mit Gudka, 10-April-2017
SEO Expert - SEO
Ross has great work ethic and a solid understanding of internet marketing. He communicates very well with our team and is very reliable. Ross is awesome!!!
Brian Childers, 06-December-2016
SEM - Search Engine Marketing Specialist | PPC Expert - SEO
Shekhar has thorough knowledge of paid search management. He has help our customer base with over 20 accounts and many successful campaigns. He is very reliable, communicates well and a pleasure to work with. Shekhar is the man.
Brian Childers, 06-December-2016
SEM - Search Engine Marketing Specialist | PPC Expert - SEO
Shekhar performed well beyond our expectations and was able to successfully manage more than 15 accounts. His personal nature and professional abilities make him the perfect candidate for the next lucky company to hire him.
Brain Childers, 06-December-2016
SEO Expert - SEO
Great job! Liked what they achieved in short time. We depleted our budget hence ended the contract but an awesome team to work with. Will hire them again as needed.
Herry Jones, 06-December-2016
Social Media Marketer - SEO
Tammy and the rest of the Cogniter team are knowledge and quick to adapt to the fickle world of social media marketing. They are easy to work with, and their strategies are top-notch. It was a great experience working with them.
Nicholas P. Tsolakis, 11-August-2016
Inductive Bible Study LLC - Need help marketing my book on Amazon.com - SEO
Tammy is amazing. She really knows what she is doing. She knows Biblical stories better than most Christians in the U.S. and is always eager to expand her horizons. I am thankful to Jesus Christ that I got a chance to work with Tammy.
Henry Jackson III, 07-June-2016
Able Commerce Work - Mobile
I could not be more pleased. Rianna & Richard were great communicators and always made sure they understood my job details completely, never hesitating to ask questions, and never making assumptions. The delivered work was always fully tested, on time, and exactly want I expected. I'm so grateful that I found them.
Diane Zidek, 15-March-2016
Additional 100 links - SEO
An excellent company and we look forward to work with them.
Gail, 21-January-2016
Need a proven app developer with Android and iOS dev experience - Android & IOS
The Cogniter team developed my app within the budget that we had agreed to and within the target time frame, they even spent extra time to ensure that app was successfully launched free of charge. They provided period status to me, were open and professional about answering questions, and developed a high quality final deliverable that met all of my requirements. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a mobile app development vendor!
Anthan Sunder, 11-December-2015
Scientific survey regarding the virtual workforce - 3 - SEO
Thank you very much for your great work! I would recommend Cogniter.
Christian Holthaus, 02-November-2015
Online Marketplace Website - Design
My Experience with Cogniter has honestly been very pleasant, previously I have had negative experiences with freelancers however their team has been every open in terms of communication, transparency, and they have professional policies and procedures which are reflected at every interaction and stage. I have already recommended them to several clients and friends for projects ranging from asp.net to other more simple tasks. Overall I couldn't be happier.
Omar Al Jaddou, 02-November-2015
Scientific survey regarding the virtual workforce - 2 - SEO
Thank you for the great work! Richard was responsive, good to communicate with and showed a strong alignment to deadlines. Recommended!
Christian Holthaus, 10-September-2015
Android App Development - Android & IOS
It was a pleasure to work with Scott and the team of Cogniter. They had built Android and iOS app version for me. The contract lasted for over 6 months and although there were occasional challenges, Cognter team was always courteous, approachable and wilting to help . I will gladly work with them again.
Kirill Andriychuk, 24-June-2015
Eclipse Rackmount - Design
We will continue to utilize Steve and his team for our projects because their work is amazing. Wonderful communication and great efficiency. Highly recommended for anything web related!
Matt Spinetta, 18-June-2015
www.ashleydouglas.com.au - Updates + Suggestions - SEO
Thank you so much for this. That's really amazing advice and I'm pleased you take the time to review the requirements of the project so thoroughly.
Grant O'Neill, 20-May-2015
Eclipse Rackmount - Design
THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting this done!! It looks very, very nice. The whole website is getting a professional look after all of this work and I'm very thankful for your help.
Matt Spinetta, 18-May-2015
SEO and ASO for an Android App on Google Play Store - SEO
Great job done on time.
Christian Heuser, 30-April-2015
Marketing HR - FOLLOW-UP: Scientific survey regarding the virtual workforce - Survey
Thank you very much! Good communication and fast delivery. Richard is recommended!
Christian Holthau, 30-April-2015
SEO-related improvements - SEO
Another great experience with Steve and Cogniter Technologies. These Guys know their code and don’t seem to finch at any of the seemingly-impossible projects I’ve put in front of them. Very highly recommended!
Matt Spinetta, 10-April-2015
B2B Website redesign - PHP
Had a great experience with Cogniter on a B2B website rebuild for one of my clients. The level of communication and responsiveness was outstanding, and the Cogniter team was every flexible and helpful in coming up with ideas to make the site more effective. MY client and I are very satisfied with the finished product and I’d be happy to recommend Cogniter for similar projects.
Lee Waters, 07-April-2015
Create Marketplace - PHP
This is an excellent group of developers to work with. They are smart, cooperative, adaptive to unanticipated changes and conditions and very good to providing viable and cost effective solutions when needed. In addition their prices are very competitive and their warranty on the work is also very good. The only area of improvement could be in their overall availability earlier in the day for Skype calls and the level of visibility of the overall schedule and the impact changes can make to that schedule. I still rate them excellent in these areas however and they were a pleasure to work with. They have earned my trust and I will seek additional opportunities to work with them.
John Millard, 05-February-2015
SEO work - On-Site, Off-site and Copywriting for SEO - SEO
Great company to work with.
Lee Kavanagh, 23-January-2015
SEO Specialist - SEO
Jacob did a great job, was very professional and highly available for his work. His work reports kept us in the know about that we were paying for, and the results to expect. His Professionalism is top-tier. We saw results for our keywords in the first month!
Steven Paganelli, 19-January-2015
Ablecommerce website .net programing for website - ASP.NET
Great company to work with did every thing as promised.
Paul Lowenthal, 07-January-2015
Developer Needed To Create Subscription Site - PHP
Steve was great to work with. Quick Communication and understood exactly what I need done. One of the best developers I’ve worked with on oDesk.
Matt Hootman, 22-December-2014
VF Marketing - One Visum Web Developer - PHP
I absolutely love working with Cogniter! I use them on all of my web projects.
Christy Thom, 30-July-2014
SEO Specialist Backlink Removal - SEO
Thank you for your efforts, you’ve had excellent communication and quick work ethic.
Adam Blaser, 17-May-2014
Web app designer and CSS creation - Design
Thanks to the Jenifer and the Cogniter team for their perseverance, responsiveness, and good designing.
Kali Kucera, 19-February-2014
D2 Design - iPhone project
We are still in early stages of the development, but at this point the Cogniter group has been great to work with. Their communication with us has been spectacular,quicky in the turnaround, and technically above what we could have asked for Looking forward Dean and Dave are very professinal and Co-perative. I will look forward to work with them in future. Inspite of a huge time zone difference they always schedule the discussions as per our availability
Dean Rachel, 17-September-2013
Design an iPad app - iPad project
A great job completed on time and top quality work. Highly recommended.
Danny Irvine, 11-September-2013
Social Media expert — Synergy Insights Institute - SEO
Good work. I was kept informed of the progress and saw the results in my website ranking within 3 months as promised.
Caroline Thay, 25-June-2013
SEO Specialist — Hector Garcia - SEO
We had a great experience with Brian and his team. Definitely would hire him again!
Hector Garcia, 14-June-2013
Tennisguru.com - SEO
Cogniter has been a great company to work with. They are very thorough and easy to communicate with. Tasks have always been done on time and I look forward to working with them again in the future.
Clint Stephenson, 26-April-2013
Aviatech.com - SEO
Working with a dedicated team at Cogniter has been a very rewarding experience for Aviatech. Over the past several months, Cogniter has been a valuable partner for us. The work they deliver is high quality, communication and understanding of the tasks needed have been exceptional . We are looking forward to a lasting, long-term relationship with Cogniter.
Kathryn Petersen, 25-April-2013
Turbopt.com - SEO
I have worked with Cogniter Technologies on a number of different SEO projects for several of my web clients over the last two years. Cogniter has been extremely valuable as a partner and has done tremendously great work for me in the past. They are professional, on-time, and report their efforts constantly so that I can keep track of all the efforts going towards my projects. They have also made it very easy to see the results of their work in keyword ranking and traffic reports. Cogniter has been a valuable one-stop-shop for all my SEO needs.
Jason, 24-April-2013
Senior IOS Developer — Peakland Innovation Group, LLC - Senior IOS Developer
I provided a very challenging project and this team worked very hard, did not give up and found solutions to every challenge. I have great trust and confidence in this team.
Paul Brooks, 22-April-2013
Did a great job in working to establish ground work on PPC as well as SEO for our new website. Their communication and follow ups on the tasks were always the best part of working with Cogniter.
Asif Maredia, 15-April-2013
PHP Developer — Dz.eye.n - PHP
Built a great foundation that our in house staff took over, as we are now in direct communication with their development team. Would use again! No Complaints at all from the team at Cogniter Technologies.
Chadsten Lowery, 29-March-2013
PayTX — Dz.eye.n - PHP
Great worker, took the project to where we needed to finish it in house!
Chadsten Lowery, 22-March-2013
Advanced search function for diamond comp - PHP
This company is excellent. They did everything I asked for and they were very effective at communicating their progress throughout the duration of the project. If you want something done right, then I highly recommend working with Cogniter.
Kris, 21-March-2013
Iphone game — NewBitGames - Iphone Game
This was fun project for a new game for the ios. All of my expectations were met. Thank you
Corey Uebelacker, 14-March-2013
Reputation Management Samuel Pipim - SEO
Thank you for the great work you're doing and the regular updates that keep me informed of all your activities as part of our reputation management contract. My team and I are very happy with the seriousness with which you've handled the work you're doing. Though it is evident that your company has strong values to satisfy your clients, your personal commitment to living out those values in your work has shone through as well.

We are impressed with your hard work, and the outcomes it has produced. We look forward to continued engagement with you on our IT needs and will highly recommend Cogniter Tech to as many people around us as need the kinds of services you offer.

Your good work is appreciated, and we look forward to enjoying your continued service.
Samuel Pipim, 13-March-2013
Magento site optimization & bug fix - Nitrous Outlet - PHP
The quality of work was great and was done very quickly, I was kept up to date with everything that was going on with my project. Will use again in the future!
Thad Warren, 13-February-2013
SEO Manager - RCC — Web Space Seo - SEO
Fantastic work. very Pleased. Ranking increased over 3 month period of competitive keywords. will use again. Zero Complaints.
Sharon Saunders (Ross), 30-January-2013
Designer - Web Designer
Great work by Scott. Look forward to doing more work with him.
Atul Seth, 29-January-2013
PHP/Codeigniter Programmer - PHP
Top service, excellent communication. I recommend their programming services very highly. A great part of the team!
Daniel, 23-January-2013
Search Engine Optimization - SEO
If you are looking for quality SEO services these guys are the perfect choice for you. I would have no hesitation in recomending their services to any prospective client in the future and would always bank on them for my organization's SEO needs.
Belinda, 23-January-2013
Responsive Website Designer and Developer (www.behaviorwise.net) - Web Designer
I can't thank Cogniter enough for all their hard and dedicated work in designing and creating my beautiful website. I have always received a response within 24 hours and the communication with me was impeccable. I highly recommend their services and will be referring them to all of my associates.
Caryn Mandel, 10-January-2013
Search Engine Optimization Expert (SEO: www.re-vu.com) - SEO
Great SEO company. Provides daily reports, always replies to emails and very professional.
Nanouk, 10-December-2012
Modify Existing OpenCart and Implement PSD to CSS - Flash
We had great experience with this team. Quality, on time work. Look forward to working with them again! Will always give a positive review.
Kyle Hart, 05-October-2012
SEO Needed for E-Commerce Website - Flash
Overall if you are looking for great SEO work, look no further! Kamaldeep has been a great and inspirational source to our website in many different respects. We have asked for many different types of SEO work, form on page to off page, and even assisting with obscure elements like Dublin Core, to automated Meta tag implementations and high PR back-linking. Again, look no further, quality SEO work at its' finest right here! With great professionalism, all at a great and respectable price."
Shackmedia, 28-September-2012
Web and Graphic Designer/Programmer Developer - Flash
It is a pleasure working with Heath. He is part of a tremendous Team. With the guidance of Tom, Heath and the broader team have produced excellent quality work. This project is now complete. We are embarking on a new project and Heath will be part of the team too. Well done Heath.
Louis Etienne, 27-September-2012
Web and Graphic Designer/Programmer Developer - Flash
It is a pleasure working with Luther. He is part of a tremendous Team. With the guidance of Tom, Luther and the broader team have produced excellent quality work. This project is now complete. We are embarking on a new project and Luther will be part of the team too. Well done Luther.
Louis Etienne, 27-September-2012
Web and Graphic Designer/Programmer Developer - Flash
It is a pleasure working with Travis. He is part of a tremendous Team. With the guidance of Tom, Travis and the broader team have produced excellent quality work. This project is now complete. We are embarking on a new project which Travis will be part of the team too. Well done Travis.
Louis Etienne, 27-September-2012
Convert static images into flash ads - Flash
Cogniter team did an excellent job completing this contract on schedule and on budget. They communicated clearly throughout the process and delivered exactly what i asked for.
Sam Pardue, 12-July-2012
Optimize our SEO for Classic ASP site - SEO
I have used this company twice and have been very happy both times. They continue to improve my rankings.
Sarah, 10-July-2012
Ongoing maintenance - SEO
The people we have worked with at cogniter have been first class. very professional, dedicated and upto minute on latest seo techniques. Quality white hat efforts. We are in a very competitive online market and we have achieved great results via cogniter. We hope for relationship to continue.
Bre OZ, 06-July-2012
Seo optimization - SEO
Excellent service, pleasure to deal with A+++ communication and ethics. Would use again.
David, 06-July-2012
Meta tags implementation - SEO - SEO
Have used them twice now, exceeded my expectations, would use again and recommended.
David, 06-July-2012
Web Designer - HTML
Thank you for a job well done. This project was to build a 20 page corporate website and it was well executed. All instruction and guidance was taken and produced to the exact specifications. For an extensive project, it was handled very professionally and with frequent communication. There was never a time we were unable to connect. Thank you for your hard work, no complaints at all.
Alison Leon, 04-April-2012
Ongoing site SEO maintainence - SEO
as always cogniter is a professional group with consistent quality work with great results. great work ethic and will continue to work with them.
James and Peter, 05-March-2012
Design Training Manual - Design
The team did a great job on this project. Their work was clean, professional and efficient, therefore this positive review. Thank you.
Alison Leon, 02-March-2012
Senior Web Developer - Flash
Tom has always been a pleasure to work with as well as Cogniter as a whole. All tasks assigned were completed as desired and to specifications. We look forward to working again with Tom and Cogniter in the near future.
Joe, 29-February-2012
CSS/HTML Implementation to Codeigniter Site - HTML
Solid contractor. Good service in cleaning up mistakes of past contractors and doing new coding for my php/Codigniter site. Zero complaints. Would hire again.
Daniel Taras, 03-February-2012
SEO Expert Needed - SEO
Cogniter have been doing SEO for my website now for a period of 6 months. The results have been amazing and far better than i had anticipated. These people really now their stuff. I have most of my keywords on the first page of google. I will definitely continue to use them for my SEO. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anybody wanting to improve their SEO rankings. Thanks Guys!
Belinda, 01-February-2012
Whack app - iPhone project
Very easy to work with, patient and able to explain things. App turned out very nice and I am satisfied with it. I would recommend for Iphone apps.
Melissa Buday, 01-February-2012
www.dealervpt.com - PHP
Very knowledgeable and good communication skills. Offered several solutions when obstacles arose and delivered more than expected. Will use again in future.
Mark Herold, 28-October-2011
Senior Web Developer - HTML
Samuel was a pleasure to work with and completed the project successfully. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with Samuel in the future.
Thanks again!
Joe D, 25-October-2011
New Breeze - PHP
Amazing...I don't know how to say it but they are the company you should contact if you have any web project. I want to thank Jennifer especially! Hopefully, we will work together again in the future.
Thomas Nguyen, 10-October-2011
Developer - ASP.NET
The cogniter team was very helpful, dedicated, prompt and reliable throughout the entire project. I will definitely work with them on my next project.
Josh Boles, 30-September-2011
www.sacksdental.com - SEO
"Great job. Very responsive and great reporting."
Jason, 29-September-2011
www.bestrantwins.com - ASP.NET
Cogniter team gave us all the technical support needed to solve problems with our hosting company and get our site live. We've come to rely on them for our technical support. Especially appreciated Gary's work on solving our data base and email problems, and we learned to depend on Stanley to coordinate the team's activities. We'll engage the group for our ongoing technical support.
Stuart Bloom, 27-September-2011
Web Developer Phase-II - Drupal
Samuel did a great job and yes, I gave a 5 star rating. Please thank him from me for all the hard work and perhaps we will work together again in the future.
Andrew Webster, 22-September-2011
Bestrantwins: Technical Support Analyst - Technical Support
Cogniter team gave us all the technical support needed to solve problems with our hosting company and get our site live. We've come to rely on them for our technical support. Especially appreciated Gary's work on solving our data base and email problems, and we learned to depend on Stanley to coordinate the team's activities. We'll engage the group for our ongoing technical support.
Stuart Bloom, 28-August-2011
www.gleninsurance.co.uk - Wordpress
Excellent work and a great outcome. Looking forward to working with you again :-) 
Rob North, 24-August-2011
www.veggieswear.com - SEO
Anurag and Glen delivered what they promised, I will use Cogniter Technologies in the future.
Mark Rosal, 22-August-2011
www.kittykatwomenbags.com - SEO
I have enjoyed working with Sandy and Anurag on this project. Traffic to my website has substantially increased over the course of the contract and project. They always provides updates and feedback and always available to answer questions. I have never had an issue with communication. Would highly recommend. I will be renewing my contract.
Kim Te Brugge, 22-August-2011
SEO - Giffen SEO - SEO
Cogniter cannot be faulted. Brilliant.
Michelle, 06-June-2011
http://onlinemarketing.net.nz/ - PHP
Thanks great help - especially being able to talk with me on skype. Recommended
Warwick, 16-May-2011
SEO - www.transcriptiongear.com - SEO
Marc and team has been great. Getting ready to rehire him again very soon.
Blake, 13-May-2011
SEO - www.veggieswear.com - SEO
The work done by Cogniter was as they promissed. I am satisfied with their performance and will use them again in future.
Mark, 27-April-2011
Website Development - Wordpress - Design
I can say with no hesitation that these guys are the most professional providers i have ever worked with. EXTREMELY professional, prompt and pleasant to deal with - Highly recommended?
Belinda141, 05-April-2011
Design & Development – Catalyst Group - PHP
We have worked with Cogniter on several projects and are always happy with the outcome. The project managers and designers are extremely professional and produce good work. We are very satisfied.
Gerard Escaler, 01-February-2011
Need Joomla Web developer / Graphic artist - PHP
Delivered as expected. Unfortunately this project was put on hold by management for business-related reasons. But Cogniter will be the first contacted when the project resumes.
Gustavo Artaza & Sam Caldwell, 27-January-2011
Old by mistake - PHP
You have indeed completed a "5" star task, and we are very pleased with the end result. I plan to work with you again. Thank You!
Javier Sanchez, 12-January-2011
Choice Lunch - DotnetNuke
About halfway done with our project and very satisfied with work, sense of urgency, responsiveness and adjustment to feedback!
Sophie Johnson, 06-January-2011
Firefloodwaterdamage - ASP.NET
It was a pleasure working with Stanley and Harold from Cogniter Technologies. They took the time to understand exactly what I was looking to accomplish. The design and developing was completed in the time that was agreed on. I look forward to have a long relationship with Stanley and Harold.
Greg G, 23-December-2010
We have worked with Cogniter on several projects and are always happy with the outcome. The project managers and designers are extremely professional and produce good work. We are very satisfied.
Gerard Escaler, 30-November-2010
Free Spot Light - PHP
All his work is Good.
Cary Grant, 19-November-2010
Lula Gallery - PHP
AMAZING JOB. Exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend these guys! Very responsive and on schedule. A++++++.
John, 29-September-2010
Austin pro leak - HTML
Avery Williams, 13-September-2010
MyNet Host - PHP
Thanks for a great job. Will be hiring again soon.
Jamie Storer, 13-September-2010
Thanks Glen, great job again. We will continue to hire you for all our future SEO projects. You are great to work with and communication is fantastic. I really appreciate your efforts and the quality of work you have done for us.
Michelle, 26-August-2010
CEO Learning Network - PHP
Everything is closed out. It was a pleasure working with you. I'll make a list of improvements and contact you in the coming months to open a new job for them.
Martin Coyne, 26-August-2010
Five Star Profits - PHP
Very happy with work, very likely to use again.
Andrew, 20-August-2010
Bfm Digital - Flash
Wonderful provider. Did above and beyond what I had expected.
Steven Corn, 13-August-2010
Aventura - PHP
Artem G., 16-July-2010
Solutions From Science - SEO
Bill Bheid, 15-July-2010
Natural Inventions - Flash
Very professional, excellent communication, very happy with their work!
NaturalInventions, 09-July-2010
Ladd Grips - HTML
Thank You for helping me redo my web site and I am sure we will work together again.
Jon Vanwey, 06-July-2010
Sky Power International - ASP.NET
Overall a very good job. Was hoping for a faster response, but deadline for completion was met. Would recommend to others.
Brandon McMilan, 28-June-2010
BillChop Flash Banner Work - Flash
Excellent in every way, I couldn't recommend them enough.
BillChop, 05-June-2010
Driving 101 - SEO
The work was done professionally and we got frequent updates. There was few minor things which did not meet expectations, but overall they did an excellent job. I would recommend the SEO service to other small businesses starting up.
Tahsin Zarour, 06-May-2010
Jewelry Ignites - SEO
Segnant has done all there tasks as agreed.
Cliff Mandel, 29-April-2010
Integrator - ASP.NET
Will continue work with them.
Argie N. Bellio, 23-April-2010
Satpac.biz - SEO
Great working with you Glen and Varun, your skill level and communication is fantastic and i look forward to giving you much more work. Thank you very much.
Michelle, 23-April-2010
BillChop - HTML
Excellent design and understanding of our final look upfront - Something that is rare and can save lots of time.
BillChop, 10-April-2010
Wood Floors Outlet - SEO
Client endorsed Cogniter for providing excellent work & customer support on Guru Channel.
Marlon, 10-April-2010
Dave Nash - PHP
I am very impressed with his team. His communication skills are excellent which helped to facilitate my project. I felt every step of the way that he was committed to producing a very high quality job, and my customer was extremely pleased with the outcome. I would recommend him and his entire team at Cogniter without reservation. He and his team are skilled professionals willing to do whatever necessary to meet the deadlines with a letter perfect product.
Susan, 08-April-2010
Solutions From Science - SEO
Bill Bheid, 12-February-2010
Solutions From Science - SEO
One of our best elance providers.
Bill Bheid, 18-January-2010
Solutions From Science - SEO
CogniterSEO has helped us out tremendously!
Bill Bheid, 18-January-2010
Futureimagebank.com - SEO
The work got perfect towards the end and the results were also excellent!
Niko, 31-December-2009
Koffie Glazen - PHP
Good Job, great knowledge of magento.
Paul Herijgers, 23-December-2009
Solutions From Science - SEO
Bill Bheid, 03-December-2009
Cogniter Technologies is a reliable provider with a high quality work product. Milestones were completed on time, communications were timely and clear, and they demonstrated a commitment to building a long-term relationships with us. We are very satisfied.
Gerard Escaler, 23-November-2009
SEO Marketing Director - SEO
The goals of the project were achieved, we are satisfied with the service.
Slavic Kozyuk, 23-October-2009
Minishower.net - SEO
All work is completed on time. My project manager is doing a great job. I receive a work update every day after additional work is finished.
Glenn Ayers, 10-October-2009
Anontext.com - SEO
Very Accurate and Fast Response Times. They provided excellent service and went the extra mile.
Brian Gordon, 10-October-2009
Inkjetwholesale.com.au - SEO
Very good to work with. An SEO plan was mapped out from the beginning. Have seen good ranking results over the last six months and appear to be climbing still. Good Reliable Service. Thanks.
Glenn Taylor, 30-September-2009
Solutions From Science - SEO
Bill Bheid, 23-September-2009
AdArmada - SEO
Cogniter was very professional in every manner. They were responsive to my request and always answered emails in a timely manner. I would use their services again.
Andy Contreras, 15-August-2009
Gz Design - SEO
Great work guys, thanks so much!
Andreas Zhou, 25-February-2009