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GUI testing is a testing of Graphical User Interface where application is tested on the basis of design. It includes testing of different screen designs, logos, buttons, icons, Images, texts and other design elements. GUI Testing mainly focuses on look and feel of the application. A tester is free to review it on the basis of colors used, fonts used, font size applied for every heading, sub heading and content.


Why GUI Testing is performed?

When we test an application, looking into functionalities is a major part, but GUI testing also plays an equal important role as end user first sees the design and then only decides to use the application further. GUI creates the first impression of the application, so it is of utmost importance that GUI testing should be performed with due diligence.


GUI Testing basically involves

  • Size, position, width and height of the screen elements
  • Readability of the text written on the screen
  • Checking the screen in different resolutions
  • Alignment of the text and other elements
  • Font size, style and color used
  • Colors of the error messages, warning messages
  • Image are of good clarity or not
  • Alignment of the images on the screen
  • Spellings and other typos
  • Interface is attractive or not
  • Scrollbars as per size of the page if any
  • Display of disabled fields if any
  • Color of the hyperlinks

What do we check in Cogniter while performing GUI testing?

The following checklist will ensure detailed GUI Testing.

  • Test all the GUI elements for size, position, width and length
  • Execute the main and basic functionality of the application using the GUI
  • Test whether error messages are displayed correctly
  • Test for clear dividing lines on different sections on screen
  • Test Font used in application is readable
  • Test the alignment of the text is proper
  • Test the images are of good quality and aligned properly
  • Test for symmetry of the design throughout the application
  • Test the GUI elements for different screen resolution and for mobiles, iPads, Tablets or different system resolutions

Projects done for GUI testing

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