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Mobile Application Testing

Offshore Software Testing service

Mobile application testing ensures that the functionality, usability, consistency, performance, security and non-functional traits of a mobile app are up to the mark. Now day’s mobile applications are in trend, mostly users are using mobile applications instead of web browser application. Mobile applications are easy to use and user can use them anywhere, anytime.

Mobile application testing is a challenge as compare to web application. Mobile applications need to be tested in multiple platforms, operating systems and multiple networks. Sometimes a functionality is not supported or working properly in some devices which occurs crash.

Mobile application testing involves a number of checks in making sure that the app meets the needs of customers.

Cogniter's checklist for mobile app testing

Following is the checklist point for the mobile app testing:

  • Installation Test– Installation of the app should work properly.
  • Functional Test – Testing each and every function of the app as per requirement document of the app.
  • GUI Test – Testing the app for the graphical user interface. For example. Size of the buttons should be proper Font style and size should be proper Design of the screen should not be cluttered.

Internet connection test

Testing the app under following conditions:

  • Changing the connection from 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Testing the app using mobile data and Wi-Fi
  • Testing the app without internet connection

Usability testing

To make sure that the mobile app is easy to use and provides a satisfactory user experience to the customers:

  • Intuitive navigation text where needed
  • Validation messages should be used
  • Messages should be understandable
  • App should respond quickly through the app
  • Help text where needed

Interruptions Testing

Testing the app under following interruptions:

  • Receiving phone calls while the app is running
  • Switch to another app and then come back to the app under test
  • Power off the mobile and then start the app under test
IFA Sport

Operating System Compatibility

Testing of the application in different OS versions as per the client requirement.

IFA Sport

Device Compatibility Testing

Testing of the application in different devices as per the client requirement.

IFA Sport

Orientation Test

Testing the app in Landscape and portrait orientation.

IFA Sport

Uninstallation Test

Uninstallation of the app should work properly

Security Testing

Testing an application to validate if the information system protects data or not

  • Customers Payment data security.
  • Network protocols security for running applications
  • Authenticating application certificates and permissions
  • Automatic Application lock out upon continuously entering invalid

Various applications we have covered with System testing

IFA Sport
IFA Sport

IFA sport is web and mobile application (IOS) designed, developed and polished by Cogniter Technologies. This website was designed by UK based clients who wanted to turn up there online football sessions booking business in Dubai. It has been working live from last 1 year with regular transactions of more than AED 50000 per day. The quality standards maintained for the application was always high.

IFA Sport
Lease Our House

Lease our house is one of the emerging web and mobile application polished by Cogniter Technologies. This is one of the top rated applications used to rent or sublet an apartment in Canada. Applications are used by large number of happy customers who find it very easy to add a property to sublet or a property to rent. This is simple yet powerful application winning many hearts in Canada.

IFA Sport

Golfler is an award winning mobile application which has won awards from both the PGA of America and Google. This app is very much successful in USA and is now used by number of golf clubs and players expanding there business and managing it online. Customers are very much satisfied with the accurate app results and the location system.


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