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Kotlin Application Development Services

Google's New Brilliant Programming Language for Android

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Google has announced a new programming language "Kotlin" developed by JetBrains that will be officially supported on Android native apps development. Google has said that Kotlin is a brilliantly designed and mature language that will make Android development faster and more exciting. It makes this the right time to know more about Kotlin.

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What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is the latest open source, statically typed programming language that targets the Java platform. Kotlin is a great fit for server-side web applications development, allowing to write to write safe, concise and fully interoperable code with existing Java libraries. Kotlin is developed by a company named JetBrains, the same company which developed IntelliJ IDEA IDE (and you might want to know that Android Studio is based on IntelliJ IDEA only).

JetBrains initially released this project in 2011 and in 2012 it open sourced the project. Version 1 of Kotlin was released in Feb 2016. Google announced first class support for Kotlin on Android at Google I/O 2017. In latest releases of Android Studio (3.0+) Kotlin has fully supported Programming language on Android Studio.

Below are some features and advantages of Kotlin:

Kotlin Application Development Services

Kotlin is Open-Source

The very first thing you should know about Kotlin is that it is an open-source programming language. But, apart from being open-source, Kotlin also provides a single-click tool for Android developers for converting existing Java code.

Kotlin Application Development Services

Better Performance

Being a statically typed language, Kotlin provides better performance. The operation of calling methods in Kotlin is faster as there is no need to know at runtime which method to call.

Kotlin Application Development Services

Simple but Powerful Language

Kotlin is a powerful language that is expressive and concise. It is interoperable with all existing Android language and runtime. Kotlin allows us to write code in a simple and short way which saves lots of development efforts.

Kotlin Application Development Services

Safe and Reliable

Kotlin is a safe language. It contains safety features for nullability and immutability, which further improves Android apps' development. Besides that Kotlin’s compiler verifies the correctness of programs at compile time, resulting in less chance for runtime crashes.

Kotlin Application Development Services

Functional and Object-Oriented

In Kotlin web framework, we can do code in both object-oriented and functional manner. This way Kotlin helps Android developers to write first-class functions. Writing functions as values gives developers much more power of abstraction and avoid code duplication.

Kotlin Application Development Services

Safe Multithreading

In a multithreaded application most errors occur due to simultaneous modification of same data by multiple threads when there is lack of synchronization. Kotlin allows Android developers to use immutable objects and pure functions, so that it does not get modified, saving from such errors.

Kotlin Application Development Services

Named parameters

In Kotlin web framework, we can pass parameters by name, rather than an index. This approach is very helpful when a function has a number of parameters.

From a decrease in bugs to the increased readability of code and the reduced development time, Kotlin is undoubtedly a rising star in Android mobile application development. Delivering quality software in a timely manner is a tough job, but with the many niceties of the Kotlin language, it’s become just a bit easier and more efficient.

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