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Usability testing

Usability Testing Company India

Usability Testing is a black box testing type. Usability testing states whether users feel friendly and comfortable with your application according to different specifications – the flow, navigation and layout, speed and content importantly when compared to similar working applications. Usability testing focuses on ease of flow of the application along with flexibility to use .This type of testing is done in the initial phase of the development of project to check whether we are heading towards right direction or not.

usability testing company

Some of the main important questions that are missed are as:

  • Where user is supposed to click, to get onto next tab?
  • Which button, icon are supposed to perform which functions?
  • How will the page navigate to another page?
  • Are there help text, tool tips available?
  • Is the color scheme, icons, designs are eye catching?
  • Messages shown are user understandable or not?
  • Is application intuitive for the users?
  • Session time is as per required by end user or not?
  • Is application responding quickly?

What we do at Cogniter

We follow a number of steps for the Usability testing as

  • Check every application to be simple and understandable by end user
  • We work on end user satisfaction making our application highly effective and efficient
  • We make our developers understand that this testing is not a part of failure but a sign of further improvements
  • We use our usability testing checklist while testing any application
  • Apart from checklist, test cases for usability testing are created for the project as per the project context and target audience of the project

Benefits of Usability testing

  • Usability testing makes it easier to understand the target customer’s needs and focus can be done on the same
  • The issues raised between a team of testing and developers can be resolved when seen from user level view
  • The potential problems that can be created are solved at the very starting and no hindrance is for end user
  • The risk of product failure is minimal
  • It lets us know which things need to be repeated and which can be removed from the application
  • Product launch is always a success as main focus is to give end users best results

Projects we have done for usability testing


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