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At The Forefront of Banking & Financial Software Solutions

As a major banking and financial software development firm, we provide digital transformation-driven banking by enabling rapid and secure transactions to create Omni-channel experiences across goods and services. Our ongoing innovation enables the banking sector to capitalize on a modernized banking and financial architecture supported by disruptive technologies.

We create enterprise technology solutions for commercial banks, investment banks, stockbrokers, pooled investment funds, and stock exchanges. Our proprietary software bridges the gap between the experiences that banks currently provide and what they can provide through digital technology. Our lean software development technique enables businesses to create and update apps rapidly.

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Custom Banking Software Solutions

Our intuitive software solutions for financial institutions are designed to satisfy the growing demands of the industry. Our financial software development services range from the construction of solutions for personal money management to the development of complex financial report systems. We build banking platforms with API-first functionality to allow banks and financial institutions authority over new products while simplifying regulatory compliance. We consistently ensure that each solution offered satisfies the highest security and adaptability criteria as a financial software development business.

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Mobile Banking Software Solutions

We create highly secure and user-friendly mobile banking solutions that every consumer expects. Our mobile banking solutions enable banks to provide their customers with anytime and anywhere online banking access that is flexible, high-performing, and provides a fantastic user experience (UX). We develop mobile payment systems that include features such as extensive reporting, multi-device account support, and advanced fraud protection.

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FinTech Development Services

Cogniter has earned the trust of Fintech startups as well as large financial institutions by providing sturdy and secure digital fintech products powered by cutting-edge technology. We offer our in-depth fintech expertise, first-class professionals, and effective customer-oriented approach to aid our clients on their journey to digital transformation, from basic mobile payment apps to large enterprise-grade financial platforms. We provide fintech app development services and dedicated teams to a wide range of enterprises, including fintech startups, traditional financial institutions, and non-financial organizations. Our strong expertise and broad experience ensure that next-generation fintech products are delivered on time.

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Payment Gateway Services

Cogniter has vast experience designing payment gateway solutions that include superior fraud detection, simple integration, and real-time analytics. Our team's top-notch applications additionally handle multiple payment methods and currency processing. We create intelligent, dynamic, and user-friendly digital bill payment systems that allow banking customers to view and pay invoices easily. We build big electronic bill distribution networks based on in-depth knowledge and research of current trends.

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Blockchain Finance Solutions

Cogniter's software development finance team has extensive experience converting our clients' business concepts into effective blockchain solutions. Cogniter's blockchain development provides major improvements in corporate processes regarding safety, transparency, and adherence to modern trends and standards. We create and integrate blockchain solutions to enable businesses to build a next-generation decentralized digital economy. Distributed Application Development (DApp), crypto wallet development, enterprise-grade blockchain application development, and other services are available through us.

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Fraud Detection Systems

Fraud detection software is a significant component of all financial systems for preventing breaches, vulnerabilities, and fraudulent actions. Cogniter has created a QRadar-based solution to assist our clients in combating fraud based on comprehensive research of financial institutions' security concerns. We help banks modernize and combat financial crime. Our technologies help banks innovate while reducing losses through early identification and proactive monitoring to respond to new criminal topologies. Our advanced fraud detection systems are intended to protect revenue and resources.

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ATM Network Banking Services

Cogniter's information security consultants are prepared to address your ATM network security challenge with a solution tailored to your ATM network's security requirements. Our ATM software improves end-user banking experiences by allowing them to do more in less time via the self-service channel. We create specialized trading platform software solutions for traders, asset managers, investment agencies, trust funds, financial intermediaries, and banks. Our patented technologies allow for real-time transaction processing, market monitoring, and other services.

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Proven Strategies

Having the robust support of experts is critical to your growth process! We also believe the same, so we provide competitive support by our skilled & well-experienced experts who are well-versed & close to the intuitive decade of digital marketing. We ensure proven techniques and strategies to meet your expectations successfully.

Seasoned Experts

For 18+ years in the industry, Cogniter Technologies has maintained its strong foothold with its well-experienced and seasoned professionals. We have a dedicated team to deliver innovative strategies, custom solutions, and flawless execution. Every professional on your account is at the top of their skills to level up your business brand.

Honest & Ethical

At Cogniter Technologies, we believe in building credibility, integrity, and respect for our clients. We are not here to "sell" our service that you might not need. We dedicate our time and skills to achieving your expected results. Plus, we believe in delivering full transparency to build a strong & honest bond with our clients.

Hit Ground-breaking Results

We have been well-known for our lasting & ROI-driven results since 2003. We know how to bridge the gap between strategic planning to end results. At Cogniter Technologies, we first thoroughly analyze your business objective and build a custom strategy to successfully reach that goal. People have come back to us for 18+ years in the industry because of our ground-breaking outcomes.

Driven by ROI, not false commitments

Cogniter Technologies has a team of professional strategists and seasoned experts, not a "Yes Men" team that commits to delivering excellence and ROI-driven results. If something is not working, we will timely confront it instead of making false commitments, which makes us stand out as unique.

Proactive Support

We, at Cogniter Technologies commits to deliver unforgettable customer experience with our efficient and effective solutions. Our well-experienced and skilled team is well-versed to perfectly analyze and meet your expectations via 24/7 proactive support.

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Hire a Software developer from Cogniter Technologies backed by years of experience in the development industry. For 18+ years in the industry, we have been well-renowned for delivering feature-rich services that make us stand-out unique across the market. Let's dive in!

Custom Solutions

Hire a Software Developer from Cogniter Technologies and get a customized solution as per your requirement. We don’t need you to pay for the services you are not getting because we are here to support your pocket, not burn your pocket.

Cut-down Overhead Expenses

Wonder, if you hire in-house developers, you are liable to pay them monthly, even in no project situation. Meanwhile, it is considered your overhead expense that you can cut down with our offshore software developers.

Streamline ease Accessibility

We at Cogniter Technologies ensure smooth service accessibility. We ensure no trouble or cumbersome in your projects and allow you to work anywhere anytime.

Get Seasoned Software Developers

When it comes to hiring a professional software developer, a well-renowned software development company would be your best bet, Cogniter Technologies. We at Cogniter are backed by professional developers having years of experience and expertise.

Save Infrastructural Expenses

If you hire an in-house software development team, you will be liable for several expenses, including infrastructure, electricity, and other charges. At that time, hiring a Software development of Cogniter Technologies can cut down your infrastructure expenses and save your money.

Eliminate Resources Wastage

At Cogniter Technologies, you can hire a software developer as per your requirement, leading to no wastage of resources and time. As a result, you will ensure the productivity enhancement of your operations.

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Hire a well-trained and professional software developer for your budget.

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Hire a dedicated team of required resources, including software developers, designers, and project managers.

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Let our expert team handle your turnkey projects in our own way and make them succeed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software development is a procedure to develop an app, platform, or software element. The entire development process consists of varied phases, including, Design, architecture, Coding, Testing, and final deployment.

Our seasoned Software developers can help you in the development of amazing software that seamlessly works for your business. We at Cogniter engage from the ground up with well-researched identification, designing, architecture, and testing to the final deployment of a software system.

Yes, Of course! We at Cogniter Technologies have been working with varied worldwide clients with non-technical backgrounds and have never faced any hurdle while dealing with our seasoned and well-experienced Software developers.

To proceed safely and protect the interest of both parties, we create a mutual agreement for the hiring process. Basically, the agreement consists of your specific development requirements that will mutually agree and decide on the contractual terms and conditions.

Firstly, we don’t want to waste your precious time, so we demand detailed requirements from our clients. Secondly, the project completion is based on the requirements and difficulty stage. Furthermore, our well-experienced business analysts perform analysis of your requirements and give you the best-suited estimated time frame to engage in the project. Before starting your project, we will give you the exact time needed as per the analysis.