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Bug Reporting Services

Open Source Bug Fixing Services India.

Bug Reporting Services

What is a bug?

A bug when we talk about is an insect which is small but can give major problems to a human being; same is the case of Software product. A bug is generally a defect which creates hindrance in perfectly working product. When the acutal result is not same as the expected result, it is generally known as bug. In other terms a bug can also be referred as issue, defect, flaw or failure.

What is a bug report?

A bug report explains how the issue exactly occurs. In bug reports a tester includes each step that how specific fault occurred and how we can easily help a developer to understand it.

What is a Good Bug Report

What is a Good Bug Report?

  • Understandable - The bug report should be easily understandable by the reader.
  • Reproducible – Bugs found by the software tester should be reproducible , means a tester must write the exact steps to be followed so that the root cause can be understood by developer , else he can always mark it as “ invalid “ which is a major set back to a software tester.
  • Specific - The faster the developer can understand the actual issue to a specific problem, there are more chances to have faster resolution rates. Bug fixing becomes convenient.
  • Attachments - Remember that every bug report should include at least one attachment. Acceptable attachments include videos, images, screenshots, and logs.
Cogniter's Bug Reporting General Guidelines

Cogniter's Bug Reporting General Guidelines

  • Bug reporting to be done through bug tracking system only, not through emails or chat messages
  • Description of the bug should be elaborative, it should mentioned what is the issue, where and how it is occurring
  • Avoid duplicates while bug reporting
  • Create a bug report for each and every issue separately
  • Along with bug, expected functionality should be mentioned
  • Severity of the bugs should be assigned carefully
  • Be specific and be clear what actually the issue is
  • Attachment should be used with each report
  • Enhancements and suggestion should also be reported
Bug Reporting Tools we know

Bug Reporting Tools we know:

  • Web issues
  • Mantis
  • JIRA
  • Bugzilla

Delivered as expected. Unfortunately this project was put on hold by management for business-related reasons. But Cogniter will be the first contacted when the project resumes.

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