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Online Reputation Management: Top 6 Trends To Follow In 2020


Whether you are running a successful business or just started your journey, your success is primarily based on your online reputation, which you can’t afford to ignore in 2020. 
Around 70% of the population is using at least one social media platform, and they are forming an opinion about you or your business before even coming in contact with you. Hence, it is crucial to take a minute to google yourself or your business and get to know what people think about it.  
If you are aware of how people perceive your image, then it becomes easy to take control and adopt a constructive strategy to refine your reputation online. Here are the top 8 trends that you need to follow in 2020 to prepare a strong reputation management strategy
1) Examine Your Name  
To build a positive online reputation, you need to know where you stand against your competitors and what exists about you online. If there is negative information affecting your status online, then the chances are that people, including your potential buyers, are watching that too. First of all, identify and evaluate all the links containing information about you, which may be harmful, positive, or neutral and then pick one by one to improve them accordingly. When evaluating, consider the first five pages of search results.   
2) Build Social Profiles Early 
Claiming your social space as soon as possible is a vital part of your online reputation (ORM) strategy development. Many other businesses offer the same services as you and are ready to use your name for their benefits. Registering your profiles at the early stage can prevent the confusion of owning a name or the domain, even if you do not plan to use them immediately.
Having your domain name in your possession allows you to have control over them, and also it can serve to benefit you in the future. 
3) Strengthen Your Personal Brand 
Represent your personal brand in a way how you want people to see you. Provide information about your brand that exemplifies your brand, choose profile pictures and themes that define you accurately. When establishing your personal brand, reflect on the areas of expertise, and find ways to establish yourself as an expert. It will help you to generate much more positive content, which can be a massive boost for your online reputation. Also, please do a thorough research on other providers who specialize in similar areas and learn from their methods. 
When it comes down to online reputation management, don’t provide any opportunity to let someone tarnish your reputation. Use the suggestions shared above to protect it. We will share more tips in the next blog. 
For hiring reputable Online Reputation Management Services, get in touch with us at info@cogniter.com
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8 Things You Should Know About SEMrush Traffic Analytics Tool – Part 1


When it comes down to understanding consumer behavior, develop powerful SEO strategies, and improve customer experience, nothing beats down the SEMRush Traffic Analytics tool in the SEMrush suite. 
You may know that SEMRush Traffic Analytics is a marketing intelligence tool that provides all competitive analytical information of any desktop or mobile traffic. But if you dig deeper, there are many other hidden benefits that this SEO marketing tool offers. 
We have enlisted 8 things that you should learn if you explore further the Traffic Analytics Report with the information taken from SEMrush blog. Let us look at the 4 of them for now: 

1) Market Explorer

Market explorer allows you to identify, priorities, and refine targeted markets to bring the desired traffic through developing a customized online digital marketing plan. Market Explorer provides you with stats about the different market audiences, demographics, and interests. You can take the next step by gathering all the important information about the top-performing benchmarks. 


2) Top Pages 

Top Pages report helps you learn about your competitors to a greater extent that leads to the desired conversions. This feature of SEMrush Traffic Analytics delivers the list of the most visited pages of any website, which includes checkout, trial, and Thank You pages. It also provides links to the most popular products/services and categories, leading blog posts, regional top-level domains, and PC landing pages.

3) Audience Overlap 

Audience Overlap tab lets you compare up to five domains and identify the percentage of users that visit all of them. This data plays a crucial role in determining the preference of the target audience and how it develops over time. Besides, it gives a clear idea about the market that you failed to cover. This collective information from Audience Overlap helps you decide firmly on building partnerships, expanding business and media placements. 

4) In-Depth Traffic Source 

The full traffic source report from SEMrush lets you know from where your competitors’ traffic is coming from and that includes direct, referral, paid and social. This report gives you a complete insight into the potential of each one separately that in turn help you target more specifically. Shifting between the tabs, you can extract ideas to create a digital strategy and media placements.
We will come with the next four points in the coming blog. Till then if you are interested in enhancing your digital marketing services with Traffic Analytics data, drop us a line at info@cogniter.com
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Mobile Game Marketing Strategies That Are Working in 2019


Mobile gaming in India and globally is growing in popularity by leaps and bound. Today, from toddlers to senior citizens, all can be seen glued on their smartphones and playing games. 
One of the major reasons that mobile gaming is flourishing because they require less time for their development, are cost-effective and have brighter chances of getting utilized by more people. As a result, the mobile gaming industry becomes a center point for businesses to invest their money in and with that competition rises as well. 
In this situation, you have got to stand out from the crowd to attract your potential audience. Check out the top 3 mobile game marketing strategies that will help you out in 2019. 

Provide a Glimpse on YouTube

People like to have a sneak peek on anything new coming on any media. Moreover, people will not invest their money on something they haven’t seen in action and no having any idea what you are offering. It is crucial to offer a preview or trailer of your mobile game on YouTube as a part of your mobile game marketing strategy. It is the most-watched social media platform allowing your mobile game to be seen by a maximum number of eyes. 

Utilize Influencer Marketing  

Influencers rules video and streaming platforms, specifically YouTube and Twitch. Gamers, who are famous on YouTube have a loyal audience that is millions in numbers. When they mention your game, their viewers would take gaming recommendations from them in a heartbeat. Not only gaming influencers, but influencers with a huge audience from any niche can be your ticket to get the best exposure to your game. 

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization allows more and more people to find your gaming app in the app stores. The more people come in contact with your gaming app, the more they will install or play. A good ASO strategy will make it possible for your mobile game to rank number one in the app store and increase its chances of being featured. ASO involves including all the factors that are in sync with the behavior of your online audience. It helps find out who is your ideal audience and how to attract and retain them.

The Bottom Line  

If you executing all of these three mobile game marketing strategies effectively then you are set to gain more players. But always be prepared for any surprises and adapt according to the situation every time you launch a marketing campaign. Like other marketing strategies, it also needs a timely evaluation of its overall result depicting its progress or any drawbacks. It will give you a clear idea of which strategies are working best and which needs improvement.
If you need a helping hand to market your mobile gaming app, Cogniter Technologies is here to help. We are a leading Game Development Company in India and have created and marketed award-winning mobile gaming apps. Get in touch at info@cogniter.com
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How to Write Effective Google Ads Copy


It is a challenging task for a PPC Copywriter to create an ad copy that can generate clicks and send traffic to your landing pages when there are thousands of other advertisers bidding on the same keyword. 
You can opt for hiring a PPC Management Company to help manage your business’s PPC advertising, or you can take help of Google AdWords tutorials and guides available online. In any case, maximizing your AdWords investment starts with creating killer AdWords copy that compels your audience to click instantly.


Here are the top three tips to writing effective AdWords copy:


1) Address Directly to Your Customers 

You need to speak directly to your customers and create a copy that solves their problem. Since your ad could be the first platform where a new customer might interact with your business. Use the power word ‘you’ while speaking with them in the ad, connect with them on a personal level. Provide a solution to their problem or invoke an emotion that triggers them to press the click link. People tend to react to words that hit their emotional chord.

2) Make Your Ads Hyper-Local 

It is important that you address your target audience geographically, provided your pay per click advertising services are being offered worldwide. You need to welcome your potential customers and make them feel that you are there to help despite their geographic locations. You can achieve this by writing your headline and copy that targets customer within a specific geographic region. Include a local number where they can directly communicate with you as well.

3) Perform Thorough Testing 

To surpass the competition, you need to create an ad copy that clearly stands out and for that, you need to test your copy again and again, and again. Never assume your first copy the final one. At least create three ad copies, run all of them on Google and see which one performs the best. This way, you will get to know what your audience is looking for and what type of language they react to. After evaluating all, you can shape your AdWords campaign accordingly. 

Bottom Line

As mentioned in the beginning, writing AdWords copies are tough but at the same time a lot of fun as well. Once you start recognizing the important factors, your ads will start performing better and better.
Cogniter Technology is a seasoned offshore PPC company catering to small, medium-sized, and large businesses all over the world. Let us know your Pay per click requirements and we will create a winning PPC Management Campaign. Contact us today! 
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