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5 Integral Reasons to use WordPress Development for your Website?


WordPress, one of the highly-talked terms of the digital marketing era. It is one of the popular content management systems that has reached high results in a short span.

Did you know currently, 75 million+ businesses are using WordPress development? This CMS platform has built a specials space & first preference of the majority of entrepreneurs & business tycoons.

Now, the most common question arises amongst people before using WordPress is, ‘Why should I invest in WordPress? Are there any issues found in my existing website? If you have the same questions or are about to launch your new website, you should consider WordPress development

However, if you are not fully sure about using WordPress for your business website, this reading might be interesting for you.

We will discuss the top 5 satisfying reasons to use WordPress. Take a glance below: 

  1) WordPress is Free!
Yes, you heard it right! WordPress is a free software. It allows you to freely download, install and modify as per your requirement without paying a single penny. One can easily create all kinds of websites via WordPress. You have to consider that WordPress itself is available free of cost; yet all you need is a domain name & hosting service to install it. You will find thousands of domain names & website hosting service providers amongst you can select the right fit. Wholly, WordPress would prove a worthwhile choice for your newly launched website. 

  2) Easy to Accessible
WordPress has strikingly changed throughout a short span of years & it’s only getting grow day after day. It has built-in well-managed & organized features along with an easy interface that allows users to smoothly streamline WordPress development for their website. There are many features people find out prominent & satisfied about using WordPress, including fast Installation, alert notification of every update, low-maintenance cost, automated features & functionalities.

  3) Open-Source Platform
Firstly, it is important to know the importance of having an open-source platform. Do you know what an open-source platform basically means to your website? If no, then this point belongs to you. WordPress is not owned by any particular organization. Rather, it allows worldwide developers to edit & customize the original source codes with the aim of getting better functions of the entire system.
Did you know the largest number of worldwide developers put their best efforts & skills into improvising WordPress? They assists in fixing bugs, improve 3rd party integration tools & a lot more functionalities to make your website work better. You can get more than 55 thousand official plugins in the WordPress library of the plugin. 

  4) Robust Security Standards
Likewise all other platforms, WordPress has a standardized security protocol, but we are not saying it has a perfect security. It is significant for businesses to take proper security measures to lessen the chances of being hacked. Even the WordPress security department is aggressively working to make it more robust & upgrading the features regularly. In the meantime, users can timely update the latest versions and having robust passwords for all their accounts to take measures from any cyber mishap.
  5) Smooth customization with Plugins & Themes
You can't even believe, a huge number of people using WordPress are neither skilled programmers nor web designers. Instead of, most folks are non-tech savvy and have a bit of knowledge of Word Press. It witnesses the easy use & smooth interface that allow users to simply streamline the WordPress functionalities. 

WordPress has thousands of themes & plugins that make it simpler for users to choose the best-suited for their website. Moreover, all its themes are easy to customize where users can modify as per their requirements. With the assistance of Plugins, users can also add customization functionality to their website. 

Consequently, the following were the few reasons ensuring you should invest in WordPress. However, it seems after knowing all such beneficial features, the actual question should be – why should we try any other CMS?

Well, if you have planned to use WordPress, then Cogniter Technologies would become your right-fit partner. Cogniter Technologies is a renowned name in the top-leading WordPress development company serving the best solutions since 2003. They are backed by well-experienced & proficient developers who perfectly understand what your customer needs. Learn more about WordPress development; get in touch with Cogniter Experts at https://www.cogniter.com/. 
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Top 5 Reasons to Hire PHP Web Development Company


In today’s tech-savvy era, every business is familiar with the opportunities of having a robust digital presence. Due to that, everyone tried their best efforts to build a solid digital presence. Are you doing the same?    
If no, you might be skipping something to get maximum revenue. Do you know 79.1% of websites are using PHP language across the world? It is one of the highly-used scripting languages worldwide. 
Hereby, if you want to strengthen your website, you must add PHP to your web development strategies. However, PHP is the best move to switch to beneficial settings. Such scripting language can only prove advantageous; when it will proficiently perform by a professional PHP web development company. 
Still, confused? No worries, continue reading! 

Why should we use PHP? 

Here are a few of the satisfactory reasons to add PHP in your web development process. Let’s take a glance below: 
It is an open-source & cost-effective option
Quickly deploy & easy to develop
Efficient process with minimal coding
Ultra-fast processing pace 
Massive collection of built-in features
Reliable & Versatile 
Highly compatible & smooth integration with other technologies
Smoothly run analytics & remove bugs 
Presence of solid community backing
Have reusable sniping codes to make large projects engaged 

Now, if you have decided to integrate Php in your web development process, then hiring a professional PHP web development company would be your right move


Why should we hire a professional PHP Web Development Company?


State-of-the-art Technologies

The PHP professionals always keep in touch with the latest technologies & tools to serve excellence to their clients. Besides, they take into account old technologies that are still extensively used amongst businesses to reach fruitful results. They have a proficient team who knows to make effective use of the technologies to meet the exact needs of their clients. 

Rich Experience 

The PHP web development company has noteworthy years of experience in the Php programming criteria. Here, it becomes easier for them to build websites exactly as you want. Their experience makes them familiar with the several trends and preferences of the customers. It also makes them aware of the common issues that most companies are facing, so they already find the best possible solution for it. All it makes them proficient because of their rich experience in the concerned field. 


Effectiveness & Efficiency 

It is one of the biggest perks to hire a professional PHP web Development Company. Generally, it is quite troublesome to create surroundings as per your timeframe, but professionals make it possible to meet your expectations. They know their work priorities and tend to be more productive & effective. A professionally built website will allow you to test new features & concepts timely, as they work effectively & efficiently. 


If you are a beginner and doesn’t have an experience of PHP framework & procedure, you must let the professional handle all your development work. In the meantime, you can invest your time in other core activities in which you hold specialization. It will save a lot of your time & keep you relax as your development is in expert’s hands. Besides, it will make it easier to build the website of your expectations. 


The well-renowned PHP web development company is backed by well-qualified & experienced developers who know what suits you & work well for your website. They are well-trained to smoothly manage different situations & provide the best solutions to you. 


By wrapping up, we suggest every business to build their website using PHP by hiring a professional PHP web development company. We hope the mentioned reasons clarify your thoughts about investing your time & money in Php. 
If you have decided to go with PHP development, Cogniter Technologies is a reputable PHP web development company. They have years of expertise & proficiency in building a result-driven website. They have hands-on-experience to handle complicated developments and have gained mastery over PHP. 
For getting detailed insights, check out at https://www.cogniter.com/php.aspx.
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Pros & Cons of Using Xamarin App Development


Whenever we are considering mobile app development, Android and iOS is most probably the first choice of every company. Being the first choice, rare companies opt for it because of its high cost. In such a situation, most companies ignore varied other best ways to build a well-performed & responsive mobile app like Xamarin.
Nowadays, it becomes impossible to ignore the Xamarin app development service. Xamarin is a well-renowned tool used to build a cross-platform mobile app development. It is a Microsoft-based technology that builds a community of over 1.4 billion developers. Firstly, Xamarin was developed as a commercial project till the Microsoft Company acquire it. Now, it has become a successful cross-platform tool for building a successful mobile app within Microsoft surroundings. 
Xamarin used a single C# language based on .net framework to build a versatile & robust mobile applications. If we talk about pros & cons of using Xamarin app development service, likewise every technology Xamarin also have its own pros & cons. 
Let’s take a glance! 

Pros of Xamarin App Development


Here are a few of the satisfying pros of using Xamarin app development technology


Complete Hardware Support

 With Xamarin technology, businesses can build native stage mobile applications with minimal compatibility errors, use particular API & plugins to streamline smooth functionality across all platforms Xamarin also supports linkage with native libraries along with particular API access to platforms. It provides smooth customization with minimal overhead.

 Usage of Individual Tech Stack 

Xamarin was developed with Visual Studio; thus it needs only a single language i.e. C# to build an application. Even, Xamarin Apps share codebases that can cover around 90% of every platform’s certain language, API & data structure. Lastly, it covers it in the .Net layer. It is a layer that brings out the cross-platform over the native platform more quickly

 Simplified Maintenance

All the applications built within Xamarin app development technology needs minimal maintenance & updates. Once developers made changes to the social files, it is directly shown on the applications. As a result, it eliminates the requirement to update the application source code without making any other needed update. 

Cons of Xamarin App Development


 Limited Access to Open-source Libraries

Xamarin app development supports the majority of n.net libraries, but it can’t able to support 3rd party libraries that are mainly meant for Android & iOS. It has the following android and iOS limitations such as limited Java generation, Java generic, API, runtime feature & dynamic language support.


 High-priced for Companies 

Xamarin might be the best-suited & worthwhile solution for the small-scale corporation, yet it is quite expensive for established corporations because they need to purchase a license for Microsoft Visual Studio. Alongside, it is not made for corporations that are planning to introduce heavy graphics.



Consequently, by knowing all the advantages and disadvantages with all major points, Xamrin app development has been proved the most productive, viable & robust platform. By getting support from Microsoft, Xamarin built a bright future in the Industry. 

If you have decided to use Xamarin mobile app development, Cogniter Technologies is the leading Xamarin app development company. They have a skilled team of Xamarin developers to build a successful mobile application for businesses. 

For getting detailed insights, check it out at https://www.cogniter.com/
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5 Reasons to hire UI Designer On Board


Currently, there is a huge number of trends filtering from digital marketing to corporate drones. In the midst, the web design & development trend upsurge worldwide. Now, businesses have started understanding the importance of user experience. So, companies can no longer ignore the user experience of their websites.

In the meantime, the UI/UX designer comes into existence to bridge the gap between websites & users. The professional UI designers have a responsibility to create an appealing layout to experience users how their product feels. On the other hand, the UX designer ensures the wireframe is created by the UI designer. Wholly said, both of these roles are incomplete without each other.

Here, we will mention the top 5 reasons that signify the importance to hire UI designer to robust your digital presence. Let's take a glance below:

1. To well-arrange your website

All professional UI designers have rich experience to build a robust information architecture that confirms the website's success. Suppose, you are visiting a clothing store without any enter/exit signs or other directions. There is a chance of getting frustrated & leave that place.

Hereby, the expert UI designer perfectly map-out the website, & organize content at the exact place to make the website user-friendly.

2. To analyze the user intent

True to be told, not every website is built for everyone. Similarly, every user is not made for every website because of their different tastes & preferences Hereby, such a situation is a concerning fact for the website design. It is a responsibility of a UI Designer to design the website as per their targeted audience. They make sure their website is easily understandable by their users. And, it can only be possible with a professional UI designer.
A proficient UI designer knows how to perform in-depth research to analyze the user intent. Generally, they focus on age, interests, gender, location, daily behavior, accessibility needs & few other factors.

3. To understand what users want

Every website has its particular objective before going live. For Instance, e-commerce websites have a goal to convince their users to make a purchase, whereas editorial websites want their users to read & share their content. In such a situation, a UX/UI design can measurably convince users. Simply said, it's all about understanding the buyer's journey & engagement.
The professional UI designers create actual conversations with your actual customers. Those who timely hire professional UI designers can see what exactly happens behind the scene & modify their business objectives accordingly.

4. To stand up for the user

There are varied minds combined to build a website like a developer wants to add the best functionalities to make it user-friendly & project manager wants to satisfy the client needs. In the meantime, the UI/UX designer role remains hidden. Rather, their design holds a prime role that convinces entice users to visit the website & interact with our experts & meet their needs.
The UI/UX designers work as a mediator.  As we mentioned earlier, users firstly interact with a design that directly impacts their further stay on the website. Hereby, UI/UX performs a mediator role by informing development teams regarding user behavior & experience.   

5. Make your products available for everyone

Sometimes, we ignore the fact that not every user has the same taste and age. In such a situation, we have to learn users are the real means who have multiple needs. Therefore, a designer always creates a responsive design with versatile browser considerations & smooth internet speed. It helps your website to offer the best user experience to your potential audience.



Now, we come to an end & I hope you might understand why it is significant to hire UI designer for your website success. You can carefully list the points to understand the importance of hiring a professional UX/UI designer.
Currently, if you are seeking to hire a UI designer, Cogniter Technologies can become your growth partner. They have a well-experienced & proficient team of UX/UI designers who knows how to keep up with their client’s needs. To explore more deeply, you can visit at https://www.cogniter.com/.
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