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3 Key Benefits Of Desktop Virtualization


In today’s mobile workforce, employees need fast and secure access to their data whenever they want, wherever they are in the world. 
A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) implementation allows organizations to have enhanced connectivity, allowing employees to have the same computing experience inside or outside their workplace. 
Desktop virtualization  offers a number of benefits, one of the most important is reduced maintenance costs. With the support of cloud computing, companies now not need to depend on the traditional machine-based IT infrastructure. They only need to create virtual desktops, saving them time and money which they required before for individual maintenance. 

Here are 3 key benefits of going virtual with your IT Infrastructure:


Secure, Mobile Access to Applications

Virtualization provides people access to your company desktops and application. Besides, it allows employees to work remotely or off-hours from their own devices. VDI can be accessed from mobile devices, tablets, airports public terminal or your employee’s devices at home through a secure connection from any device, on even high-latency, low-bandwidth networks from all around the globe.


Desktop virtualization eliminates the need to configure individual desktops for each employee and allows enterprises to only create a few types of desktops to allot them to its users. Moreover, virtual desktops can be provisioned quickly, making it easier for the company to engage new employees with just a few mouse clicks. The right desktop virtualization solution will allow an administrator to personalize and manage desktops through a single interface only.

Reduced Costs

VDI can help save maximum of your IT budget since the software licensing requirements are comparatively smaller and it also helps to save costs related to equipment & applications maintenance. Companies also save money in the IT department, as less staff are needed to manage desktops and solve user’s problems. Virtualization solution promotes excellent performance, without the need of any server infrastructure. 
Let us show you exactly how to virtualize and change your business for the best. We deploy, configure, and monitor access locally or through a web browser with ThinSpace for your infrastructure
Drop us an email at consultation@cogniter.com if you have any queries or you want to hire our services. We are always ready to help
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Considering a Rebrand? Learn from These 4 Innovative Rebranding Examples


In this era of cut-throat competition, where everything is evolving so fast, change is the only constant. Same applies to the branding of a company.

It is safe to say that there is no guarantee if a brand is thriving that it will still be on top a few years down the line. It becomes all the more important for a company to evolve in response to changing times and be able to cater to users’ needs by developing a successful rebranding campaign.

A rebranding campaign can rejuvenate your company, extending your reach by attracting new audiences. Here, you need to keep in mind that not every rebrand hits the mark, but you can always learn a thing or two from some of the rebrands which got it right.


Dunkin successfully exemplify rebranding because it stayed true to its heritage and only modernizes the experience for customers by changing its name from Dunkin Donuts to just Dunkin.

The rebrand reflects in everything from inside the store to the outside world, including a change in logo designing, packaging designs, store remodels, and brand messaging on all advertising and marketing channels.

What To Learn: If you are thinking to change your name, make sure your customers can still identify with your brand.


Domino’s was almost doomed in 2009 when it only managed to hold a 9 percent share of the pizza restaurant market. But with a successful rebranding, the company changed it by focusing on fixing what customers didn’t like about their products.

As a result, by 2016, the company held a 15 percent share of the market and the highest customer loyalty among pizza chains. Additionally, it was also one of the first companies to use chatbots to take orders via social media.

What To Learn:  If your brand is dealing with any negative attention, then perhaps you should focus on making things right for the customers.


Even legacy companies like Tupperware needed a rebrand to appeal to consumers. Being one of the best and durable household products in the 1970s, there came a time when it went for a rebrand to match with the ever evolving technology.

The company needed to become relevant again, not only for consumers but also for the people selling the products. For their benefit, the rebrand was successful, with an updated look and web design with a new message: “Confidence Becomes You.

What To Learn:  Explore the meaning of your brand in connection with how customers think, act, and behave in today’s world.


The rebranding of LEGO was hailed as the most significant turnaround in corporate history.

Once a force to reckon with, the famous toy company, now nearly 92 years running, at one time went through a crippling debt, falling out of favor with its core customer base – children.

However, they were able to find a solution as they invested in what worked and got rid of what didn’t. They added digital channels showcasing movies and LEGO-themed entertainment venues to the franchise to engage kids and parents and reestablished the brand as relevant once again.

What To Learn

The most well-loved brands can become lost in this ever-growing pool of industry. To recharge your brand, examine deeply at what customers enjoy about your company, what they are looking for and focus on what you do best.


It is clear that rebranding is the best option for giving your business a new lease of life and to capture more customers and conversions. Evaluate periodically if your brand is still relevant or has something new to offer. Even a small change can make all the difference in changing public perception.

At Cogniter Technologies, we have passionate, savvy, motivated and diverse team of digital online marketing experts who can help you build a fruitful rebranding campaign. When you need to go ahead of the other – choose Cogniter Technologies!
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4 Tips to Generate High-Quality Leads Through Landing Pages

TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2019

Generating high-quality leads has become essential as it enables your business to establish connections, build relationships, and close deals in the best way possible.

Having locked in a quality lead generation process will help you find the right customers your business needs.

But the important question is how to achieve this? In order to generate high- quality leads, you need to focus on two primary areas:
  1. Get more visitors
  2. Get a better reaction from them
The most effective way to capture more visitors online is by crafting a well-optimized, highly targeted and a converting landing page design at hand.

A landing page is the backbone of your all online digital marketing campaigns as it acts as a perfect advertisement tool to showcase your services, products and resources.

Let us look at the practises take into account for creating the perfect lead generation post-click landing page:

1) Lead Capture

Gone are the days when having a working email address was enough to attract visitors to your site and capture an adequate amount of leads. But, today visitors don’t provide any personal information in a single go. You have to earn their attention before asking them to fill in their details.
If you want to attract customers and make them share their information, you have to give them first before you ask. Your marketing efforts should offer them value in any form.

2) Lead Magnets

Lead magnets help turn your client’s trust in a profitable long-term relationship. To explain it further, a lead magnet is something that you give away for free on your website, that is immensely valuable to your clients and in exchange, you get their email address.
All you have to do is make good use of lead magnets by offering them the value that they feel is worthy of their time and money. Some of the best examples here include:
  1. Training video series
  2. Webinars
  3. Free trial
  4. Ebooks
  5. A set of bonus tips
  6. White papers

3) Landing Page Conversion

Increasing landing page conversions is another interesting asset to your business. It serves the dual purpose of capturing leads and warming up potential customers and if created right it can work wonders uplifting your business.

Your landing page creation should include the captivating headline to increase curiosity among visitors. Apart from this, you have to deliver the promise that your landing page has made. For example, if you have mentioned 50% off here make sure you keep your word and deliver that. Concentrating more on font, coloring, and images used is the other way that leaves an impact on the visitor.

4)Lead Scoring

At lasts comes the lead scoring. It is about prioritizing all the leads based on their level of engagement with your inbound marketing content. It ultimately helps you figure out who is ready to make the purchase.
Not every customer is willing to buy the same product. There will be a specific audience for specific products. This step is crucial in helping to identify what your end users are interested in if your setup the landing page accurately and refine your lead scoring process to that only.

In Conclusion

These 4 lead generating methods will guide you prioritize different element of your online digital marketing strategy. Recognizing the company’s popular leads will save your business time and money when reaching your target market and capitalizing on sales opportunities.
Keeping these factors in mind, choose a digital marketing company that is capable in creating a landing page that fulfils lead generation requirements.

Cogniter Technologies is one such digital marketing agency in India that offers best digital marketing services and you can hire an experienced landing page designer as well. You can get in touch by sending all your requirements or queries at info@cogniter.com. We are always ready to help and serve you well.

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4 Skills You Need To Become A Successful Content Writer

MONDAY, JUNE 03, 2019

The demand for content writers in recent years have grown tremendously. Writers are the bridge between you and your precious audience. Internet marketing is significantly driving this increased need for writers.

Content writing may seem a lucrative opportunity to earn extra money, however, it is not an easy job. A vast number of content writers find it difficult to write for media content on different platforms.

To become a successful content writer, there a few areas of expertise you need to excel at. Let us look at the 4 of them:

Mastering Different Writing Styles

A content writer has to write different types of content, which requires the knowledge of various kind of writing styles. Many of the writes fail to leave an impact as their content piece doesn’t resonate with the brand or service of the brand.

For example, content written for a landing page should be short and designed that persuade the audience to take action. On the other hand, a white paper demands more details and explanation. Blog posts also vary in its one and style as per the topic. The bottom line is that the more styles you can learn and the more variety your content has, the more valuable you will be as a content writer.

Strong Research Skills

As a content writer, your content should be reliable and informative which only comes with thorough research. Having a plethora of data around you enrich your content with the right points that instantly connect with your target audience. Keyword research is particularly fundamental in this day and age in order to increase website traffic.
A successful content writer will have a good knowledge of SEO-friendly trending topics related to the industry and will be able to provide more relevant information to its audience.

Delivering Quality Content

Featuring a blog on your website is not enough when it comes to an effective inbound marketing strategy. It is important to create and feature quality and original content that helps make your brand standout form the competition.

In order to write quality content, you need to have a clear understanding of what your audience is looking for and use words and tone of voice that they are familiar with that is going to drive desired results. Once you have figured it out what your audience, it is easy to provide valuable content.

Meeting Deadlines

Yes, your content needs to speak quality and be polished but not at the cost of time. Your clients have deadlines they have to meet and for that, it is imperative that you submit the content on time. Delivering high-quality content promptly will show that you are not only professional but also trustworthy.

This means good time management is essential to help you realistically determine how many projects you can accept and reject and deliver it on time. If you find yourself struggling with time management, it is better to stick with limited projects which you can complete on time.

In Conclusion

Research skills, SEO knowledge, meeting deadlines and staying current with the different writing styles are the ways to ensure that you continue to find success as a content writer.

Take the time to continually develop these skills, and you will find yourself able to craft the kind of content that is both easy for readers to find, compelling to read and in demand. Cogniter Technologies have a team of talented and experienced content writers that will create engaging and good quality content to help your web marketing efforts.

To avail our content writing services, email us all your requirements at info@cogniter.com or contact us online!
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