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Want to Learn Graphic Design? 5 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2020 there will be a 13% increase in the demand for graphic designers of all kinds. The main reason behind this demand is the rise of bushiness online in recent years all thanks to the internet.   

However, Graphic design can be a tough job for beginners with no previous experience. One thing to keep in mind is not expect to become a graphic designer expert in a month. Don’t set high expectations and try to achieve one goal at a time.

So, if you are planning to become a professional graphic designer as per required by many Graphic design firms or for own business, start your journey by following more specific, simpler steps as mentioned below:

1)    Choosing the Right Colors

Choose and use colors wisely as it can distract or leave an impact on viewers. Go for the colors that grasp the mood you aim for or are associated with your company in some way. For example, green reminds people of peace, freshness, and nature, while deep blue can be mystical, intriguing, or even depressing. Make sure you know what message you wish to convey. Analyze how cohesive the design is and try to achieve the same impression.

2)  Right Composition of Contrast

Contrast defines different sections, highlight important sections or words. Contrast guides a reader in where to look first, or what is important. If you have your big offer in the same color, typeface, and font size as the rest of the content, the readers’ eyes will not be drawn to it, nothing is setting it apart. Contrast is what allows you to make something stand out and it should be used in every composition.

3) Consistent Quality of Images

You need to make sure the quality of images throughout your design remains consistent. The style, proportions, framing, lighting, and quality of these elements should remain constant throughout your design. Don’t cheat your viewers by mixing your own photos and the photos that you purchased from the stocks as it shows inconsistency from your side.  

4) Select the Right Fonts

A design that is clear and readable is what that will attract viewers. In order to achieve that balance it is important to not to restrict your designs to one font only. Try to experiment with different styles of fonts and stick to a unique font style for your current project you are focusing. Explore different opportunities, instead of picking those dull default fonts.

5) Maintain a Visual Balance

Balance is the placement of elements in a graphic design that compliment one another.  Remember, everything in your composition has a visual weight to it. Having balance doesn’t mean you can’t have a focal point, it shows how smartly you arrange elements that matches how people naturally scan and read a page that will result in a better looking design.

Ready to Design a Successful Piece

Hope the beginners can have a good idea from the above effective graphic designing tips that they can apply in their designs for websites, banners or logos.

We are a Full-Service Graphic Design Company in India that knows how to position its clients to their best advantage with proven strategies and high-impact designs. Choose us as your partner and we will create well-thought and professionally designed prints for your company. Our graphic designers work with a wide range of media to produce highly creative and interactive designs and offer the best of graphic design services.

Contact us online or email us design requirements at info@cogniter.com

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Digital Marketing Strategies: Top 4 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021


Social Media is dynamic and to stay ahead of your competitors in this highly competitive business world, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest and upcoming trends. Here we bring you the top social media marketing trends predicted by SEM experts that’ll headline 2021 for sure.
Make sure you add these into your social media marketing strategies for outshining your competitors in 2021. 
#1 Instagram Reels for Boosting Exposure Organically
Instagram has rolled out some amazing and easy to use features in 2020 and is all set to add more to the list in the upcoming year. One of the major recent breakthroughs in social media has been the Reels feature of Instagram.
Video marketing is surely going to be very important in 2021 and the popularity of Instagram Reels is proof of this prediction by top Internet marketing companies and SEM experts. These 15 to 30 seconds short videos have a huge audience in all kinds of niches and allow markets to add a lot of customization in the video, such as music, text, effects, and so on. For businesses looking to reach new customers easily via social media, Instagram Reels are the go-to solution for sure.
#2 Build Connections on LinkedIn Rather than Just Collecting New Connections
LinkedIn has seen mass-outreach spams in 2020 and now people are having second thoughts in making new sales pitch on this highly popular social media platform.
These spams have ruined relationships and connections for a lot of different and emerging business organizations. The key now is to build relationships on LinkedIn, rather than just to collect more and more connections online. Digital marketing strategies and top SEM experts will now have to shift their focus on building meaningful and long-term relations, as well as on keeping them stronger for the long run.
#3 YouTube is Becoming Personality-Centric
As mentioned above, video content marketing will be a major part of many social media marketing plans in 2021. YouTube, being the leading platform for video content in the world, will lead the video marketing world in 2021 as well.
To grow on this densely populated online video marketing platform, an organization will have to differentiate itself from its competitors. Brand personalization is the key in 2021 to stand out from the crowd and for reaching new customers on YouTube.
Also, building a loyal and dedicated audience on YouTube is also very important. Make sure your content and customization are done all-around your brand’s identity.
#4 Boost in The Importance of Search Engine Optimization Services
Two of the major things that will rule Instagram, as well as many other social media platforms, are SEO and video content.
The importance of SEO has only boomed since the rise of various social media platforms across the globe. In 2021 as well, SEO will be the core strategy in boosting and attracting organic traffic on social media platforms.
Your content must be interactive if you want it to reach the top of the feed of your ideal audiences. Also, make sure you deliver relevant, shareable, and trending content to your customers.

Bottom Line

The list of the top 4 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2021 ends here. Make sure you consider all of the mentioned trends in your next social media marketing strategy. Also, if you are looking to hire SEM expert in 2021, then look no further!
Cogniter Technologies expert Digital Marketing team offers professional, profitable, and successful Social Media Marketing Solutions for all kinds and types of businesses around the world, such as Search Engine Optimization Services
, Extensive Research, World-Class Content, Regular Tweaks, and Complete Digital Marketing Strategies.
Contact now to know more!
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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Drupal Development Company in 2021


Since its inception in 2001, Drupal is ranked as one of the leading content management systems across the globe. The service allows web developers and designers to create any kind of content on their websites as per their business requirements. The internet is packed with hundreds and thousands of websites, as well as applications, designed with Drupal, thanks to its technically advanced and powerful open-source Content Management System. It’s flexible, scalable, and amazingly adaptive for all kinds of content.
Here are the top 5 reasons to choose a Drupal development company in 2021:

1. Website Optimization

Optimization is an umbrella term that includes boosting speed, performance, search engine optimization, and so on. The concept of optimization is totally dynamic and needs a good amount of expertise to perfectly execute for modern business-centric websites. A well-established and powerful Drupal development company can help you in delivering an enterprise-grade customer experience and maintaining a top-class market presence.  
2. Compliance for SEO
Freelance Drupal developers would never guarantee or deliver quality SEO service. Professional Drupal development companies are experienced in providing result-driven and professional SEO solutions. Not only will a professional Drupal Web Development company offer top rankings in SERP but will enhance your website for long term results as well. 
3. Personalization and Uniqueness
To make your website shine out of the crowd, you have to give something unique to your audience. This is where a professional Drupal Development service is so important. A professional Drupal web development service provider offers you expert Drupal solutions so that you can add customization and brand-profile into your websites. It gives you better brand engagement and visibility across the market.
4. Code Validation
An experienced Drupal web development company knows the ins and outs of creating a professional-looking and productive website. Unlike a freelancer, a Drupal Development Company delivers a better semantic knowledge and proper code validation. 
Also, not only will a Drupal Development company deliver quality and semantically correct code but also make sure that you get an industry ready and completely up to the standard website for your business. It makes sure that you get a properly embedded, updated, and business-ready Drupal-powered website.
5. Intuitive Customer Support and Full-Maintenance
A well-established and reliable Drupal Web Development company will ensure that you get a bug free and technically strong website for your business. Reliable companies offer full support and complete maintenance for your websites, unlike a freelance Drupal developer. Modern and intuitive Drupal service providers offer 24x7 Drupal support and maintenance. You can reach out to Drupal experts for any kind of glitch or productivity roadblock.
Why Choose Cogniter’s Drupal Web Development Services?
At Cogniter Technologies, our Drupal experts understand your business requirements to deliver highly productive and creative Drupal Web Development Services. Our team has delivered some of the most productive and enterprise-grade Drupal web development solutions to top businesses around the world.
? Transparent work processes that are completely personalized to boost your profits
? Affordable and cost-effective solution
? Tailored Drupal web development solution as per your business needs
? The team incorporates Drupal experts with years of expertise
? Modern and engaging website solutions
Get in touch with our Drupal experts now.

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Top Secrets Revealed (Part-2): How to Launch Your App Successfully


The total app publishers on Google Play are estimated to be around 906,717k+ worldwide out of which 26,841 are Indian, 165,502 are US publishers, and so on. Being a mobile application developer, it is tough at times to make a mark in the growing apps industry. Developing & launching an application is always challenging and there are always countless app-killing issues that must be paid attention to.  
The demand of the market and competition, the app launch plan must be analyzed to reduce the chances of app launch failures and make your application stand out. 
In the last blog, we put a light on two success stories that have a big impact on mobile application development and developers. The other two positive & successful experiences are as follows: 

Snapchat: Word of Mouth

With 53.5 million downloads, Snapchat today is the most popular multimedia messaging application. It all started with an idea of creating a platform for sharing a moment with friends & family that goes disappear in seconds. In 2011, after the app was launched it hardly grabbed the attention of 100 users, but later the widespread use of word of mouth increased the users to 100,000 by 2012. As the concept was unique, hence turning into reality was challenging initially. The targeted audience for Snapchat was 18-24 years, therefore the app featured many exciting Emojis, Filters, Stories, Chats, Our Story, Geofilters, etc. $100 million were spent to integrate Bitmojis in Snapchat. 

The growing popularity of the app made owners think more about adding innovative features and more additive properties to Snapchat. 


Tinder:   Marketing & Promoting 

In today’s dating world, Tinder has made the biggest sensation. Tinder came into 2012 to transform the online dating experiences and now it has 50 million active user profiles. In a couple of launch weeks, Tinder got 1000 downloads. It was a unique concept to find love online just with a left and right swipe. The app got huge acceptance worldwide due to its striking features, functionality like Swipes, Super Likes, Tinder Plus, Chat, and more. When everything seemed to be going great, the spark of the Tinder lost due to its terrible interface and no innovation to the application. However, with new features like Safety buttons, Video Chat, ‘Dating During Pandemic’, and more Tinder has won the hearts again. There are many more features like Prompts, 'Share to Matches', Likes You, Noonlight Timeline, and Photo Verification that are in stock for Tinder users and most likely to be added to the app soon. 

Final Thoughts 

For survival and expanding customer-base, businesses must have mobile applications to deliver goods & services for a delightful experience. We always need the inspiration to succeed in life and in the case of mobile app development, the success cases direct us and help learn from their mistakes. The mobile app development trends are rising and today many professional mobile app development companies are developing robust apps using Xamarin, Visual Studio, and PhoneGap. 
Cogniter Technologies employs a team of tech professionals that provide mobile app development services for iPhone, iPad, Android, and more.  
Get in touch with us at info@cogniter.com and hire our mobile apps developers for attractive & scalable applications. 
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