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4 Questions To Ask Your Reputation Management Service Provider

FRIDAY, MAY 03, 2019

85% of consumers take online reviews as personal recommendations!

This means you can gain your target market’s trust easily. However, negative online reviews can work the other way around.

Gaining your prospects’ trust is a challenging task. While there is a lot that goes toward nurturing leads and converting them into loyal customers, one factor can help your business spike – online reviews.
If you have decided that you cannot manage reputation management, you can always hire a reputational online reputation management services.

Before you proceed further, here are 5 questions you need to ask your reputation management service provider:

  1.  Where will they monitor your business?

Reputation management is mainly tracking all what is being said about your business in the online sphere. Since the internet is a wide place, you need to ensure from where the information is coming and on what platform. Therefore, ensuring that your business will be actively monitored is essential. Be more proactive and inquire how the service provider will track your business’s name.

Ask what reputation management strategy will they follow. Will they cover social listening or will they are going to set up Google alerts? What are their action plans to cover search results, blogs, and more that mention your business?

  1. What steps will they take to handle an issue?

Online Reputation management services have different ways of tackling issues. Some only help you monitor your reputation online and some not only monitor your brand online but also assist in managing your reputation and brand restoration as well.

Ask your service provider, what actions will they take if any issue occurs and do the damage. Control in time and protect it from happening in the future.  Such reputation issues often demand immediate attention. Therefore, a plan of action is essential.

  1.  Will they inform you about negative feedback in a timely manner?

Your customer expects a quick response from you. In fact, according to survey done in 2018 showed that 53.3% of customers expect a business to get back to them within seven days.

However, unfortunately, 63.3% of the consumers never hear back from a business after they leave a review. This means you have lost the golden opportunity of connecting with your customers by proactively responding to their reviews.
Responding to negative reviews is crucial and you need to learn how quickly your reputation management service provider can inform you of a negative review so that you can mend your relationship with your consumer on time.

 4. How will they remove existing negative content from the search engine?

As discussed above, negative reviews can affect a substantial chunk of potential sales. Thus, you cannot leave it out in the open in the browser to let it have a continual negative impact on your customers.

Ask your reputation management service provider how they plan to get rid of the negative reviews and mentions in the search results. It is crucial to learn about how negative results will be managed. Inquire in detail because your reputation would be at stake if the negative rankings show up again in the search results.

In Conclusion

Apart from these, don’t forget to question about the metrics that they will offer for tracking and the ways you will be able to trace your competitors’ online reputation.

Whether you have negative reviews, misleading comments or undesirable words in search query autocomplete suggestions, we can help by utilizing our ORM Strategy Development. We have a team of experienced writers and search engine optimization experts that collectively works to improve and protect your personal and your brand’s reputation. 

Email us at info@cogniter.com OR just fill up the form online and we shall get back to you as soon as we can.

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4 Ways You Can Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

MONDAY, APRIL 08, 2019

Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. It includes people who are shown your posts as well as your Facebook page.
How people engage with your content has a lot to do with reach.
Yet, with all the interactions that Facebook allows, organic reach fell by 52% in 2016.
Thanks to the ever-evolving Facebook organic reach and changes to their core newsfeed algorithm, even some of the most popular brands are finding it difficult to reach to their audience.
But there are digital marketing strategies for Facebook to improve your reach and build a Facebook audience because this social media platform still boasts the largest fan base of all. 
Here are 4 ways to boost your Facebook organic reach

1) Build your presence and authority

Growing your presence is not about increasing your page likes. What matters is that you build enough authority to command your audience to action. This means that they will engage with your content more favorably. You need to start attracting the right kind of people to your Facebook page. Constantly reinforce your message, post content that is relevant to your business, and always be consistent. The main point here is to read your audience’s mind and know on what type of content they react to and then customize the information to build a solid brand presence.

2) Publish Timeless Content 

 Timeless content is the most powerful tool at your disposal to achieve any goal for your Facebook page.  Select posts that have done exceedingly well and continued to provide value to your audience long after it was published. Now, put a new spin to it and use it in another way, such as in a video format which is a big hit amongst audience these days. Publish your recreated content at different times to ensure that some fresh eyes get to see and engage with your newly revamped content.

3) Create Most Engaging Groups

Facebook is about building communities. A tightly-knit group is the closest you can get to it on social media. You have two options, one is to start your own group or join a highly engaged and relevant group that serves your business goals. We pick the first as it is best Facebook marketing asset as it allows you to listen and engage with your brand advocates. Invite your most engaged audience members to join the group and ignite conversations relevant to your industry to boost post engagement. 

4) Publish Native Video Content

Native videos have become the strongest performer in the news feed causing media marketers to use more video blog post content. The video plays silently until a user clicks on it. Make sure that your video is of high quality from the first frame and it needs to capture attention, even without sound. For further engaging the video viewers, you can add a call-to-action (CTA) to visit your website or a destination of your choice.
If you want, you can pin a video to the top of your videos tab on your Facebook page. The featured video also appears on your about us section, which you can use to promote any upcoming events. 

In Conclusion

By using these helpful Facebook marketing strategies, you can increase your reach on the world’s most popular social media channel. 
If you are looking to hire SEM expert then look no further than Cogniter Technologies. Discuss your social goals with us. We are one of India’s top social media marketing company and we will share with you a concrete plan to produce visible and measurable results. 
You can send all your requirements at info@cogniter.com or contact us online. 
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Top 3 Tips for Instagram Advertising Campaign Success


Instagram’s ad revenue is set to cross 10.8 billion dollars by 2019. If you haven’t used this platform for advertising, you are missing out on a huge opportunity.
After its association with Facebook, Instagram has become one of the world’s largest and most active social platforms with over 500 million active monthly users. With a large community like this, it’s no surprise that businesses are increasingly leveraging the advertising opportunities available on this social media platform. 
There is no denying the fact that visual media is more effective for engaging audiences than other marketing channels online, that’s why Instagram is quickly becoming one of the top search engine marketing channels for businesses. 
So how can a business like yours take advantage of Instagram’s advertising capabilities?
Here are four tips for successful Instagram advertising to help you launch captivating ad campaign:

1. Select the Ideal Instagram Advertising Objective

If you want to run a great Instagram ad campaign, you need to think about why you’re doing it first. There are three options when it comes to advertising on Instagram that helps you set objectives for your particular campaign. 
Awareness-based objective: Select this type of objective if your overall goal with advertising on Instagram is to get your name out there and get your ad in front of as many eyes as possible. 
Consideration objective: You should pick this objective when there is a specific action you want Instagram users to take, but you’re not trying push directly for sales yet.
Conversion objective: Select conversion objectives, when you want to make as many conversions as possible. You can also track a wide variety of conversion types from your Instagram ads.
An experienced internet marketing company will help set up the right objective for your product or service. 

2. Choose the Perfect Instagram Ad Format

After picking the ideal marketing objective for your Instagram ads, the next step is to consider which format is best for telling your story visually. For instance, you can use photo ads for building brand awareness and engagement.
When you want tell a longer, more immersive story, Instagram video ads are a fantastic medium. Additionally, gamifying your Instagram video ads will provide an innovative way to attract users that might not pay attention to a standard commercial.
If you want to display multiple examples of your products, or when you want to tell a story that engages the user by getting them to swipe through it, Instagram carousel ads is a perfect choice. Finally, you can utilize Instagram Stories to advertise your product. Because these stories disappear after 24 hours, so that ticking clock and unique format motivates users to watch them sooner rather than later.

3. Target Your Dream Audience

Instagram’s rapid growth and abundance of targeting options provides you a great opportunity to test different ads on different audiences. But, here you need to use precise testing methods to identify and refine your real audience and target them accordingly without wasting your budget.   
Audience Target Options:
1. Core Audiences – It is the default ad targeting option for Instagram users.
2. Custom Audiences – A group of users who have a prior relationship with your brand and are imported to Ads Manager from your email lists or other data sources.
3. Lookalike Audiences – A group of users who have similar characteristics and interests to your existing customers.
At last, when targeting Lookalike Audiences include targeting expansion in your ad options. This allow the Instagram ad engine find additional users who are likely to convert but may not be in your current Lookalike Audience for any reason.
In Conclusion
Apart from these top 3 tips, getting smart with your budgeting and making the right bid also strengthen your Instagram ad campaign. 
if you really want to scale up your Instagram strategy, you can save huge amounts of time and energy with Cogniter’s digital marketing strategies. You can hire a SEM expert, which will create, schedule, and analyze results from your Instagram ad campaigns and provide you the desired results. 
You can contact us online or email all your queries at info@cogniter.com!  
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Tips to Develop A Winning Social Media Content Marketing Strategy


The importance and impact of having a social media presence today is unavoidable. However, simply posting a couple new blogs each week does not connect your business to the audience completely. Retweeting some interesting industry news may give you a bump in impressions but does it you really building a brand or engaging people?
Your social media marketing content strategy is a framework that gives you direction on how to strategize, set priorities, execute your plan, and measure your marketing campaigns.
There're many ways to do it. So please continue reading to discover the best and most effective tips to establish your social media content marketing strategy. 

Establish Your Social Media Marketing Goals

To establish a successful campaign, it is important that your goals and objectives are clear and set. Same is the case with your content marketing strategy. In order to get maximum ROI, you need to choose goals that are in harmony with your brand’s objectives.
So, what are your social media marketing goals and objectives? Do you want to:
Increase brand awareness?
Generate more website traffic?
Build a community?
Enhance engagement?
Improve sales?
These are just a few goals you can set for your marketing campaign. If you have no set goals, do it right now otherwise you will not be able to measure your campaigns.

Identify The Best Social Media Platforms 

Choosing the best social media sites for your campaigns can be tricky as there are many factors to consider which makes it difficult for some marketers to decide which social channels are best for their business. 
When choosing the best platform, make sure to identify the social sites where your target audience spend their most of the time. Use Google Analytics to figure out the demographics of your targeted audience, and the platforms where they are most active.
For instance, LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform for B2B marketers. With presence in 200 countries. All you have to look where are your targeted audience at. Figure it out and Invest your time on those platforms.

Research Keywords Relevant to Your Niche 

Keywords are essential for the success of any digital marketing strategy. It places you in the lead along with your competitors because they are using special keywords that are helping them increase traction.
So, in-order to maintain your position in the game, you must research what types of keywords they are using in all social media channels to increase engagement and sales. Keywords research will also help you identify competition and the keywords you might not know about.
For example, to research keywords on the Facebook, simply type in your keyword directly on Facebook's search bar, it will provide you with a list of profiles, groups, pages, and influencers who are using those keywords. Then, filter your search results and focus on those relevant to your niche.

Post Consistently and Share Quality

You must have heard of the proverb ‘Out of sight out of mind’. Well, on social media, it’s about 100 times more. People are constantly getting a lot of information and many competing messages. If they are not hearing from you, then they forget about you.

Hence, you need to be consistent and do not miss out any action. While consistency is important, quality is essential. The content you create and share represents your brand. Consistency helps you engage your prospects and useful content help in gaining their trust and, convert them to loyal customers.
Create a plan, put the people and systems in place to deliver consistent, quality content. Set up quality control and analytics to review content performance on the backend.

Wrapping up

These are some ways to develop a social media marketing content strategy that will help grow your business. However, with more than 3 million social media users, you have lots of challenges and competitors to face and make your place.
If you don’t have a proper strategy in place to deliver content quality, then it’s definitely time to hire a SEM expert from Cogniter Technologies to do this for you.
We are one of India’s top social media marketing company and we will share with you a concrete plan to produce visible and measurable results. Get in touch with online or send your requirements at info@cogniter.com.  
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