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Website Development: Top Emerging Trends to Watch Out in 2021

MONDAY, APRIL 05, 2021

Outdated websites are no longer capable of helping businesses to succeed. The modern-day challenges in the competitive business world demand updation in the websites. What websites does? Well, the first and foremost objective of building a website is to make your brand recognize among the customers. Apart, a website plays a crucial role in educating the customers about your goods and services. 
So, for growth in 2021, website development holds great importance to reshape the digital experience. To help your audience hear and see you on social platforms, make things happen with the services of offshore web development companies in India and globally. A relatable, informative, and appealing website is a must to leave your mark on the customers worldwide. The professional web development services take into account the crucial aspects of websites such as Navigation, Brand Consistency, Reading Patterns & SEO, and more. 
The website development trends in 2021 are a ladder to create the next big website. Take a look at the most popular trends that ensure out-of-the-box transformation:
  • Progressive Web Apps
PWA, an acronym of Progress Web apps is an application software that uses APIs and features of emerging web browsers. The craze for the technology is on the rise due to its capability of delivering a delightful user experience similar to native mobile applications. It provides benefits like push notifications, offline access, and hardware access. Further, it has improved the website loading time and generated more and more traffic for businesses. Some of the top players in the market like Forbes, Alibaba, Twitter, etc. have embraced its power. Besides, the technology stacks to build a PWA includes Angular, React, and Polymer. 
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages 
Also known as AMP, helps create a mobile-first user experience and the trend is here to stay forever. This web component framework promises to faster speed by 85% by creating mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized web pages. The framework generally consists of AMP HTML, AMP JS, AMP CDN. With this plugin, the businesses can foster content marketing, UX, and web design as well. For building a high-performing website with the instant loading speed, AMP HTML open framework is used. 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Bots 
Good and reactive customer service is all that customers want. To address the queries of audiences, the websites today features AI-powered chatbots that enable the business representatives to stay connected with the audience 24/7. Microsoft Bot Framework, Facebook Bot Engine, and Dialogflow are open-source bot building technologies. The 24/7 operating bots will bridge the gap and streamline communication. Along with the quick resolutions, the system also delivers a human-like experience to the customers. 
  • Voice Search Optimization 
Voice search optimization in voice search is widely getting adopted in web development. In the fast-paced world, texting has been replaced with voice searches which greatly impacted sales. The voice searches run using Web Speech API. In eCommerce voice search has gained importance by fastening the search process with just a click and speak. This has and will continue to remarkably improve the user’s experience. 
If you’ve been waiting for the most renowned offshore web development company in India, then you can look for the services of Cogniter Technologies. It started in 2003 and since then it has served hundreds of clients need for development in PHP, WooCommerce, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and many more. The experts leverage the latest trends and technologies to build robust and fascinating websites. Hence, to gain reputation, sales, and customer’s trust, hire their web development experts at Cogniter Technologies
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How Leveraging SEO Services Can Help Your Business?


What’s the purpose of running a business? Of course, to gain more traffic and drive more sales from the potential customers. But, where and how to look for your business audience? Nowadays, the customers are smart enough and capable of finding their suitable service provider, only if the business has the potentially rich platform to make customers navigate them. 
For every business, building a website is the smartest investment. The Search Engine Optimization services indeed help to reach the top service providers in the search engine results, however, with the growing technologies and innovations, SEO’s landscape has been changed and many newest trends and techniques have revamped the whole SEO process. 
 Let’s check out how hiring SEO professionals can make a difference to your business: 
  • An SEO specialist doesn’t have any magic stick to make your website stay ahead. With years of expertise in the field, SEO experts improve your website rankings on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

  • They do On-page optimization to optimize multiple web pages to make the website rank higher and this further enhances the usability of the website. 

  • The experts imply SEO marketing strategies with On-page and Off-page SEO techniques and help gain better visibility online.  

  • The key responsibilities of SEO experts include searching for keywords, adding keyword tags, internal linking, URLs, implementing & maintaining title, analyzing competitor’s presence on the web, and a lot more. 
 Remarkable Benefits of Search Engine Optimization 
  • Improved User Experience: This is the ultimate goal of implementing an SEO. SEO is all about making new and existing business websites enjoy a great position among search engines. Along with website ranking, SEO boosts the end-user experience as well. UI/UX optimization in SEO plays a vital role and the strategies need to be aligned well to get better outcomes. 

  • Increased Business Credibility:   The trust and credibility of any business can be enhanced effortlessly with effective SEO techniques. SEO boosts brand reliability and visibility which automatically builds the credibility of all-sized businesses. 

  • Ladder to Get Leads:  Search Engine Optimization is truly the fastest and an effective technique to get more business leads. For all B2B, B2C, and Non-profit organizations, the technique works the same and in the best possible manner. From generating to engaging, and then retaining, SEO takes full control and seamlessly converts leads into customers. 

  • Better Cost Management: With SEO, businesses can save money on advertising. As the process involves helping your web pages rank higher. This automatically saves the time and effort involved in publicizing your website via marketing.  
In today’s new-age, business survival is possible only if you have hired competent SEO experts with technical know and hands-on experience in SEO practices. Cogniter Technologies is India and USA based Digital Marketing service providing agency expert in providing proactive and modern SEO services. The team of experts at Cogniter Technologies never overlook any aspect of SEO and measure SEO performance from start to end. 
The Offshore SEO services are delivered understanding the need of every business. For the highest returns and conversions, feel free to hire SEO experts online at Cogniter Technologies.
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How to Choose the Best OpenCart Ecommerce Development Company

FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2021

OpenCart Development has emerged as one of the exceedingly preferred web development platforms during the pandemic, so is the demand for a reliable OpenCart eCommerce Development Company
Most of us have been working remotely for quite some time now since the pandemic started. It has given an unprecedented push to online shopping, which further has increased the need for an eCommerce app owner to keep a tab on all the platforms from one single screen. 
Here comes the OpenCart development technology. It is an intuitive platform that offers multi-store support, allowing you to balance various stores from a single interface. It includes creating various shopping carts with the assistance of OpenCart, where all your shopping necessities are effortlessly met. 
If you own a store or searching for a highly innovative eCommerce website for bringing in additional website traffic, the great choice for your admirable business is choosing the best OpenCart eCommerce development company. Please read below to know the points you have to consider while hiring an OpenCart agency to capture potential buyers and guide them in all their shopping needs.
 1) Progressive Team
A team working for an OpenCart development eCommerce company can show its capability. An innovative team will easily define and describe their vision, expertise, and strategy to be implemented further. A top-notch agency will have experts with impeccable knowledge to help its clients around the world. A well-maintained team helps increase sales and provides 100% customer retention using engaging eCommerce solutions. 
2) Multi-Ecommerce Features
People draw towards technology and opt for the Open-Cart development company globally, which offers enhanced brand visibility and abundant e-commerce features. It will result in increased visitors and convert your online store into a shopper’s paradise. The advanced features provide end-to-end tailor-made solutions and provide robust, customizable OpenCart to achieve a seamless navigated website.
3) Personalized Post Development Solution
This technology provides excellent support for re-platform services and multi-vendor e-commerce stores. The top OpenCart Development Agency makes sure to explain their customers to make sure they understand their needs. It helps them re-stabilize e-commerce business websites. All this collectively ends in the growth of small and mid-level eCommerce stores.
4) Quality Service
A dependable OpenCart eCommerce development company manages to bring everything together. They offer custom OpenCart website development services for medium and large-scale retail businesses. It works for both e-commerce store web design and small online OpenCarts. Such companies solid e-commerce web solutions and specialize in popular e-commerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Zen Cart, OsCommerce, and OpenCart, to accurately fulfill customer needs.
In Conclusion
Whenever you decide to hire an OpenCart development eCommerce company to pursue an online market business, ensure to keep these few things clear in your mind. It will help you in the long run as it gives your app or website a personalized touch. 
Connect with Cogniter Technologies, a leading OpenCart eCommerce development company, to develop exceptionally great eCommerce development websites for online businesses. We are always abreast of the modern industry trends and provide excellent and quality to customers.
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Indispensable Role of Web Designers in Building Promising Web Designs


In 2021, it is hard to imagine any business without a website. But, to your surprise, there are many with no internet presence. Does it make a difference to have a website for your business? Yes, 100%. A business without a website always has limited sales and fewer customers. Whereas an online business with a website that represents a brand, having all the products and services listed, impressive images, and unique content grabs more traffic. 
Websites add credibility to businesses and the business with the most alluring website designs enjoys a wider reach. To make it happen, the enterprise web design experts are burning the midnight oil to make your websites stand apart and compete in an era of digitalization. 
With the newest trends in enterprise web solutions, the top-rated web solution providers are focused to enhance the appearance, layout, and loading speed of the website for unmatched experience.
Check out the role of enterprise web design expert in taking businesses to the next level:
  • To let every business reach a wider audience, skilled website designers create client-centric web designs. Professional and responsive websites take less time to set the first impression and turn visitors into customers. 
  • Designing a website is not about choosing a template, adding images, pasting content, etc. To make a website that successfully runs your business, it should be SEO-friendly. A search engine optimized website can be easily crawled by Google and other search engines. 
  • A web designer adds a personal touch to websites to help the user connect easily. Through websites, the experts ensure to build trust between customers and business owners. 
  • Solid site navigation is another important aspect of web designing. The web solution providers design and optimize the website navigations to help the audience land on your web pages hassle-free.  
  • The web designers with an astute knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and technologies, plus frameworks design user-friendly web designs that deliver a delightful user experience.
  • The expert designs initiate by analyzing the client’s business requirement. Depending upon the needs the designers create visuals, CTAs, and more. 
A good website is always the result of the right selection of web solution providers. A polished and functional website not only increases conversions but also makes your business gain a foothold in the market. A successful web designer should have the qualities like creativity, detail-oriented, customer-oriented, and enhanced technical skills. 
For the increased user engagement, it is important to have a potential business website. A fully-featured website with appealing web designs empowers businesses to generate more traffic and increase return on investment.
If you are looking for remote web designers, then hire experts at Cogniter Technologies. The team of designers has internal exposure and are having years of experience in serving more than 200+ clients worldwide. You can hire web design experts for your enterprises on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis. At Cogniter Technologies, businesses can hire specialized web designers based on the set standards. 
For more details on enterprise web solutions, check out https://www.cogniter.com/.
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