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Stay Ahead with Advanced Oil & Gas Software Solutions

At Cogniter Technologies, we leverage our knowledge and best practices in next-generation software development for the oil and gas industry. We can assist you in streamlining procedures and ensuring the high quality of the final product by adapting the solution to your individual company needs while adhering to specialty requirements. To stay up with the ever-increasing competition, our software development professionals will solve management, security, and quality assurance issues.

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Oil & Gas Production Software Solutions

Cogniter creates unique exploration and production (E&P) software solutions to increase efficiency and reduce risks during the exploration, drilling, and extraction processes. Our customized upstream oil and gas software solutions include geophysical modeling software, HDD directional drilling software, daily drilling report software, QHSE management systems, 3D visualization & simulation systems, and more.

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Pipeline Management Solutions

Cogniter provides customized oil and gas midstream solutions that provide improved end-to-end pipeline management by optimizing supply chain and logistics needs. Our Systems allow for the intelligent control of all operations in the oil and gas industry. To ensure peak performance, our comprehensive solutions cover critical activities ranging from leak detection to pump monitoring. We design sensitive and informative systems that offer correct data and allow for efficient management at all stages of the manufacturing cycle.

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Oil & Gas Analytics

Our team develops automated production analytics and reporting modules for real-time forecasting, lifecycle tracking, volumetric readings/measurements, data management, trend analysis, budgeting, and other manufacturing operations. To achieve better results, enable data-driven decision making with robust analytics and real-time reports. Cogniter systems connect analytical tools with the company's existing IT infrastructure to deliver important insights into operational efficiency and overall performance.

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Oil & Gas Transportation Application

Our Oil and Gas Software development will allow for real-time pipeline tracking. It will enable you to visualize data and maximize capacity, as well as control imbalances and discover anomalies such as corrosions or leaks. It will be possible to build up an emergency response system. To streamline refined oil and gas transportation, storage, and wholesale processes, our specialized transportation solutions support dispatching, telematics, GPS, dynamic route optimization, planned cargo tracking, communication, and more.

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Refinery Scheduling Software

We implement refinery scheduling automation software that enables refiners to swiftly communicate and respond to disruptions while enhancing production throughput by scheduling all critical activities on a single, unified platform. We provide custom IRIS apps that are integrated with factory execution systems (MEA) and use service-oriented architecture (SOA) to enable full visibility and control of manufacturing processes from ordering and production conception to process control and output.

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Contract Management Solutions

We make contract management and supporting documents simple by assisting you in integrating the best solutions on the market or building one from scratch. Access a variety of documents ranging from balance sheets to inventory management reports, as well as enabling automated data interchange between refineries and pipeline contractors. Empower your legal and procurement teams with simple technologies that enable fast contract procedures from automatic document generation to transaction completion.

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Supply Chain Management

Deliver customizable dashboards that provide full visibility of the entire SCM process from crude oil procurement to product distribution, incorporating supply/demand data, forecasting, backcasting, retro analysis, and other evaluation capabilities. We incorporate robust supply chain and trading management systems equipped with solutions for EDI, inventory management, dispatching, asset tracking, purchasing operations, replenishment, and logistics to streamline operations from production to point of sale.

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Equipment Software Development & Maintenance

Our experts create remote monitoring systems that use the HART protocol to offer engineers with real-time data on the state of equipment and important measures. Automated software collects readings from hydrometers, flow controllers, and tank radars, making it easier to handle and analyze data. All of the data can be accessed through a single user interface, making it easier for operators to maintain control of the equipment.

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