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Taxi Cab Tracker is highly effective for those of us who are easily confused in a new environment. It can be a frustrating situation not knowing where you are headed, or if a cab driver has deliberately taken the longer alternate route, or even if the taxi cab driver is charging you a fair rate (i.e. Night fare, peak fare, etc...). Taxi Cab Tracker fixes all these annoyances for you, as now you will have the ability to check your routes in real time and really see what route you should be taking and how much you should be charged.


When constructing a brand, you have to thoughtful of every aspect of information which is presented to the consumers to ensure a successful iteration of the brand. We developed a brand color palate from which we assigned a color for each of Taxi Cab Tracker activity tracks. This was was inspired from a multitude of tests that scientifically-define the “Taxi Cab Trackers” colors. When we paired this with a refined logotype and thoughtful photography, the brand really started to come together.

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One of the biggest hurdles we faced while creating Taxi Cab Tracker, was the integration with of real-time navigation when following a route. We were finally able to find the source of the issue, configure it correctly and ensure a smooth flowing navigation screen.


When implementing some of the functionality in regards to Taxi Cab Tracker, we completed some fine tuning on the back end to allow for integration over multiple platforms.

Final Brand

Taxi Cab Tracker's now-unified branding embodies the service's core energy and emotion. Individual activity segments within the Taxi Cab Tracker app are color-coded to align with the logo's colors. We also developed a consistent and extensible style for the app's iconography and typography.

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Taxi Cab Tracker's wireframe are created for the purpose of arranging elements to best accomplish a particular purpose. The purpose is usually being informed by a business objective and a creative idea. The wireframe depicts the app layout or arrangement of the application content, including interface elements and how they work together.

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Web Design

While the Happify mobile app was only created after the rebranding, Happify’s pre-existing website still needed to be realigned to match the new look. We leveraged the new color scheme, font, and updated design language to launch a refreshed, cleaner, clearer website.

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App Design

Large, bold panels made for a highly approachable interface. A clean, dark look and feel allows users to quickly and easily navigate the Taxi Cab Tracker app features on their mobile devices.

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    Main Menu

    The Main Menu will allow the user to select the desired screen they wish to access.

    Map Tracker will take the user to the map tracker screen

    Meter Tariffs will take the user to the Meter Tariffs Screen which allow the user to see the tariffs of taxi companies

    Address Book will take the user to the Address Book screen

    View Journeys will take the user to the List Journeys Screen

    Export Journeys will take the user to the Export List Journeys Screen

    Tell my friends will take the user to the Tell my friends Screen

    Settings will take the user to the Settings Screen

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    Map Tracker Start

    This is the screen from which the user will start the process of tracking their journey. The user may select their destination in one of 3 ways:-

    Google Search

    By typing it in the search box, then selecting the search button. Multiple choices will be displayed, allowing the user to select the desired location.

    Map Search

    By positioning a selection cross-hair (or similar) on the map, zooming in or out, moving the screen, ensuring that the desired location is in the centre of the cross-hair.

    Address Book

    By selecting the address book icon, which will take the user to the Address Book Selection Screen, from which the user will select their chosen destination.

    The Google API will return the distance for the journey, which will be used to display the expected fare and distance when the journey starts. He start and finish points of the journey will be clearly indicated.

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    Map Tracker Finish Screen

    The Map Tracker Finish Screen shows the following :-

    Regular check-ins help users to monitor their feelings and ensure regular progress.

    Expected journey as on the Map Tracker Screen.

    The actual route taken, plotted in red in real-time.

    The expected fare, as calculated according to the currently selected fare.

    The expected distance shown in Miles or Kilometers.

    The actual fare, as calculated according to the currently selected fare in real-time.

    The actual distance shown in Miles or Kilometers, in real-time.

    The percentage deviation of the actual distance relative to the expected distance.

    The deviation of the actual distance relative to the expected distance.