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DDS Logic

About Project

Welcome to DDSLogic.com a site by Dental Practice Solutions LLC.

We are an independent company, run by dentists, that strives to provide a Centralized, Nationwide, Dependable, Standardized, and Fair Marketplace for the transitioning of dental practices.

We do not directly participate in the sale or purchase of dental practices and thus do not directly benefit from the sale or purchase of dental practices. This allows us to help you with your practice transitions without conflict of interest.

We provide information and a common Dental Practice Marketplace where Buyers, Sellers, Consultants, Brokers and Lawyers connect.

We aspire to provide searchable listings of every available dental practice in the United States.

We provide a Practice Value Calculator both in Free and Member versions. The Calculator is based on the time-tested method of dental practice valuation that is recommended by the ADA and utilized by most Brokers and Consultants, the capitalized earnings method.

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