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About Project

The MirroSwing TM Sequential Video APP is far superior to other golf APPS in replicating conditions when playing on the course and will appeal to the thoughtful golfer.
For MirroSwing TM, the golfer has a selectable initial delay, plenty of time to think about the shot to be played. After each shot, the golfer goes through the normal pre shot routine of visualisation and preparation. A commentary is added for each shot. The emphasis is on making the golf shot, practising specifics of the swing and not worrying about turning the video device off. This is an excellent way for players to establish their own pre shot pace and procedures. Looking at a series of video clips of a swing is far more beneficial than one offs; the MirroSwing TM system more closely resembles making a shot on the course than any other Golf Analysis APP.

Project Details

Technologies Used: Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, Parlex