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Millions of people buy and sell daily in the Internet. But it takes more than just a nice looking web site to attract customers and to make sales on line. There are thousands of other small business web sites who are your competitors. Your web site must not only be attractive and functional, but also highly optimized for search engines. That is the biggest problem of many e-commerce web sites. Some of our customers' web sites were originally created by other web design companies. Some of them looked great, but didn't bring visitors or make sales. They came to us for re-design and to be optimized for search engines. After that, visitors began to come and sales increased.

We create web sites which are highly optimized for search engines so your further marketing efforts will bring you success much sooner. Web sites created and optimized by us are typically in the top 10 results in major search engines.

We use different strategies for different search engines to get higher rank. Please use the links below for our detailed SEO ranking reports for Google, MSN and Yahoo search engines.

See SEO Ranking Report for Google
See SEO Ranking Report for MSN
See SEO Ranking Report for Yahoo

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