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Custom Golf Software Development Services

Manage all your golf tournaments like a pro!

Get highly functional, flexible and powerful custom golf course management software designed by our developers to take the hard work out of golf club and golf course management.

Best Golf Course Management Software

Our aim is to add value to our clients' operations by providing quality, feature-rich systems for professional golf administration and golf club management including pcae of play, food and drink ordering and payment. Cogniter has been providing custom software to clients in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Dubai, India and world over.

As a leading developer in the golf market, we strive to develop our golf course management software to suit all facets of golf operations as much as is reasonably possible. We are responsive to the changing needs of our market over time and continue to enhance our software applications by incorporating new features and emerging technologies.

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GOLFLER- Our Award Winning Mobile Application

Golfler is an award winning mobile application which has won awards from both the PGA of America and Google. This app is very much successful in the USA and is now used by a number of the very best golf clubs and players expanding their business and managing it online.

Golfler's rangefinder, live scoring system, weather updates and messaging systems functions at nearly every golf course in the United States and is offered to Golfer's free of charge.

At GOLFLER partnering courses, GOLFLER may be used to:

  • Book tee times
  • Receive discounts
  • Order food and beverage on-demand
  • Receive course updates and more.

Manage Your Golf Tournament-Best Golf Tournament Software

We develop the best golf software, which makes it easy for you to organize, manage, and promote your golf tournament the best way possible.

Our Golf Course Management Software is a powerful fully integrated system offering numerous integrated modules each equally robust. It offers a complete set of golf training software tools that are being used by instructors, coached and golfers from around the world. Here are the most used:

Golf League Software

Golf League Software

Automate league management tasks including score tracking, handicap calculation, and statistics.

Golf Swing Analysis Software

Golf Swing Analysis Software

Give you real-time feedback and captures metrics for a full swing or putting stroke.

Golf Tournament Software

Golf Tournament Software

Automate the entire process from pairing teams, marking score cards to calculating results by hand for individuals or team tournaments.

Golf Simulator Software

Golf Simulator Software

Provide lasting performance and aesthetic flexibility, whether used in the home or an indoor golf facility.

Golf Scheduling Software

Golf Scheduling Software

Automatically schedule, plan and organize a team or individual matches for any time period.


Golf Course Food Ordering and Delivery Application

The application provides the facility of food ordering and delivery from a club menu at any time. Just by using simple smartphone-enabled GPS, you get to deliver your order with lightning speed and accuracy. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about paying if you forget your wallet; because this application’s electronic payment system lets you do it through your credit or debit card.

Our winning Golf club management software development services will transform your business, boost revenue and open up more opportunities in the process.

Drop an email at consultation@cogniter.comand find out more about this service.