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Reduce the time between the decision to start a project and an actual team working on it with Cogniter's Dedicated Team Model (DTM). Hire our dedicated designers, developers, and marketeers on a full-time or part-time basis for fast and budget-friendly work. We are situated in Dallas/Ft. Worth, with a bulk of the team located in India.

Advantages of Working with Cogniter's DTM

  • Save on R&D. Use our laboratories.
  • Focus on relationships. Our established QA departments will maintain quality.
  • Let us deal with organising and equipping a team
  • Hiring and training in-house employees is slow. Hire us to get started immediately
  • Forget utility expenses

We provide easy and cost effective solutions for engaging different kinds of technical groups and resources.

Cogniter is the most reliable and cost efficient DTM services provider for most businesses. Our teams of expert developers, search engine optimisers, and designers are available to you right now.

For us, no job too big or small to not fit our convenient hourly, weekly and monthly packages. We can ensure precision, accuracy, and quality in delivery while maintaining customer. Contact the experts at Cogniter today!