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PPC Case Study Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model used on search engines


PPC (Google AdWords Campaign)


25000 USD per Month

Project Goal

Client goal was to cut down the AdWords Cost to the set budget without effecting Sales & Conversions, in order to increase business ROI. Also we were supposed to tweak and optimize the campaign. In addition our responsibility was to take all steps and make recommendations/suggestions besides implementing them in order to increase the campaign ROI.


  • Increase or maintain conversions at low cost.
  • Increasing sales and ROI while maintaining cost at optimum level.
  • To generate leads while keeping the cost per acquisition to minimum.

Plan of Action

  • We studied the entire account and analyzed it thoroughly
  • We identified non-performing ad groups, keywords & ad copies
  • Studied the keywords and proposed bid changes for them
  • Optimized keyword match types
  • Executed A/B Split Testing over ad copies by making new ad copies
  • Used most appropriate keywords match types
  • Studied and analyzed the landing page to see its effectiveness from conversions perspective.
  • Analyzed the campaign keyword inventory to discover performing and non-performing keywords.
  • Optimized the overall campaign taking into consideration performance of ad copies, keywords and landing pages.
  • Analyzed the visitors behaviour for the campaign and took corrective actions accordingly in order to improve campaign ROI.

Results Achieved

  • We were able to improve the campaign ROI and maintain a stable goal CPA
  • As a result of keyword optimization and bid management number of impressions and clicks for the campaign increased thereby increasing the overall CTR.
  • As a result of campaign optimization there was an increase in number of conversions thereby increasing the conversion rate for the campaign.
  • There was a reduction in cost/conversion for the campaign.
  • The goals of respective landing pages were met successfully which helped in driving the overall sales for the client.