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2014 - Year of Amplifications in SEO


Many who are enthusiastic to “get ahead” with their SEO program are typically inspired with the latest and greatest techniques. When it comes to getting more rankings to your site, you have to realize that you just can’t do one tiny thing and anticipate having top ten ranking for keyword all over your niche. 2012 brought major changes in SEO techniques. Everything you learned in 2013 is still relevant, just amplified in 2014.

What has been amplified? Check out the 3 columns of SEO in 2014

1st Column. CONTENT: Experts says “Content strategy is the new SEO”. The content strategy goes beyond merely publishing great content. It also encompasses the existing content on your site and making certain that it is optimized from a technical SEO perspective. It also ensures that the future publishing content abides by the technical SEO practices. Once the technical elements are covered, the content strategy can be focused upon. (beginning with keyword research).

2nd Column. LINKS: Links are signals to Google. Since the internet is build up of links, Google travels from one place to another and generates a map of what it indexes. Earlier link building was just a number game but today it is critically important (still) with more pressure to build high quality links. However, with any legitimate link building technique, it entails time and effort to dig up exposure for your site on other sites that are significant and give real benefit. Guest blogging, press release distribution, repackaging existing content are just few examples of quality link building strategy.

3rd Column. SOCIAL MEDIA: There was a time when analysts use to wonder ‘if social media would make SEO obsolete’. But today social media has transformed and augmented the SEO and our way of thinking about SEO. Today, sites ranking in SERPs are highly and directly impacted by social signals. It is providing a podium to interact with your customers, build brand image, and create community. Just find where your target audiences are hanging out online and concentrate your efforts on those networks.

Cogniter Technologies provides SEO services worldwide. For the last 10 years we have been helping many companies throughout the world to attain higher position in SERP (Search engine results page). With our Expert, Precise and Professional resources, we deliver quality services.
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