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3 Good Programming Practices for iOS Developers


App Store gets a lot of flak from computer scientists, who think that proliferation of apps is somehow dumbing down programming. While some of the reasons they put forward are well-thought, others are little more than a rehashing of age-old line of thinking that presumes that every little change leads down the intellectual slope. Here at Cogniter Technologies, we do not think in that way.
Our iPad development team is encouraged to use the latest features of the field they are in without losing touch with the fundamentals. And here are 3 strategies they use to create clean, efficient, correct and maintainable code.
Reading about these three strategies can help you hone your skills as an iOS developer:

Use Libraries

Libraries are black boxes that make the task of programming a lot easier if they are used in the correct way. Stay up-to-date with the latest changes in Apple’s primary coding languages—Objective C and Swift—to learn more about such black boxes. For instance, if you are reading this in February 2016, you should be aware of the latest changes in Swift; Apple has recently released the language’s version 2.1. Reading about the changes will help you create applications faster without compromising on their leanness, maintainability and functionality.

Comment Precisely

If code is for computers, comments are for humans. Write them in a precise manner. No one is going to compile them into a novel. People will read your comments when they cannot understand a part of your code. Write for them. Use short sentences, plain English and avoid jargon that fellow programmers will have a hard time parsing.

Use Native Data Structures Internally

A date format like “Tuesday, February 02, 2016” is good for human eyes. But computers will have a hard time figuring such things out. So when you are writing into data bases for internal use, prefer native structures. It will make your job easier in the long run.
To sum up, use of libraries, precise commenting and use of native data structures can make you a better iOS programmer in 2016.
Need an app or a game for iPads or iPhones? Connect to us! We have been creating award-winning apps and games for companies across the globe since 7 years.
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