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3 Key Benefits Of Desktop Virtualization


In today’s mobile workforce, employees need fast and secure access to their data whenever they want, wherever they are in the world. 
A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) implementation allows organizations to have enhanced connectivity, allowing employees to have the same computing experience inside or outside their workplace. 
Desktop virtualization  offers a number of benefits, one of the most important is reduced maintenance costs. With the support of cloud computing, companies now not need to depend on the traditional machine-based IT infrastructure. They only need to create virtual desktops, saving them time and money which they required before for individual maintenance. 

Here are 3 key benefits of going virtual with your IT Infrastructure:


Secure, Mobile Access to Applications

Virtualization provides people access to your company desktops and application. Besides, it allows employees to work remotely or off-hours from their own devices. VDI can be accessed from mobile devices, tablets, airports public terminal or your employee’s devices at home through a secure connection from any device, on even high-latency, low-bandwidth networks from all around the globe.


Desktop virtualization eliminates the need to configure individual desktops for each employee and allows enterprises to only create a few types of desktops to allot them to its users. Moreover, virtual desktops can be provisioned quickly, making it easier for the company to engage new employees with just a few mouse clicks. The right desktop virtualization solution will allow an administrator to personalize and manage desktops through a single interface only.

Reduced Costs

VDI can help save maximum of your IT budget since the software licensing requirements are comparatively smaller and it also helps to save costs related to equipment & applications maintenance. Companies also save money in the IT department, as less staff are needed to manage desktops and solve user’s problems. Virtualization solution promotes excellent performance, without the need of any server infrastructure. 
Let us show you exactly how to virtualize and change your business for the best. We deploy, configure, and monitor access locally or through a web browser with ThinSpace for your infrastructure
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