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4 Social Media Trends 2019- Check What Experts Has to Say


We saw a lot of revolutionary trends in social media in 2018 that continued to get bigger and bigger, with Facebook and Twitter leading the pack, and Snapchat and Instagram constantly growing in popularity side by side. 
As we step into 2019, there is a curiosity amongst social media marketers to know what major trends can be expected this year or what to include in your digital marketing strategies to increase the engagement and conversions through various platforms. 
We have a fantastic collection of social media experts, social media consultants and online marketing experts to give you insider details into what will be impacting your strategy this year.

Trend 1- Live Video will Rule 

Video in general will surely continue to be the most coveted and interesting form of content, and a crucial medium for social media marketing in 2019, says Ian Anderson Gray. 
Videos are a marketing medium that grips those with shorter attention spans and allows social media users to absorb juice from the information quickly and easily. With the arrival of IGTV and YouTube getting ever bigger, live video is going to grow multifold. Live video allows us to hear exactly what someone said, and see exactly what happened without anything being edited or altered for public viewing.

Trend 2- Stories at the Center 

Greg Miles from Bumbl says that stories will begin to take more of a central role in brand marketing on social media, as the format is likely to surpass feeds as the primary way people share things with their friends. A recent study by Facebook found that 69% of consumers surveyed said using Stories is a great way for Brands to introduce new products or services.
The introduction of ‘Promote’ for Stories on Instagram, as well as  LinkedIn’s own take called ‘Student Voices’, further suggest that Stories are the sharing medium of the future.

Trend 3- Rise of Social Communities 

Amy Porterfield, an Online Marketing Expert and Social Media Consultant Matt Navarra share the same views over increasing engagement of online communities on social media. In 2019, Amy expects to see new levels of success for the online businesses that take time to authentically engage with their communities, and who also encourage relationships between their community members. 
According to Matt, social media groups have already been doing quite well in the last 12 months, and recently there has been a lot of effort by the social media networks to provide users with better features, he thinks that will continue.

Trend 4- Impact of Influential Marketing

2019 will be an exciting year, especially for Influencer marketing set to become a hugely lucrative business with some estimating the industry will be worth $5billion dollars by 2020. 
Collier, an author and online marketing expert further shed light on this emerging trend by explaining how influencer marketing will be driven more by sentiment and brand alignment rather than just numbers.  Building relationships with many relevant nano influencers over one super influencer can certainly yield a better ROI. Along with that content marketing and performance marketing have to be done constantly!

In Conclusion 

Businesses have leveraged social media for marketing and community purposes, but 2019 will be the year that brands start using social as authentically as possible and treat it as a medium to serve customers.
To follow and convert these trends into more significant effect that bring desired results, it would be an ideal step to hire a SEM expert at Cogniter Technologies. Whether you want to grow your Facebook followers, or make your brand trend on Twitter, our certified and experienced, social media experts will be the right experts on your team.
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