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4 Things You Should Know About SEMrush Traffic Analytics Tool


When it comes down to understanding consumer behavior, develop powerful SEO strategies, and improve customer experience, nothing beats down the SEMRush Traffic Analytics tool in the SEMrush suite. 
You may know that SEMRush Traffic Analytics is a marketing intelligence tool that provides all competitive analytical information of any desktop or mobile traffic. But if you dig deeper, there are many other hidden benefits that this SEO marketing tool offers. 
We have enlisted 8 things that you should learn if you explore further the Traffic Analytics Report with the information taken from SEMrush blog. Let us look at the 4 of them for now: 

1) Market Explorer

Market explorer allows you to identify, priorities, and refine targeted markets to bring the desired traffic through developing a customized online digital marketing plan. Market Explorer provides you with stats about the different market audiences, demographics, and interests. You can take the next step by gathering all the important information about the top-performing benchmarks. 


2) Top Pages 

Top Pages report helps you learn about your competitors to a greater extent that leads to the desired conversions. This feature of SEMrush Traffic Analytics delivers the list of the most visited pages of any website, which includes checkout, trial, and Thank You pages. It also provides links to the most popular products/services and categories, leading blog posts, regional top-level domains, and PC landing pages.

3) Audience Overlap 

Audience Overlap tab lets you compare up to five domains and identify the percentage of users that visit all of them. This data plays a crucial role in determining the preference of the target audience and how it develops over time. Besides, it gives a clear idea about the market that you failed to cover. This collective information from Audience Overlap helps you decide firmly on building partnerships, expanding business and media placements. 

4) In-Depth Traffic Source 

The full traffic source report from SEMrush lets you know from where your competitors’ traffic is coming from and that includes direct, referral, paid and social. This report gives you a complete insight into the potential of each one separately that in turn help you target more specifically. Shifting between the tabs, you can extract ideas to create a digital strategy and media placements.
We will come with the next four points in the coming blog. Till then if you are interested in enhancing your digital marketing services with Traffic Analytics data, drop us a line at info@cogniter.com
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