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5 Fascinating WordPress Facts everyone needs to know in 2022


What Makes WordPress so special? That’s what people often ask. Today we sheds light on some of the most interesting facts about WordPress that everyone needs to know in 2022.
WordPress is a free-to-use content management system for building highly interactive and responsive websites. The CMS giant has come a long way since its humble beginning in 2003. Today, it dominates the CMS market by powering over 42% of all sites on the Internet.  
Built on PHP and MySQL, it allows users to create custom sites, such as blogging, portfolio, eCommerce, business, and many more.  Since it runs online, there is no need to download any software.  
Without any further ado, here are some complied facts about WordPress- 

64.1% Share of the CMS Market

Due to user-friendliness, more than 42% of the web uses WordPress. Beginners with no web development knowledge can create almost any kind of site with WordPress. The United Kingdom, Russia, and United States are the top countries for WordPress. Currently, the CMS giant dominates the industry with over 64% market share.

Over 2.9 Million Monthly WordPress Searches 

WordPress is searched more than 2.9 million times a month. It proves how powerful and user-friendly this content management system is. People worldwide use the World Wide Web to perform various activities, such as searching for information, communicating with people, ordering goods, and a lot more. Online users search the word “WordPress” millions of times monthly on search engines. If including long-tail keywords, the search volume multiplies. 

Big Brands Use WordPress 

The success of WordPress can be determined by knowing that big brands like CNN, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal are built on WordPress. WordPress development services make building custom websites like these high-profile brands easier. The CMS is powerful enough to be trusted by many notable brands like NASA, Facebook, People Magazine, and Vogue. 

Over 50,000 Free WordPress Plugins

Another reason for being the most used CMS is that a plugin is available for almost every problem people face when building a website. As per reports, there are currently more than 50000 WordPress plugins with over a million downloads.  Using WordPress plugins, users can add various functionalities to their sites as per their requirements without even writing a code.  

Available in More Than 200 Languages  

The global demand for WordPress has increased over the years. As per WordPress statistics, people can build websites in more than 200 languages. While the preferred language is English, followed by Spanish, WordPress supports various other languages. In case a user wants to use WordPress in a language that isn’t available, using a plugin like Weglot can expand the list to many other options. 

The Epilogue 

These were some of the interesting WordPress facts to know in 2022. Gone are the times when PC and laptops were the only options to connect to the Internet. Thanks to the advent of smartphones, it has become easier to browse the Internet from anywhere at any time.  Hence, it is crucial for businesses to shift towards making their sites mobile friendly. A globally trusted WordPress development company can help businesses make robust and responsive sites. Hiring a reputed agency for WordPress development can be a big investment for high ROI.  
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