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5 Integral Reasons to use WordPress Development for your Website?


WordPress, one of the highly-talked terms of the digital marketing era. It is one of the popular content management systems that has reached high results in a short span.

Did you know currently, 75 million+ businesses are using WordPress development? This CMS platform has built a specials space & first preference of the majority of entrepreneurs & business tycoons.

Now, the most common question arises amongst people before using WordPress is, ‘Why should I invest in WordPress? Are there any issues found in my existing website? If you have the same questions or are about to launch your new website, you should consider WordPress development

However, if you are not fully sure about using WordPress for your business website, this reading might be interesting for you.

We will discuss the top 5 satisfying reasons to use WordPress. Take a glance below: 

  1) WordPress is Free!

Yes, you heard it right! WordPress is a free software. It allows you to freely download, install and modify as per your requirement without paying a single penny. One can easily create all kinds of websites via WordPress. You have to consider that WordPress itself is available free of cost; yet all you need is a domain name & hosting service to install it. You will find thousands of domain names & website hosting service providers amongst you can select the right fit. Wholly, WordPress would prove a worthwhile choice for your newly launched website. 

  2) Easy to Accessible

WordPress has strikingly changed throughout a short span of years & it’s only getting grow day after day. It has built-in well-managed & organized features along with an easy interface that allows users to smoothly streamline WordPress development for their website. There are many features people find out prominent & satisfied about using WordPress, including fast Installation, alert notification of every update, low-maintenance cost, automated features & functionalities.

  3) Open-Source Platform

Firstly, it is important to know the importance of having an open-source platform. Do you know what an open-source platform basically means to your website? If no, then this point belongs to you. WordPress is not owned by any particular organization. Rather, it allows worldwide developers to edit & customize the original source codes with the aim of getting better functions of the entire system.
Did you know the largest number of worldwide developers put their best efforts & skills into improvising WordPress? They assists in fixing bugs, improve 3rd party integration tools & a lot more functionalities to make your website work better. You can get more than 55 thousand official plugins in the WordPress library of the plugin. 

  4) Robust Security Standards

Likewise all other platforms, WordPress has a standardized security protocol, but we are not saying it has a perfect security. It is significant for businesses to take proper security measures to lessen the chances of being hacked. Even the WordPress security department is aggressively working to make it more robust & upgrading the features regularly. In the meantime, users can timely update the latest versions and having robust passwords for all their accounts to take measures from any cyber mishap.

  5) Smooth customization with Plugins & Themes

You can't even believe, a huge number of people using WordPress are neither skilled programmers nor web designers. Instead of, most folks are non-tech savvy and have a bit of knowledge of Word Press. It witnesses the easy use & smooth interface that allow users to simply streamline the WordPress functionalities. 

WordPress has thousands of themes & plugins that make it simpler for users to choose the best-suited for their website. Moreover, all its themes are easy to customize where users can modify as per their requirements. With the assistance of Plugins, users can also add customization functionality to their website. 


Consequently, the following were the few reasons ensuring you should invest in WordPress. However, it seems after knowing all such beneficial features, the actual question should be – why should we try any other CMS?

Well, if you have planned to use WordPress, then Cogniter Technologies would become your right-fit partner. Cogniter Technologies is a renowned name in the top-leading WordPress development company serving the best solutions since 2003. They are backed by well-experienced & proficient developers who perfectly understand what your customer needs. Learn more about WordPress development; get in touch with Cogniter Experts at https://www.cogniter.com/. 
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