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5 Must-look Skills while Hire a Android App Developer

FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2022

Android marketplace is constantly overwhelming the mobile app market on a worldwide scale with holding more than 80% of it. Well, 80% of overall mobile user’s favor utilizing in Android mobiles and devices over the other Operating frameworks like iOS and Windows. The Google Play Store is presently amazing with multiple million applications that are helping the users in various ways.
However, with this tremendous count of Android applications existence on the Android App Store, it is beneficial for Android developers to stay ahead in the marketplace. It isn't simply an application thought that can work, an Android application developer should have all the priority abilities and capacities to wind up with a ROI-driven and high-performing application each and every time with each one of a kind business needs.
Today, developing responsive and user-friendly Android applications need comprehensive knowledge and clean-hands in various programming dialects, technologies, and techniques. And such long list of functionalities makes it important to choose a right Mobile app developer, having all the abilities and skills.
If you are also seeking a best Android app developer for your business, here are the abilities you should search for before picking an Android app developer:

An exceptional understanding of Java and Kotlin:

Both Java and Kotlin are the two highly-required programming languages for Android app development. Also, your developer should be contented in utilizing both languages as per your project prerequisites. The Android app developer ought to have the option to utilize the latest techniques of both Java and Kotlin and should know the syntax of both. This is one of the most significant expertise you need to look for while selecting a best Android app developer.

Knowledge of XML

XML was known as the standard way to encode the information for Android applications. This structured markup language imparts several comparable features to HTML like tag types, in-depth settling of the components, and some others. Having a profound knowledge and understanding on XML can assist developers with doing the coding productively for making the application formats precise and to keep up with quality code. What's more, this makes it vital to look for a right developer who has skill in involving XML for creating app designs.

Practical involvement and Knowledge with Android SDK

Android app development kit or SDK is a comprehensive toolkit that developers should be aware of. Right from planning to development, testing, debugging, and final deployment of an application, this toolkit has all required tools for all. Plus, Android SDK has libraries like Gradle that ensures consistent application development. Thenceforth, the developer you will choose for your business should know how to utilize this whole toolkit for better, effective, and quicker application development.

Understanding of Android Studio

Android Studio is one of the must-known tool in an Android application developer's toolkit and is a feature-rich Integrated Development IDE that offers functionalities like automated code completion, auto-complete ideas, simple code troubleshooting, and a lot more, that together assist developers with easily writing the codes and develop high-performing applications. Therefore, choose a developer who is a professional in utilizing Android Studio as it is must today.

API’s Knowledge

As an Android application developer, you might need to be familiar with some other user-driven features like calendar access and a lot more. It is suggested to go for the android app developers that are professionally associated with Android application development organizations that offer APIs and let you know how to involve the APIs. Understanding how to utilize the APIs makes it simple for the developers to proceed with the APIs from the Android applications. Selecting an Android app developer having this specific expertise that ensures simple execution and expansion of features in your application like smooth search for local files, monitor the clients' locations and many more.

Proficiency in Data Management

If your application has a lot of data, then it tends to be more complicated to deal with those databases to smoothly maintain the entire data. You will some cloud services like Parse and Firebase, offer simpler APIs to securely store data on the cloud, making the equivalent easily accessible across all Android devices. Developers should also know how to sync the data between the local storage and remote database to perform offline accessibility of the application that is to permit the users to utilize the application somewhat in no Internet accessibility. Well, it is a best method to enhance customer engagement. Thus, look or this expertise while choosing an Android app developer for your business.

Understanding of Material Design

Today, Android has presented a new set of advanced internet design standards and regulations known as Material Design. Furthermore, these regulations and tips like how to layer the different layout components on the application screen and afterward use styles like drop shadows, and so on. Furthermore, it has now become compulsory for application developers to consider and keep these rules for planning the Android application interfaces.

Final Sayings

Having a profound knowledge on all of the above-mentioned Android application development abilities can assist developers with executing the application development process proficiently and efficiently that ensures a bug-free, well- planned customized, secure and ROI-driven application. Today, it is not easy to stay ahead on the Google App Store over your rivals and this makes it exceptionally critical to get your business app made by a professional in Android app development, who has all of the above-mentioned skills.
For a skilled android app developer, Cogniter Technologies would be your best pick. It is one of the leading and experienced app development company, built with skilled and seasoned developers. For 18+ years in the industry, Cogniter Technologies has been delivering quality developments across the entire world.
If you have any app Idea, feel free to consult with Cogniter Experts and watch your application soar.

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