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5 Tips for Successful Android Game App Development

MONDAY, APRIL 02, 2018

“Games” is, by far, the most popular app category with tons of options available on Google Play Store. At the moment you can find 3.3 million apps available games in Google Play Store and they will continue increasing in the future. 
With the increasing number of games, the competition between game apps is tough. This makes challenging for all android game app developers that want to upload and promote their game apps, due to the difficulty of getting a large base of users.
Hence, if you want to get ahead of the competition in the games category, then our general tips can prove to be useful and increase the chances of your app to be functional and enjoyable for users. Let’s check them out:


Remember that “First impressions are always the most important”, especially when it comes to gaming apps. Studies show that an average app loses 75% of its users after only one day. So, you have to make your app simple and easy to understand to retain your users.
The complexity and the desire to keep going through the multiple levels of a game is something that defines gaming. However, you don’t have to scare them away by making it extra challenging right from the beginning.


Next to simplicity is the design of your game. It is crucial that your app offers an awesome experience based on the interface’s design.
Design of a game app should be attractive yet smooth. You should not show a poor image and neither add an exaggeration of details and colors, since this could annoy the gamer, destroying your goal of being retained. Android game developers should keep this fact in mind while developing it.

Make it Interesting

This is not a big secret but we’ll give you the advice, anyway. Your game has to be interesting. Your game must have a good concept and it must be developed based on the objective of the game. It should be dynamic, interactive and most important ‘fun’.
The gamer must feel the rush to move forward when going through the levels. Discovering new difficulties in the multiple stages of the game is the key to a successful game app.

Update your App

This is very important to keep your gamers hooked with your game. Keep the attention of your gamers by adding new features, levels or missions to your game. Once in a while, you should provide some news or funny fact or advice to the people who have your app. 
Also, fix the bugs that some old versions may have as it may break the flow of your user playing the game, making him/her stop playing it.

Do Proper Research

Before you start a project on android game development, it is highly recommended to do study a number of projects similar to your app. You should go to the Play Store and analyze those apps you think that may help you to develop yours in an effective way.
You can also check good and bad reviews on similar game apps, and take a look at what users like and dislike of certain games. That will help you to see what you should and shouldn’t do when you start making your own game.

Promote your App

Finally, when you finish developing your app, you have to promote it in order to get a significant amount of downloads and to monetize your project. Your style of promotion should be related to the business model you´ve incorporated into your game.
With the advice shared above, your knowledge will grow and you’ll get greater chances to create a successful game.


When it comes to android game development, your main goal should be to develop a satisfying game that makes users come back to the app and, eventually, share it with their friends. If you want Android game app Development to create an impressive game for Android in India then look no further than Cogniter Technologies. 
We have developed fully custom android apps as well as Android games for a number of clients. Our Android application development company has to provide its services for more than ten years in design, development, and marketing experience. Hire our Android app developers from India for your next Android game development project.  
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