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Android App Development Just Got Faster with Android Studio 2.0


Thanks to a new release of Android Studio, your Indian developers in Cogniter can create new apps you faster.
On November 23, Google’s Android Project Manager, Jamal Eason, announced the preview launch of Android Studio 2.0 with two new features:

  1.       Instant Run
  2.       GPU Profiler
Instant Run allows programmers to deploy changes directly into the running app and GPU Profiler lets developers record their entire sessions and walk through the GL Framebuffer and Textures while keeping their app running OpenGL ES Code.
Eason promises more features in the coming days. Meanwhile, our development team is scouring as much information as they can while also eagerly preparing themselves to get their hands dirty on Android Studio 2.0.

Why should this matter to you?

Because moving to Android Studio 2.0 will help us deliver to you your apps faster while maintaining the recognizable quality touch of Cogniter.

Don’t have an Android app?

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