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Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Development Company in 2024

FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2024

WordPress has grown to become the dominant content management system (CMS) on the web, now powering over 40% of all websites as of 2024. With a CMS market share of over 60%, WordPress has a commanding lead over its competitors like Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. Its open-source nature, flexibility, ease of use, and constant innovation have fueled its rise to the top.

Let's discuss the benefits you get when hiring a WordPress Development company.

Expertise and Experience Building High-Quality Websites

A professional WordPress development company should be aware of the latest best practices in the field and website development standards. Because they have built many different types of sites for numerous clients, they already know how to make sure that features are properly implemented and functions are carried out correctly according to your business requirements. It assures that your website will be designed for optimal speed, security, SEO, etc. This competence guarantees you a site built for maximum speed, security measures put in place against hackers’ intrusion, and better optimization to search engines.

An experienced WordPress agency like Cogniter has worked on hundreds of sites across many industries, so they know how to avoid pitfalls and build highly effective websites tailored specifically for small businesses. As beginners, most DIY site builders simply don't have this depth of expertise.

Custom Design and Branding

A custom website tailored specifically for your brand enables you to create a distinct online presence that portrays your business in the best light possible. A bespoke design matches up perfectly with your brand’s style guide embodying cohesively all graphic elements such as logos, colours, or imagery. Furthermore, it helps communicate brand stories in more engaging ways through sophisticated aesthetics. Custom designs can tell a story about the brand much better when compared with other designs.

An experienced WordPress company will work closely with you to understand your brand and audience. They can then translate those insights into an engaging, on-brand website experience. Enhanced brand identity is a key advantage of custom web design.

Full-Service Approach Saves Time and Hassle

One of the biggest benefits of partnering with a professional WordPress development company like Cogniter is the convenience of a full-service approach. Rather than trying to cobble together a website using separate vendors for design, development, copywriting, marketing, and more, you can hand everything over to a single agency.

With Cogniter, you get ongoing support and maintenance to optimize your site after launch. We stay on hand to quickly fix bugs, implement new features, and keep your WordPress site updated.

Specialized Skills and Technology

Advanced skills like headless WordPress, which separates the CMS from the frontend presentation layer. This enables greater flexibility and performance.

Expertise in adjacent disciplines like UX design and digital marketing. A holistic approach ensures the website aligns with business goals.

Leveraging the latest site performance tools and technologies. WordPress development companies stay on top of new solutions to build faster, more secure sites.

Optimized and Strategic Site

A professional WordPress development company will optimize your site to achieve your key business goals and KPIs. This results in tangible benefits like higher conversions and return on investment.

Through their technical expertise and strategic insight, the company can ensure site visitors easily find what they need.

The company will also align the website with your target audience and business objectives. Rather than a generic site, you'll get one optimized to capture leads, drive sales, or achieve your specific goals. The ROI from an optimized, strategic site designed for your business can be significant. One report found a website redesign can achieve full ROI within 6 months or less.

Portfolio and Testimonials

A strong portfolio showcasing past work is crucial for any WordPress development company to demonstrate its capabilities. Small businesses should look for a portfolio with a diverse mix of professional, high-quality websites and projects similar to what they want to build. It's also important that the portfolio provides details on the specific contributions, technologies used, and results for each project.

Along with the portfolio, client testimonials validate the quality of work and experience partnering with the company. Small businesses should look for detailed, positive client feedback discussing not just the end product but also aspects like project management, communication, and support.

By evaluating both the portfolio and testimonials, small businesses can better assess the WordPress development company’s expertise and track record of success required to bring their project to life.

Technical Capabilities

When evaluating WordPress development companies, it's crucial to assess their technical capabilities and proficiency with WordPress and modern web development. Look for proven expertise in core technologies like:

  • PHP - The server-side scripting language that powers WordPress.
  • JavaScript - For interactivity and advanced features.
  • HTML/CSS - The building blocks of website design and front-end development.
  • MySQL - Database management for dynamic websites.

Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration between clients and the company is crucial for the success of any web design project. The requirements-gathering phase at the start of a project relies on clear communication from the client about their goals, target users, desired features, and functionality. As the project progresses, ongoing discussions and feedback loops ensure that the end product aligns with the client's vision and business objectives. With constant collaboration, clients can provide real-time input to shape the direction of the site design and development.

Strong communication also builds trust between the client and the company. The client gains confidence knowing the company understands their needs and is creating a tailored solution. Transparent communication at every stage prevents misunderstandings down the line that could require significant rework and added costs.

By partnering with a WordPress development company that prioritizes clear communication and collaboration, small businesses can ensure their website vision is brought to life accurately and efficiently.

Ongoing Support

A key advantage of partnering with a professional WordPress development company is the ability to leverage their expertise beyond just the initial website build. Cogniter and other leading firms offer a range of ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your site optimized over time.

This includes handling WordPress updates, security patches, and content backups to prevent any issues or downtime. They can also monitor site performance and quickly troubleshoot any bugs or problems that arise. Some companies offer monthly retainer plans for ongoing enhancements and feature additions as your business grows and evolves.


A WordPress development company can provide reliable, managed hosting tailored for optimal speed and uptime. Rather than piecing together separate hosting yourself, they will host your site on proven infrastructure designed for WordPress. This gives you peace of mind that your website will remain online and accessible.

When vetting companies, be sure to ask about their support plans and policies. Look for a partner that emphasizes long-term relationships and cares about your site's success months and years down the road, not just at launch.

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