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Build Your Website Fun and Make It Interactive

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014

Do you remember those 2D effects that were used in early video games to create depth? The background used to move slower than the foreground to create an illusion of depth and distance. Well, parallax web designing is something very similar to that and this technique is applied to the vertical scrolling websites to give an effect of interaction and movement.

What’s Parallax Designing?

Let’s keep it short and simple, Parallax design is a fusion of two cool trends- Parallax scrolling and one-page design to create visual effects. You can showcase your product, idea or service on a single page to amaze your visitors with fly-in elements. Basically parallax scrolling websites involve change and movement of background images on a single page. It creates the illusion of moving along with the website.

Is parallax design fit for you?

The one good and solid reason to use this kind of design is to initiate engaging interaction between your client and your brand. This design is used to create more richness, depth and realism in your product. It creates curiosity and delight your patrons in an innovative and interesting way.

If you have a large e-commerce site or you generate high volume of online sales through your website, this design may not be an apt choice for you. But for those brands or niche sites which have one line of products, parallax scrolling technique is a perfect fit and can endow them with an innovative way to boost brand awareness. If building brand awareness and emotional bond with your audience is a priority for your brand, then this design may be just what your brand needs.

A mini site that promotes a specific product, idea or service from a larger parent site can utilize the benefits of parallax scrolling. Parallax designing can make complex concepts and ideas easier to understand, but if it is done badly, it can increase bounce rate. Make sure that if you are using this technique, it does not overshadow the core message that you are trying to convey.

“Presently, people have not comprehended much about this kind of designing. If you have a content-based website, you’re perhaps going to see less of it” says our designing lead. “If you want to dive into parallax designing for your brand, Cogniter Technologies have plenty of experts to help you with it”.
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