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A corporate web portal design that works for the consumers and employees at the same time is also developed. This can help immensely in doing transactions easily and in a flexible way as it can maintain book-keeping and inventory keeping efficiently. Web portal design is basically the most beneficial access point for the user of the web as they can easily go from one page to another navigating the information of their choices. The online portal technology has enabled the lot many advantages as it is faster, user friendly and easier to access various products and services. Not only this, but the enterprise portals have improved communication and response time as well. A good web portal design allows the users history and profile information to help them navigate on the web.  Common web portals are the giants that almost everyone has heard of AOL, Yahoo, and Google.  A corporate web portal design is one that is set up to provide a similar type of service but within the boundaries of a corporate website.  These web portal designs work by integrating the needs of an employee or costumers and making that information available and easy to access.

A customer can log on and access their personal account information.  They can view their history and be lead to products that match up with their purchase history.  Web portal design India works for costumers and employees together provides not just ease in transactions but easier book and inventory keeping because everything can be tracked into one system. The most common implementation of web portals focus on providing employees with this information on a regularly updated manner along with document management system, availability of applications on demand, online training courses and web casts etc along with communication in the form of emails, messaging, web meetings etc. The development service of the web portals demands various processes to make the business legal one. The use of technology varies from service to service. Such development services just the main authority of many such services and developments in various fields over the internet.
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