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Digital Marketing in the Age of the Smartphone


New research from Google and Nielsen concludes that mobile no longer plays the second fiddle to desktop in digital marketing. The research’s results show that on an average consumers use their smartphones for more than 15 hours a week, seven out of 10 of consumers use search engines, and a typical customer visits a website from his or her phone six times before making a purchase. The numbers are encouraging for businesses because they suggest that there are still many untapped opportunities, mostly in the mobile arena.
You will do better in 2015 if you make mobile a core part of your digital marketing strategies. You will have to change old habits, but thankfully, it is not difficult. In this post, we share with you three ways to
make the most of digital marketing in the age of mobile:
Meta tag optimization
Search on mobiles is different from search on desktops. Long-tail keywords, which have become the darling of search engine marketers in the past two years, are not very effective for mobile optimization.The smaller keyboards of smartphones make it inconvenient, if not impossible, for customers to enter long keywords. Marketeers can adopt by reducing the length of title tags to not more than 60 characters and keeping meta tags within 90 characters.
Content optimization

Long form is not dead. People read long articles on mobile if they interest them. Consumers are a different story altogether. Businesses will do better to optimize their content for mobile. There are a few ways to do this. Start with keeping the length of the text short. Use mobile-friendly fonts. Engage with users through the use of embedded videos and HTML5 images.
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